Inside Israel – Day 1 of Operation Pillar and Cloud

Hello and welcome to a look inside Israel again today. J of Jerusalem had been sending more updates last week as events unfolded. I felt it was important to share what she is sharing right now,  and not wait until Sunday.  Thank you for your prayers for Israel and J, and God bless you!  Now, here’s J . . .

Greetings and Blessings from Jerusalem, where God Himself put His Name and promised to reveal Himself in a manner unique to mankind…and of course The One Who was born and ‘died’ and rose again here … HIS imprints are everywhere, not just in history but TODAY!  HALLELUYA!
Liora and I went out for a rare cup of coffee together after work today.  We had barely sat down when her phone rang. ‘Yehudit?!?’ she exclaimed, surprised.  ‘How is it down there?’ I heard her say.  ‘I haven’t heard from her in 5 years!’ she mouthed to me.  She continued ‘Oh no…just boom boom boom all night. I’m so sorry!’ Soon she suggested ‘Why don’t you come up here and stay with us?  It’s quiet here in Jerusalem… at this point.’ She was right…almost ‘too quiet’.  We walked through the day today as if it were a ‘usual one’.  Ofcourse, I am very aware that my fellow Israelis ‘steel themselves’ inside and remaining calm is our way, but it was really ‘life as usual’ here today.  I was at work when we heard of 3 killed in Kiryat Malachi. Two men and a woman who could not get to the stairwell in time took a direct hit in a building that also saw several infants and a young boy injured.  The Palestinians too are suffering from the fighting.  It is very hard to know who are ‘innocents’ since their reporting is ‘inventive’ and then so many of the rocket firing weapons are in the midst of densely populated areas, however our army really IS careful to use ‘surgical strikes’.  This is not fun.  I listen to Liora’s side of the conversation wondering how long it will be until our ‘day as usual’ is changed.  I make a mental note to double check our ‘safe room’ supplies.  Yehudit decides to stay in Be’er Sheva for now as she doesn’t want to bring her cat up to Jerusalem. She says that they will keep in touch.  I ask about Liora’s children.  Three are out of the army now.  Two daughters have babies.  One son is still in the army and is stationed up on the Northern boarder.  There was another ‘stray’ rocket shot across the northern boarder from Syria into Israel today.  I comment about another dear friend’s son who is also stationed up north, wondering if they are able to fellowship together.  What a blessing to know that there are more and more believers among our soldiers!  Please pray that they are anointed with The Holy Spirit to share boldly…to reap a harvest…to know how to walk. 
I see on YNET that an emergency ‘limited call up’ of reserve soldiers has been issued, so more and more of our young people as well as the older ‘reserve troops’, will be traveling on the buses tonight and tomorrow.  As of 5pm our time over 200 rockets have been fired at our southern communities today.  Egypt has withdrawn their ambassador and is calling an ‘emergency defense meeting’ and our ambassador has come home as well. They have also deployed additional troops in the Sinai…our southern border.
I was so blessed by receiving many emails today from you.  A number of people mentioned ‘fear’.  The Lord is Good …AND…perhaps I am a bit stupid…but I would rather give Him the glory that I can honestly say that I feel no fear.  Of course I am not hearing the sirens over my head at this moment, but if the ‘worst’ is death…what power does that HAVE over me?  I really DO believe what He said that He is the Victory over death and the God of the living and not the dead…and I know that He is my God…so whether I live or die in this flesh, I will live to Him.  No…as of TODAY…I am not afraid.  IT IS NOT NOT NOT ME!  I AM NOT A ‘STRONG LADY’!  IT IS ALL HIM Who commands my soul NOT to be afraid!  HIS GRACE!  Believe me I have other problems but by His grace, fear is not part of it today anyway. This is NOT so for everyone and so many down South are being treated for shock and trauma.  Thank you for praying for them…and for HIS WORD to go forth in the midst!  For Him to reveal Himself to many…and for a great hunger for The God of Israel to RETURN in the fullness of Himself.  And, yes, thank you for prayers for protection and wisdom.  What would the enemy love more then to destroy this nation and with it…His promises?  We KNOW that can’t be done, but that is the key to the battle (I believe)…that the promise will be preserved unto the revelation…the fullness of all that He has planned.  It is far more then just flesh and blood…it is the revelation of The Lord to this people…and to the lost and dying world. 
God bless you from Jerusalem – lovingly, your sis   
ani b’derek
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With What We Have

“Therefore every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” Luke 3:9
“So the people asked him, saying, “What shall we do then?” Luke 3:10

John the Baptist goes on to tell the people that if they have two tunics and someone has none, to give one away. Same goes with food. Tax collectors weren’t to collect more than they should. And soldiers weren’t to intimidate or falsely accuse, being content with their wages. (Luke 3:11-14)

Thank You, Lord, that in order to bear fruit, we don’t need to have more, be more or give more than what You have already given us. And here’s a simple poem . . .

What To Bear

Extra canned goods
clutter the pantry

unworn clothes
hang about

asking to be blessings
instead of burdens

I basket them up
and head on out.

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