What’s In Your Hands?

“So none of the accursed things shall remain in your hand. . .” Deuteronomy 13:17

The temptation would be great for the people to pick up the habits of idolatry all around them.

Lord, please help us be aware of what we pick up each day. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Hands For Him

Let our hands be empty
of what doesn’t glorify you

lifting in ready praise
folded soft in prayer too

always eager to help
whenever needs arise

working out Your good pleasure
in this our humble sacrifice.

A Father’s Cry

“Suddenly a man from the multitude cried out, saying, ‘Teacher, I implore You, look at my son, for he is my only child’.” Luke 9:38

I hear The Father in this father’s cry:
“look at my son” . . .”Hear Him” (Luke 9:35)
“for he is my only child” . . .”This is my Beloved Son.” (Luke 9:35)

Oh Lord, thank You for relating to us through a Father/Son/Child relationship. Though we be frail, human and sinful, surely this must bring us to our knees as we look upon our own children and hold them close. And here’s a simple poem . . .

More Children

Jesus, My Begotten Son
Holy, pure, divine,
Oh, how I love You
I’m so proud You are Mine.

Though I gave You up to suffer
for their sins and pain,
the cross was not the end and
Your sacrifice was not in vain.

Now You reign with Me forever
as The Way, The Truth, The Life
bringing Me beloved sons and daughters
in whom I take delight.

Bread From Stones

“And the devil said to Him, ‘If You are the Son of God, command this stone to become bread’.” Luke 4:3
“But Jesus answered him, saying, ‘It is written, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God”.’ ” Luke 4:4 (Duet. 8:3)

Did satan know or chose to ignore that he spoke to the Cornerstone who had been commanded from ages past to be the Bread of Life?

Thank You, Jesus, for showing us what we truly need to stay alive is You. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Holy Wheat

This Rock is
life’s bread broken
food enough
for everyone.
Could satan hear
those stones cry out
praises to
the Holy One?

Zealous One

“Phineas . . .has turned back My wrath, from the children of Israel, because he was zealous with My zeal among them, so that I did not consume the children of Israel in My zeal.” Numbers 25:11

For some reason, the word “zeal” scares me a little. But maybe the lack of zeal is what should really scare me.

Thank You, O God, for sending us Your zealous Son to be pierced for our sins, turning back the outcome of a life apart from You. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Turning Back

Zealous for His Father
Jesus never once
compromised holiness
compassionately cleansing
the plague
of our flesh.

Tassel Sticky Notes

“Speak to the children of Israel: Tell them to make tassels on the corners of their garments throughout their generations . . .” Numbers 15:38
“And you shall have the tassel that you may look upon it and remember all the commandments of the Lord. . .” Numbers 15:39

If I need to remember to take something with me, I set it out on the table, in plain sight.

Oh Lord, help me keep You front and center in my life. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Tied To You

I need constant reminders
of what You ask me to do
already forgetting
by the time it’s noon,
oh may my heart be so tied
like a tassel or cord
that I remember little else
but to obey You, Lord.

A Humble Man

“(Now the man Moses was very humble, more than all men who were on the face of the earth.)” Numbers 12:3

I love this about Moses. Even this information is humbly put in parenthesis. Moses remains humble even after God says this about him:
“He is faithful in all My house
I speak to him face to face.” Numbers 7-8

Oh Father, please teach us the value of being lowly and humble in a world that thinks so highly of itself. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Humbling Humiliation

Humble and humility are two words
we don’t often hear

but humiliation rings a bell
sure enough, loud and clear

and I think I wouldn’t be
humiliated quite so easily

if I lived a humble life
filled with humility.

Journeying By Cloud

“Whether it was two days, a month, or a year that the cloud remained above the tabernacle, the children of Israel would remain encamped and not journey; but when it was taken up, they would journey.” Numbers 9:22

I’ve thought it would be so nice to have a cloud like this to guide me.

Lord, please help me to know when to stop and stay, and when to go, by the power of Your Holy Spirit. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Holy Spirit Compass

We don’t have a cloud hovering by day
or the appearance of fire at night
to show us the way to go
and when the time is right

but He has given us His Spirit
to guide us through this life
to help us take those steps of faith
as our inner compass of Holy sight.

Doing What We Can

“She has done what she could.” Mark 14:3

Jesus doesn’t look at what we do and compare it to what others are doing.

Lord, help me to do what I can today, to glorify You. And here’s a simple poem . . .

No Comparisons

I don’t do as much as the women
up and down my street
and I’m not as well put together
as the new neighbor that I meet
but You don’t line me up beside them
and ask me to compete
but look inside my heart
at what I lay down at Your feet.

Thank each of you for doing what you do!

It’s His

“The land shall not be sold permanently, for the land is Mine . . .” Leviticus 25:23

The land we pressure Israel to give away permanently is not theirs to give . . .it’s God’s.

Lord, we pray for Your will, Your word, and Your desire for Israel today. And here’s a simple poem . . .


There is a land
that was given
by the hand
of God,
who are we
to decide
it is ours
to divide?

Be Mine

“And you shall be holy to me, for I the Lord am holy, and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be Mine.” Leviticus 20:26

God had no intention of sharing the children of Israel – or us – with other gods.

Thank You, Lord, for teaching us to share many things – money, homes, possessions – but that our worship belongs to You alone. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Divine Love

Called out
set apart
by the Divine
all because
of a Love
that says to us
“be Mine.”

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