Rain In It’s Season


You’ll receive rain
in its season

as you lovingly
reverence Me

having bread to eat
and peace to hold

with you I’ll
always be.


Lord, I desire to lovingly obey and live in awe of You each day.


“You shall keep My Sabbaths and reverence My sanctuary: I am the LORD.”

“If you walk in My statutes and keep My commandments, and perform them,”

“then I will give you rain in its season. . .”

“You shall eat your bread to the full, and dwell in your land safely.”

“I will give you peace in the land, and you shall lie down, and none will make you afraid.”

“I will walk among you and be your God, and you shall be My people.”

Leviticus 26:2,3,4,5,6,12. NKJV

Photo credit: pixabay.com

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Rain Maker


You are the only One
with the power

to make it rain
to make it shower

You are He
the Lord our God

on whom we wait
hour by hour.

You establish Your importance in my life.

“Are there any among the idols of the nations that can cause rain? Or can the heavens give showers? Are You not He, O LORD our God? Therefore we will wait for You, since You have made all these.” Jeremiah 14:22 NKJV

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Inside Israel – Please Enjoy This With Us!


Hi and welcome to a look inside Israel today!  I’m so blessed to be able to bring you this latest letter from our Sis in Jerusalem as she shares about the recent snowfall and rain they’ve been having.  Hope it blesses you too! Thank you for reading and praying.  Now, here’s our sis . . .

Dear brothers and sisters,
It is a privilege to be a ‘witness’ here – and sometimes it is more ‘fun’ then others.  This is one of them.  I will keep this short so that those of you who don’t care for long letters can enjoy it too:
My husband I take a weekly walk in a rural area that borders one of the local lakes that serves as a reservoir.  It has been dry for some time, and not ‘full’ for over 7 years.  Today, as we drove to park our car in the usually EMPTY area (if there are 3 cars we think it is crowded), we were shocked to see the area as full as any country fair grounds, or city park on ‘rides day’!  HUNDREDS of cars packed every open spot as young families and dogs made their way laughing and skipping toward the reservoir.  Because of my foot, I read until my husband and dog returned an hour later, laughing.  “You wouldn’t believe it!” he chuckled.  “All around the lake people threw mats on to the mud or mud packed grass and sat down with picnic lunches oohhing and aahhing over the full lake!  I mean…they were sitting in the mud and the cold gazing at the water as though it was… well… “; he couldn’t come up with the word.  ‘Miracle’ is what I filled in.  And it is true.  The ‘children of Israel’ DO pour out to see what God has done!  These are the ones who did not brave the traffic jams in the North as most of the country traveled north to see the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) full again.  There is utter joy and thanksgiving!  A dear sister sent me these two priceless ‘witnesses’ that you will enjoy more then my words.  But may the weather…something so totally from The Lord God Almighty, always remind us of His witness displayed before us day by day.  He is only Good, isn’t He!  Please read these (and see the photos – they ARE excellent!) and enjoy!  Lovingly, your sis
When it snows in Jerusalem
By Naomi Ragen
All over the world, when it snows, most of the time people take it for
granted. But not in my city, Jerusalem.
When it snows in Jerusalem, people in Petach Tikva and Tel Aviv pile into
their cars and head towards the capital.
Old folks (like me) go out at eleven p.m. to throw snowballs at their
husbands and to sit drinking hot cider in the only café open for business
Your kids call you from far away Rechovot begging to spend the night
You clean off your windowsills and put some of it in the freezer, to
remember when the skies turn hot and blue again, as you know they will
You can hear the children in nearby schools scream with delight, in a
chorus, as the first flakes fall
You get out your iphones and sms photos to your entire family
You watch people pile up more snow on their cars to take home to show the
You get to take out the clothes you bought the last time you were in a place
that has a real winter (i.e. outside the country) and wear them again
No one goes to work, or school
The streets are empty, except for the teenagers having the time of their
At the first forecast of snow, you look longingly at the sky, hoping wishes
alone might milk a little of the white stuff from the reluctant sky
And when it starts falling, you stand, mesmerized as the flakes transform
the familiar landscape into something so strange and beautiful you can hardly move
And even as it snows, you hope the sun won’t come out too soon and melt it;
that it will stay cold long enough for the roads to reopen and so the
grandkids can come and see
You get ready to walk to the Kotel no matter where you are, because it is a
sight no one should miss if they get a chance to see it in their lifetime
And when you get there, although all public transportation has been stopped,
the roads in and out of the city have been closed, and schools and almost
all businesses have shut down, you bless G-d for giving the city so much joy
You find yourself already dreaming about the next snow day in Jerusalem
Thus saith the Lord GOD; This is Jerusalem: I have set it in the midst of the nations and countries that are round about her.
YHWH bless you and keep you
YHWH make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you
YHWH lift up his countenance upon you and give you Shalom
ani b’derek
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Inside Israel – Cloud Bursts and Sukkas

Hi and welcome to a look inside Israel, as J of Jerusalem shares about one of her favorite times . . Sukkot! Thank you for coming and praying for Israel and J and her family!  Now, here’s J . . .

Thank You Lord that You reveal Yourself through Sukkot!  My FAVORITE holiday!  Sitting, vulnerable, in a hut with date palms and willows for a see-through roof, walls of material and a woven rug to cover the dirt floor, we are commanded to be able see the stars through the ‘roof’…so that we can REMEMBER Who is to lead and care for us…and to give thanks for all of the abundance that He has given, is giving and will give…and to pray for rain, which comes from Him alone.  On Friday at ifi prayer meeting, Eliyahu reminded us that NOW is the beginning of the prayer for rain, and when I came home from kehila last night, suddenly our daughter ran in ‘Is that RAIN I hear??’  We ran outside barefoot to see the first rain and to thank Him!  It was just a cloud burst lasting less then a minute, but a BIG one, and quite dramatic since we have had no rain since perhaps the end of April.  Everything smelled so good!  Having been deeply moved by the Word shared at kehila last night, I rose very early to seek Him without any distraction or pressure, and suddenly, around 4am, there it was again…the sound of RAIN!  I ran out to praise Him in another cloud burst, returning with my wet bare feet to seek Him some more…and may this be the year of ABUNDANT RAIN OF HIS SPIRIT as well as the natural rain! 
Our sukka is MOSTLY ready for the beginning of Sukkot at sundown tonight, but I still have a great deal of preparation ahead of me in this short day, so this note will also be short, hopefully followed by a fuller one.  I will run to the shuk, where the stalls are full of eye dazzling assortments of the good of the land…the fresh fruits are bursting with color and fragrance: there are stalks of fresh dates and bins of dry ones…there are huge red pomegranates, stalks of home grown bananas, green mandarins, mangos, figs, grapes of all colors, each, the size of plums, and plums and apples of all colors as well.  Nuts and dried fruit, sweet pastries peculiar to the Middle East are there dripping with honey, halvah, breads and oils.  He has been good to us.  I will decorate my sukka with flowers and some of these fruits and put many in bowls on the table in the midst.  I have the commandments from scripture pinned to the ‘walls’ in both Hebrew and English, as we are hoping to have many visitors to our sukka and many who are unsaved…my prayer being that the scripture will draw them into questioning.  Sukkot is the one feast also celebrated by the Christians (who call it the Feast of Tabernacles), so there are MANY international convocations, conferences and meetings going on right now as well as the celebration in the land.  WHEW!  TALK ABOUT ACTIVITY!  Can you imagine Christmas and Chanukah taking place together FOR A WEEK, and EVERYBODY coming from around the world to celebrate both together in YOUR city?? Invitations go out to visiting friends from overseas, the local body, neighbors, people from work, just about anyone you meet “COME AND BLESS US BY COMING TO OUR SUKKA!” as the sukka is OPEN and meant to welcome one and all.  And, by the way, the city is COVERED with sukkas of all shapes and sizes.  They line streets and sidewalks are on balconies, roof tops, in back yards and open squares.  Every restaurant has them. It IS a colorful holiday, if not a nightmare time in traffic…and I for one must work during this holidayL.  Being one of the 3 ‘appointed feasts’ (where all are called to Jerusalem to present themselves with an offering) there will be a day of Priestly Blessing at the Western Wall (a day in which traffic is GRIDLOCKED!) and there is also the Jerusalem March…as the people who made their way to Jerusalem march in a colorful display of…well…thanksgiving.  This march is one of the greatest ways in which we have seen the Christians from the nations touch so deeply the general population as their show of love and faith moves the crowds in an uncanny way. 
AT THIS RATE I WILL NOT HAVE FOOD IN MY SUKKA AT SUNDOWN L  So, inspite of the fact that I so want to stay here and write…I MUST move on.  May The Lord lead and guide and may NOTHING be done out of flesh…ALL for His glory and by His leading for the purpose of revealing HIM and WORSHIPING HIM!  I wish you were here…and for those of you who ARE…GIVE ME A CALL SO WE CAN GET TOGETHER?  Lovingly, your sis
ani b’derek
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Inside Israel – greetings with love

Hi and welcome to a look inside Israel through the writing of our friend “J” of Jerusalem. Praying you are blessed as you read and pray! Now here’s J . . .

How BEAUTIFUL the rainy season is here!  God has indeed fulfilled His promise in Isaiah 35:1 which says (as you all well know)
“The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.”
The wonderful (NOT ‘comfortable’ but wonderful!) rain is forecast to taper off by evening and we have had a few glimpses of sun breaking through the clouds in the past hour.  I glanced out of the window as the sun beamed down on the trees, grasses and flowers outside and had to catch my breath.  Those of you in climates similar to ours will understand.  Back in the early ‘70s we lived in Northern California half way between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe.  I remember wondering how they could have described the hills as ‘golden’ when it looked to me like brown burned up grass.  Like here, the scorching dry heat of the summer would parch the land and the winter rains would cause it to blossom into breathtaking beauty.  But this area that we live in now really WAS a desert less then 100 years ago!  I have a book that I found when we moved here- a rare collection of photographs of Jerusalem taken over the past 100 years.  Outside of the Old City walls it was all desert.  Camels dotted the landscape which was barren… but now is full bloom!  How faithful He is…ALWAYS fulfilling His Word!
I wrote the above several days ago…and here it is raining again!  It seems that we are indeed being blessed (thus far) with a fruitful rainy season which we have needed desperately considering this 8 year drought.  I have not found OFFICIAL reports yet concerning how all of this rain is affecting our water situation.  We tend to be conservative about announcing things like that, but I am hopeful.  The unusually cold weather continues unabated however, so I hear people constantly admonishing people ‘not to grumble’.  Sometimes blessings are not the most COMFORTABLE thing to receive…but we have our historical example of grumbling at the blessing of manna and it is a GOOD LESSON TO LEARN (albeit not easy)…not to grumble, murmur or complain!  (see example below  :-\
The ‘meeting’ part of the ifi prayer conference has ended (there is a prayer tour now- this year to our southern border- for those blessed to be able to participate).  I was able to make it to the final morning prayer meeting, but not without trial and testing.  There are still some real problems to be worked out of our new public transportation system…for example; we have two tracks.  One from east to west, and one from west to east (it is sort of a ‘loop’).  I have often wondered what would happen when a train breaks down.  My suspicions proved correct.  I found out as I went to catch the train to that last prayer meeting, congratulating myself at having a good amount of time so as not to arrive ‘stressed’.  Wrong!  The train that was due to pick me up had broken down a few stations above me.  The electric sign said; ‘next train 4 minutes’.  I said to myself ‘Wonderful!  What a blessing’.  After about 5 minutes it moved to ‘3 minutes’ and sped on to 2 and 1 and then said ‘Train now in station’.  We all looked at one another and down the track…nothing in sight.  The station was already packed.  Suddenly a new message flashed on the screen ‘Next train 14 minutes’.  I quieted my ‘quick to enter the flesh’ heart and tried to think of alternatives.  Nope.  Buses have been all but removed from our area and to get across town by bus was either an hour plus ride (once I located one) or an expensive taxi.  I decided to take the time to pray and exercise myself in keeping a quiet heart under pressure.  Dear brothers and sisters…I failed.  The murmuring increased as more and more people jammed the station.  Murmuring, grumbling and complaining are so very contagious!
When the train finally DID arrive, there was no room to squeeze on.  It passed.  A new sign flashed on: ‘next train 4 minutes’.  Great!  It arrived, with space.  I even got a seat!  But the test was not to pass so easily.  With just two train tracks, the ‘ill’ train was now in front of us…and not doing so well.  Nothing could pass it, so our entire fleet of trains was now backed up one behind another.  It took an hour and 10 minutes to get to the center of town (I can walk there in 20min!) where I finally was able to get off and take a taxi. 
Oh, the healing balm (AND chastisement!) to walk into that meeting where everyone was seeking The Lord!  How I LONG to have the victory of walking through the every day battles with unruffled spirit! 
I understood quite awhile ago, that this ‘day to day walk under constant pressure’ was God’s school for me at this season.  As with all of His schools, it is a good one, and He gives us His best teachers to bring us to His desired goal.  I have learned also that 90% victory is not Victory.  Do any of you find this every day walk as challenging as I do?  When I first met Him, among MANY other things that He had to change in me, I was a hermit.  I didn’t ‘do life’ well at all and had totally retreated from people.  I loved to live in the wild and found that people only put pressure on me.  Once I met Him, I LOVED my new found life of worship, prayer and reading His Word, and since I lived in a secluded cabin, a mile from the next human, I was beside myself with the joy of my New Life in Messiah!  One day I was roaming the forested hills singing and worshipping The Lord and I said to Him something to the effect of ‘Lord!  Thank You for letting me live in such a place!  I will worship You forever!’ I was filled with rapture and wonder when He said to me so clearly, with a sad lilt to His Voice; “J__, I did not die for the trees.”  I stopped still in my tracks!  ‘Oh no! PEOPLE!’  The dread of it settled in on me.  I was born in NYC, but from my very earliest memory I hated the noise and frenetic movement of city life.  When I was just six or seven I used to curl up by the radio and listen to “Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, with his trusty dog Yukon King’ and I would dream of the day that I could leave the city and go and live in the Yukon. (Maybe some of you also bought a square foot of territory from him and got your ‘deed’ too?)  I had indeed succeeded in finally fleeing that city that so stifled me and had lived since my very early 20s in the country, (at one point for more then a year on an Indian Reservation with Indians,..AS an Indian).  I knew how to live off the land and was happy with wild meat and eggs from my own chickens.  I would never again live in a city!  That is…until I learned “Not my will but Thine be done!” 
In His deep love for me…for each of us…He just will NOT allow me to fool myself into thinking that I have overcome the flesh and am living a victorious life in The Spirit!  He WILL faithfully boil out all flesh no matter how much I kick and scream!  You may THINK that Jerusalem is a ‘spiritual’ place to live (and it IS…don’t get me wrong!) BUT…it is also a great crucible for the flesh! Everything in me that would like to masquerade as ‘spiritual’ is unmasked!  Thank You Lord!  What You begin You also promise to complete.  He does not leave us without HOPE!
And speaking of masks, before the Purim holiday that is rapidly approaching, when we celebrate the triumph of God over the enemies of the Jews according to the book of Esther, within the next 2 weeks we get to celebrate  ‘Tu b’shvat’ –  often called ‘the birthday of the trees’.  It is a lovely minor holiday, and although NOT a scriptural command, it’s roots apparently originated in the scripture however, according to the time for tithing certain of the fruit of the land, the fruit and nut bearing trees.  Oral tradition and the Mishna went on to elaborate it, and today in Israel it is celebrated as a day of ‘fruit bearing,’ fruitfulness, and planting of trees.  Students in schools will all be planting trees and people from all over the country go to the national forests and join in the tree planting ceremonies.  There is also the giving of fruit baskets full of fresh, but mostly dried fruit and nuts to one another.  It is a breath of spring in the midst of winter and if it is not rained out (wouldn’t be the first time) it is a lovely day.  The name of the holiday is actually the name of the date according to the Hebrew calendar- (tet vav  pronounced ‘tu’[15] of the month of shvat. In Hebrew that looks  like טייו בשהט )
I must go to bed but am so thankful for those of you who do keep us and our nation upheld in prayer, as The Lord lays us on your hearts.  I would like to let you know that our younger daughter continues in the day care program that I had requested prayer for, which seems to be a good one for her…although some days have been quite a crisis here due to the nature of it all.  Thank you so very much for keeping her in prayer!  Our youngest Grandson…our sabra…our first fruit in the land, turns one tomorrow J and their (our oldest daughter) little family seems stable in the midst of the many struggles that they face.  I am so thankful to be able to be a ‘hands on Savta’ (Grandmother) but just pray that my strength holds out.  My health has been borderline, so I would LIKE to say that I am doing fine…I just have a strong feeling that I need to enter into ‘rest’ with more diligence.  My husband will pass the one year mark since his heart attack in another week and he is doing well, although I think neither of us expected that growing older would present this many challenges…hum…I’m sure SOMEONE told us! 
You have no idea how much your prayers and friendship and encouragement means to us.  May The Lord be glorified!  Lovingly, your sis in Jerusalem
ani b’derek

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Inside Israel – Bus in the Rain

Hi everyone and thank you for coming by on New Year’s Day for a look inside Israel. Today’s post is from a letter “J” sent back in November. I pray that it blesses you and gives you insight into praying for Israel and J. Now, here’s “J” . . .

Rain!  What a BLESSING when the badly needed life giving rain comes down from the heavens.  Cold, wet and uncomfortable, EVERYBODY gives thanks!  On buses, in the street, in stores, everyone is cold and wet and smiling.  Everyone gives thanks to God; ‘Burr!  I’m wet to the bone…and cold…but THANK GOD THERE IS RAIN!  WE NEEDED IT!’  It’s one of the few things that no one seems to complain about it.  It’s fun!
I used to regularly pray the scripture from Isaiah where The Lord promises that He will pour His Spirit out as water upon a dry and thirsty ground.  Years ago I was blessed by the ministry of a wonderful man of God, Tim Ruthvan.  He preached from this scripture.  He was from New Zealand and he explained what  truly parched, cracked ground looks like and how the rain needs to soften it and penetrate it…so it must be the ‘right’ rain…a tender rain first before a driving rain…like prayer before testimony.  Although his description moved me to much prayer for the outpouring of The Spirit, living with this ‘natural example’ that I have before me makes it even more vivid. I’ve told you before that we have a season of rain, and a season where it does not rain.  We haven’t seen rain since late April or early May last year and that is how the seasons are here.  When I was in ulpan, studying Hebrew, some 17 years ago, our teacher shared how she had once spent 6 months in NYC as a Hebrew teacher for the work of the Jewish Agency there (they prepare people for aliyah and language training is part of the preparation, although we didn’t receive any training or information before we came because we lived so ‘remotely’ and far away from any Jewish community).  She said that it taught her how olim (new immigrants) feel since she neither understood the culture nor the language around her.  But what struck her most was YOU COULDN’T PLAN ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNEW WHEN IT WOULD RAIN!  It could rain just ANYTIME; EVEN IN THE SUMMER!  ‘How strange is that!’ she exclaimed.
RAIN!  Life giving water.  Our land has been parched during the past 7 years of drought.  Oh, we’ve had some good rains during the rainy season, but not enough to fill the lakes and cisterns, so this good beginning is still no ‘guarantee’, but we are hopeful. Thank you to everyone who has prayed (I know some of you really have been!).  Please keep praying as we need much water.  Please also pray that lives will be spared.  As strange as it seems, flooding here can be horrific and people (adults and children) have been know to drown in their cars or in apartment rooms due to flash floods.  Rain is forecast through Friday at this point.
ANOTHER ANSWER TO PRAYER:  This is a personal answer (not complete yet, but wonderful progress!)  Some of you prayed diligently for our older daughter who went through (and took us along) an awful time when she suffered from severe post partum depression after the birth of our Granddaughter, just over 6 years ago.  She is a ‘doula’ (a birthing counselor and assistant, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term) and has a blog on which she has just posted an ‘article’ about what has happened.  It is astounding…even if she is my daughter.  I would like to share it with you and encourage you to read it.  Please share it with anyone who could use it to help others.  Her blog site is   http://sarahvine.wordpress.com/   and it is the first article under her introduction of herself.  (if you have trouble opening it, please let me know and I send you the article itself) Thank you so much for continued prayer for our family.  ALL COMMENTS WELCOME!  I trust that The Lord will, eventually show her how He used it ALL for the good in Him.
As life swirls on around us, pinning us tighter and tighter under the angry finger of the world, this tiny country continues to find the will AND the way to go on and get through each day…in spite of the hatred that, at times, is tangible.  We keep a sense of humor!  Last night I needed to travel downtown on the bus.  It didn’t come for a long time and when it did, it was diverted away from the shuk.  Since I was going elsewhere, I found it worked out quite well for me, for, as I told you before, I have been stuck in traffic in the area of approximately 5 blocks, for as long as 45 minutes due to the traffic dilemma caused by the lite rail.  (Perhaps you forgot, particularly if you aren’t familiar with Jerusalem, but the buses used to go down our main street, Jaffa Road.  Jaffa Rd is now closed down to all vehicles and now only serves the ‘lite rail’, which, by the way, is still free because it has yet to overcome a multitude of difficulties.  All bus traffic was diverted to the extremely narrow and busy Agrippa Road, which goes through the shuk and is, at any given time, overflowing with trucks and people, some in wheel chairs and others who should be, tons of shopping carts and baby carriages.  It is truly something to see…buses trying to get through!)  But WHY the bus was diverted remained a much discussed mystery to everyone on the bus.  Again today I waited for the bus, this time to the shuk.  I waited…and waited…and waited some more.  People began taking taxis.  The train station across the street was overflowing also as the train also didn’t arrive.  What was happening now? ‘I didn’t hear a bomb…did you?’ one would ask another. ‘No…no ambulances…’  An empty bus went flying by.  We speculated and waited some more.  After about half an hour a bus arrived and it was mine.  I asked the bus driver if he would be going to the shuk.  ‘I always go to the shuk.  This is a 21.’  Ok…maybe it was my Hebrew.  ‘I know.’ I said ‘but last night the bus was diverted away from the shuk and now there have been no buses or trains, so I just wondered.’  He shrugged a resigned shrug ‘Who knows.  We’ll see.  I’m SUPPOSED to go to the shuk…but…you know… it’s all a belegan since the lite rail came in.’ We laughed.
We can only smile and laugh when the rains begin well, because, after all… it IS such a BLESSING!
May each one of you be blessed with the refreshing of His Presence pressing you…and me…closer into His purposes for this time and season.  Lovingly, your sis
ani b’derek
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Inside Israel – The Last Night of Chanuka

So glad that you’ve stopped by as we take another look inside Israel though the eyes of a dear friend living in Jerusalem. Here’s what J has to share with us today!

The sun has gone down and the lights of our Chanuka candles have gone out for the last time this year. The last day of Chanuka has begun, and soon the children will be back at school…except for many in the North. I was unable to write when our massive fires were finally extinguished, and a welcome rain sealed the effort of many. A surprising and heart warming number of nations sent planes and manpower. Israel finally rented the American ‘super plane’ for two days and that was a huge help, albeit expensive. But it was the loss of 42 lives that brought such grief into the midst Chanuka this year. It is a sobering reminder that He IS The Light of the world…a world that still reels with grief and death and the ravages of the wages of sin…and yet we are told…even COMMANDED…to give Him an offering of Thanks IN THE MIDST. In ALL things give thanks!

So winter rain finally came. It has been scant; a light rain, but we are thankful for ALL water that comes during this very long drought. All creation seems to look up with thanksgiving to The Giver of the life giving moisture, and we can only follow suit. There is promise of more rain ahead. It is all in His Hands, the One who sends rain on the just AND the unjust. Truly it is His mercy!

Even though Chanuka is basically celebrated as a children’s holiday, for believers it brings the joy of celebrating The Light of the world and meditating about the symbols…the multiplied oil and light…the ‘shamus’ or ‘servant candle’ that stands above the others and is the one that lights them all…and of the miracle that took place amidst the rubble of what seemed tragedy. Isn’t it wonderful how being a believer adds an endless dimension to … well… I was about to say ‘holidays’, but actually to EVERYTHING. He has been so very good to us!

Tomorrow is a week since my husband came home from hospital and he is making steady progress. It has been, of course, an adjustment for all of us. My husband is used to being a strong, ‘in charge’ man all of his life, and this has him struggling with depression, but I trust that The Lord is STILL working His good work toward an ‘end of the story’ that will bring Him glory. We are hoping that my husband can be able to go back to work sometime after Christmas. Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement! I have found that I have great peace as long as I only ‘cross a bridge when I come to it’ and don’t look too far ahead. He is faithful for NOW…and so He will be in all of our tomorrows as He has been in our yesterdays. What a TRIP!

That is what excites me about entering into the time of turning our eyes toward the birth of Yeshua, Jesus. How so many promises that seemed perhaps impossible WERE accomplished at His birth…through His life…and in His death and resurrection: what assurance that the prophecies yet remaining will be answered in like faithfulness!

And with the peace of THAT thought…I will go to bed.

May you all find His peace this month as you seek to do His will in the midst of such a special season. God BLESS you! Your sis

ani b’derek

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