Inside Israel – Shalom from Jerusalem

Hi and welcome to our Sunday look at life inside Israel. J of Jerusalem is our eyes and shares from her heart, being called to be a witness . . .and a beautiful one she is!  Thank you and God bless you as you read and pray for Israel, J and her family. Now here’s J . . .

Dearest sisters and brothers,
I greet you in The beautiful Name above all names, Yeshua h’Meshiach, Jesus Christ.  May He be blessed and glorified and KNOWN, and may you each be blessed.  It is almost funny how much I love each of you.  As I write these letters I wonder if you know…individually. 
I have not been able to write for a couple of weeks.  Our difficult time with our younger daughter continues and I have run out of doors that I know of to find help, other then the One that she does NOT want.  She told me yesterday that she was ‘sorry to tell me this and doesn’t want to hurt me, but she tried, and there were no answers there for her and no help from Him…’  My heart broke, but I KNOW that He is bigger and that He is well able to draw all to Himself, so I will now heed those words but will keep praying.  I know that He has placed her on some of your hearts as well, and I thank you so much for your prayers.
There are those of you who are followers of the news in the middle east, and although there are others here in the body who do such a good job at updating you, I will include several recent articles that underline the rapidly increasing isolation of Israel…it is moving so quickly!  I will put them at the end of the letter, so please take a look if He has called you to pray for Israel with knowledge as well as Spirit. 
But as I have been given to be a witness, I offer myself to do this as faithfully as I can.  Recently a dear friend of mine was taking a group of tourists around the country.  They had been praying on the northern border and as they traveled back south they decided to stop at the first kibbutz established on the shores of the Galilee (I believe around 100 years ago).  The history of this kibbutz is both inspiring and heartbreaking and reflects the duel nature of the country.  They toured around, and proceeded back to their van when a young kibbutz member on a bicycle came by.  She looked at them and asked if any of them spoke Hebrew.  My friend said yes, and she asked if perhaps they would like to see something unusual.  Although they had originally cultivated olive trees, they were uprooted some 40 years ago.  Several years ago the vision of the olive trees resurfaced and they were replanted.  New olive presses were purchased and, having just harvested the very first crop, they were, at this moment ready to press their first batch of olive oil.  She asked if this group would like to witness the event.  As they stood there during this moving and emotional first pressing of the new olive oil, the profound significance of the event of the reborn vision stirred the heart.  After tasting this first fruits offering, they said ‘Would you like us to pray for you?’  With joy they asked (knowing that these were believers), and there the prayers in The Name of Yeshua were offered along with the first fruits of the reborn vision.  How this story stirred my heart!  Here, in the Galilee where The Lord taught in parables, He still teaches as He did…the reborn vision…may He forever renew His vision and His purposes within us for the producing of the pure oil for His glory! 
I have shared with you concerning our lite rail since the road was first being ripped up some 11 years ago, so, many of you have been along for the ride with me…the L-O-N-G ride!  I have held little hope for the success of this venture, and although I continue to believe that it was a wrong undertaking, I did see a few ‘pluses’ this week.  The system began to collect money (sorry, potential visitors, it is no longer free) on the first of Dec.  There were very presentable fliers everywhere explaining the system and potentially user friendly machines for purchasing tickets at each station.  Each citizen has been issued a ‘smart card’ with which we can purchase numbers of rides according to our needs.  Gone are the days when you could argue with the driver that you really ARE a senior citizen or that your child is tall for his age (allowing you to have tickets for discount prices).  Gone are ‘punchy cards’ where you could tell the driver ‘punch one for my friend too’.  ‘Smart card’ contains our birthdates and issues discounts accordingly.  No sharing allowed.  Good news; the price of the bus and train are the same and the tickets are interchangeable.  THE BEST THING THAT I HAVE SEEN SO FAR IS THAT THE NEW SYSTEM HAS BROKEN THE ICE…THE SILENCE… ON THE TRAIN!  EVERYONE is talking to EVERYONE again!  J  “HOW do you do this?!?”, “Where do I put my money?”  “I bought a ride, but my card won’t pass!”  “What do you do when you want to transfer to the bus now?”  Everybody is friendly again…and ‘friendly’ in that peculiar Israeli way.  Once again we are like a pile of children.  You think that people might be disappointed at having to pay, particularly in today’s economy.  Not on your life!  This is Israeli curiosity at its peak!  Also, there is a sense of justice.  After all…everyone was worried about WHO WAS PAYING FOR THIS FREE TRAIN?  Rhetorical question; we KNEW that every citizen was paying for the train and that the bills were piling up!  There are shockingly patient inspectors in each car teaching people how to use the train and answering questions.  They have VERY smart little computers that can check your card against the entry device to see if your card registered as paid or not.  EVERYBODY wants to check their card!  It’s funny to see people of all ages and walks of life: students, professors, religious Moslems, religious Jews, tough kids, middle aged working people, people in wheel chairs, waving their cards for the conductor to check.  It has to do with something I never understood until we moved here; we Jews are, generally extremely curious people by nature.  We can’t seem to resist the question; ‘how does this work?’! 
So the train is up and running, even more frequently.  Non rail traffic remains ridiculously snarled in its smaller lanes.  What is to come is yet to be seen, but, as you can read in an article below, there remain some ominous signs. 
It has gotten late, but I want to quickly share one more story. 
Yesterday was our anniversary.  I passed a store and saw that they had very warm looking slipper sox in a nice smoky grey hanging right outside the door.  Although, sadly we have never done much to celebrate our anniversary, I decided to buy them.  As I picked them up and walked in to pay, I saw also WOMAN’S slippers looking equally warm and in the same color.  That would be nice to get us a ‘pair’. Deciding to peruse the card counter I immediately found one of those ‘children’s photo’ cards of 2 children kissing that said in Hebrew ‘I wanted to bless you and to kiss you ‘.  Perfect! I bought that too.  I put all three items on the counter.  The 35-40ish man looked at my two pairs of grey slippers lined up neatly beside one another and my ‘two children kissing card’ and raised his eyebrows and looked at me…and said…”HUMMM!  INTERESTING…!”  I broke up laughing and said “It’s our anniversary today!”  He looked again (respectfully) and said “How many years?”  I rounded it off to an even 40, for convenience sake, NEVER expecting the response that I got!  He looked shocked and awed!  “What? 40 YEARS??  THE SAME MAN??  You just don’t HEAR of such things!  WHAT IS YOUR SECRET??”  I was totally shocked.  First of all, it was just so SAD.  Such a commentary on the state of divinely ordained marriage!  Secondly…he had asked me to share something very important and he was listening … and I needed to think quickly.  I prayed for a meaningful answer.  I told him ‘You need 200% portion of FORGIVENESS because there will always be lots to forgive!’  I told him you needed a sense of humor and you needed to be brave to walk THROUGH alot of pain.  I told him that it is alot of work…and not always easy, but it is worth it.  And finally…I told him that God had to have His place…that marriage is a BRIT (covenant) before God.  He looked as if he had just met some celebrity idol…it was so sad…and such an eye opener to me.  It never occurred to me that this might be an opportunity to share with people hungry for Truth and Security.
It is late and I still have dishes to do before bed.  I will copy some headlines for you and the links to the stories.  Thank you so very much for your prayers for our family and our nation.

ani b’derek
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Fifty Shekel Wives

“. . .then the man who lay with her shall give to the young woman’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife because he has humbled her; he shall not be permitted to divorce her all his days.” Deuteronomy 22:29

This doesn’t sound exactly like the fairy tale weddings we’ve come to expect.

Lord, thank You for the many lessons on humility that you teach us through marriage. And here’s simple poem . . .

Together For Him

I hear of someone getting married
and wish them the best

many years of joy
of love and tenderness

knowing God has something
even more profound in mind

providing yet another way
for us to be refined.

Inside Israel – Update

Hi all! God bless you this day as you rejoice in Jesus. Thanks for stopping by for a look inside Israel. This is an older update from J of Jerusalem, a Jewish believer, back from December 4, 2010. Hoping it will still bless someone and help us all to keep praying! Now, here’s J . . .

Thank you for the many responses to my email. With great joy I share that after I visited Marin in the hospital this morning, she called and told me through tears that her husband Rudy had accepted The Lord! After that, he asked her not to leave his side. Although he is past 90 and she in her 70s, a marriage with only one partner walking with Him is ALWAYS rocky. She is now looking forward to the short time that they have left together to be one of unity and fellowship. He is to have electroshock to his heart tomorrow morning which they were told is their last medical hope. They ask for prayer. Thank you for praying for this special couple.

Since we KNOW that He hears and answers prayer, and our fires still rage, we know that He has something specific for us to hear. In my spirit I am cautioned NOT to jump to conclusions or grab at obvious scriptures, but to WAIT on Him and listen. While I am doing what is written (pray, humble myself, repent) I have been praying for ears and heart to HEAR what He is saying.

Currently (as we suspected might happen) there are many other fires breaking out around the country as those who hate us within sense that if they can start other raging fires…well, you understand. With vigilance, these have been put out quickly. Particularly around Jerusalem they have been set.

We have received foreign help, mostly in the form of planes and chemicals for fighting fires from a large number of countries. We heard today that Bulgaria was the first to send help, and also surprised us by sending top notch fire fighters and some of their experts. Bulgaria has been a great friend of Israel. America has promised chemicals, but they have yet to arrive. Russia has sent some very useful equipment and help. However, our ‘neighbors’ are using this vision of Israel asking for help to strengthen their own arms (see article below). I think of the books of Ezra and Nehemiah and how our weakness is perceived and gloated over. But (wouldn’t you know it!) one of the places that I was reading this morning was Isa 44 and 45…and even as The Lord chastens and calls us to Himself, He has NOT forsaken us and eventually we, as well as those who hate us, will see that He is GOD, and that He is well able to glorify Himself here, as He said!

A friend sent a link to a wonderful blog from here (so well written and with pictures too!) that I think might be a blessing to you, so I include it here

THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!! Lovingly, your sis in Yeshua

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