Inside Israel – 10 September, Part 1


Hi and welcome to a look inside Israel today!  J of Jerusalem is our sis in Him, living and sharing from a unique place , for such a time as this!  God bless you as you read and pray for Israel  and J!  Now, here’s J . . .

10 Sept 2012
Praise The Lord Who is Faithful to all that He is and all that He says! 
I greet you in the Holy Name of Yeshua h’Meshiach, Jesus Christ, and I particularly thank those of you who remembered to or were called to pray for us during this time (NO condemnation at all to those of you who didn’t!).  The mighty Grace of The Lord has been abundant!  Over and abundantly more then that which I could ask or think… and WHY did I ever quiver at the mountain before me when all I have to do is look back at those behind.  As a matter of fact, as I sat with my Bible just before leaving for work following an all night marathon before the 4:30am plane (this is the first time I have stayed awake ALL night, without even a ‘cat-nap’ in far more years then I remember) I was thanking The Lord and wondering at His faithfulness and power to keep my heart at such peace during intense, emotional and painful time that this has been, and He gently reminded me of the 6 weeks that I was in isolation in the hospital with 3rd degree burns back in 1982. I was cooking chicken soup in my pressure cooker on 28th of Dec…still nursing our youngest daughter…and I took the lid off too soon, soaking my right arm and chest in the scalding soup. I can not take much pain meds due to abusing drugs before I knew Him, but at the hospital they insisted that I be drugged as they told me that the intensity of the constant pain could kill me through shock.  I told them that The Lord would keep me and we struck an agreement that as long as I would take one shot before the ‘debrieding’ treatment daily, they would watch me, but they would give me shots by force ‘when’ I began to go into shock.  BUT GOD IS FAITFUL, and He so met with me there and so ministered to me that I was able to share Him with many people and I count those 6 weeks as a chosen fire in which He proved Himself faithful to me in the midst of much physical suffering…HE IS ABLE!  ‘And if I were faithful then, why would I not be the same God to you now?’ He seemed to chasten my heart with these words. So many other memories began pouring in of His faithfulness to keep my heart and mind through painful trials, and I could only praise Him and then go on to work…again embraced by His power as I worked hard with vigor that was not naturally mine.  As I sat again with my Bible before bed I realized that He had answered a prayer, unanswered for 18 years…one I prayed on our El Al flight into what was then the unknown… moving to Israel…making aliyah…having never been here and knowing nothing of the land to which I was going… and leaving our precious oldest daughter, barely 18, behind at her last minute decision to stay.  I thought my heart would break and I prayed and cried during the entire long trip that God would “sanctify my emotions!” All of these years since as I ‘inspected the fruit’…there they still were…’extreme emotions’!  I prayed again and again…18 years. THIS DAY I PROCLAIM, I HAVE EXPERIENCED MY EMOTIONS SANCTIFIED, AND THE FRUIT IS SWEET!  PEACEABLE! It has been a very difficult two and a half weeks, but He has been present and I trust that He will complete that which He has begun in our family.  Thank you for your prayers!  I will not have an address for our children for atleast a month (12 more days in England then 2 weeks in hotels to search for apartment in the Berkley Calif area L ).  Nor do I yet have an address for our younger daughter…now in Canoga Park Calif (LA) I will let you know when I do. (many of you have asked)
And while our little family went through our personal deep waters, turbulent waters swirl all around us and people silently begin to store up stocks of water and food and prepare their ‘safe rooms’ or shelters.  I felt ‘steel enter my soul’ during this season of trial, and as I look around me that is what I see; people ‘steeling’ themselves toward what lies ahead before us.  Will there be w­_r (I leave out the ‘a’ there because it is a word that computer ‘spies’ pick up) or not?  Everyone has their opinion…but it is the main topic of conversation here. It is less then a week until the high holydays begin with Rosh h’shana, the new year or the feast of trumpets.  It begins at sundown this coming Sunday night and lasts for two days.  For the entire month according the Jewish calendar, people have already been seeking God, searching their hearts, preparing. Rosh h’shana is followed quickly by Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, of chastening one’s soul…the day that the books in heaven are open and judgment scales are seen…the day of awe… of fasting and prayer.  Shortly after that, our week of Thanksgiving begins…Succot…Feast of Tabernacles…when we sit in the ‘succa’, the small structure outdoors and eat and share and rejoice and sing and give thanks. (I will share scriptures references in my next letter, Lord willing) What a time to be alive.  Thank You Lord for the gift of life… something that I thought that I would never thank You for…having hated life before knowing You…I am more thankful for it the more that I grow to love You…life…and expression of Himself! So the scurrying begins (actually is in full progress already!) – preparing food for so much feasting…as much as possible ahead of time.  The whole nation visits and eats together…first at your place and then at mine.  We are thankful…and the year is new…and we are forgiven…or…are we?  May THIS be the question foremost in the hearts of the people this year, this week, this day:  “WHERE IS THE LAMB??? WHERE IS THE SACRIFICE FOR MY SIN?? Is it this chicken when The Lord our God called for A LAMB??”  Pray with us…pray for our Prime minister to KNOW HIM WHO IS WISDOM as he is making decisions that WILL affect the entire world.
J of Jerusalem, continued next Sunday!
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Inside Israel – take unto you a Lamb

Hi dear ones! Here is a message from J of Jerusalem, while I am still running back and forth a lot this week! Be blessed and thank you for your prayers for J and for Israel!  Now, here’s J . . .

You have been patient with me and I thank you for that.  Greetings and blessings to each of you this wonderful week (as in a week full of the wonder at The Lord’s ways!) leading up to both the Passover and the fullness of the expression of Passover in the Resurrection of The Perfect Pascal Lamb!  What wonder! 

Thank you for your prayers concerning our ‘land day’ threat; they were heard, and the ‘march of millions’ to Jerusalem was a fizzle, with Lebanon restraining it’s people over concern about starting something with Syria, Jordan keeping it’s people back and Egypt forbidding demonstrations on security grounds.  Around 30 were injured, 17 arrested and it is reported that one young man in Gaza was killed.  This is far less injury and death then in past years and, particularly given the air of ‘social revolution’, I really want to give God ALL of the glory! 
Many of you have also been praying for Baby Netaley (she is NOT my Granddaughter, by the way, as some have thought, but she is the daughter of our older daughter’s dear friend).  I have updates that my daughter has been sending to me and will send them on to anyone who wishes and requests them.  For those of you with facebook, there is a site: PRAYER FOR NETALEY and it is open to all.  The situation is still critical and in need of ongoing prayer:  The doctors believe that there is brain damage and she is, after 19 days, not showing much response to her surroundings nor moving her right side.  Her parents (Keren and Klaaus) are suddenly confronting grief after the initial battle for her life.  The doctors have also said that the makeup of the tumor is unusual with very rapidly growing cells, so it must be watched and she may likely need further surgeries.  Her chemical and hormonal balances are still not stabilized.  When our daughter was there visiting this week the nurse said that she has NEVER seen such a supportive community; so even in this time, the witness of The Lord is seen and observed.  Thank you for your ongoing prayers for this situation. 
Many of you have also asked about our younger daughter who left for America to sell Dead Sea products in a mall. She and her friend are still ‘stuck’ in Paris.  Her friend is having passport problems and is waiting for an updated passport.  Thankfully, they are staying with the friend’s grandparents.  Thank you SO much for your prayers for our family.  We have actually been hit with a wave of unexpected crisis’ (are they EVER expected?) which I am not ready to share yet, but the intensity and abundance of them have kept me from writing. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR OUR FAMILY!
On to better things!
Passover preparations are WELL under way.  This may seem funny, but over the years I have come to recognize the closeness of the holiday by the distinct and even overpowering smell of fresh garlic wafting from the shuk!  It fills the buses and now train cars as people board with shopping carts full of fresh garlic…and everyone (it seems) loves it!  I have surely grown to. The garlic harvest seems to peak at about 2 weeks to 10 days before Passover and hand pulled wood and metal ‘carts’ overflow with the freshly pulled bulbs, each as large as a tennis ball, still caked with damp earth and long thick tops.  The tops are braided into beautiful wreaths or chains and make lovely gifts for Pesach.  These fresh bulbs are different then those usually purchased in stores, as they are not defined into distinct cloves, nor are they dried.  They are WONDERFUL thrown into a fire and roasted.  You would not think that garlic could be such a delicacy.  I am reminded that the children of Israel grumbled during the Exodus and looked back, missing the leeks and the garlic.  How sad that their faith couldn’t look forward to the garlic (and leeks) that would thrive here in the promised land!  Surely The Lord removes nothing from us that He does not restore OR replace with something more life giving!  I am not alone in my crisis’, nor are you…and may we find the faith and grace to press ahead, davka, ANYWAY, and not look back longing for what He has removed or is removing, no matter how painful. 
And, speaking of ‘removing’…that is what we, the Israelites, are called to do through the Scriptures…to remove the leaven.  In this land of religions and ingathering, there is quite a mixture of traditions and opinions, but I heard one new to me today.  One of our patients has a helper for her husband who suffers from both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s (what difficulties people face!).  The helper is from India and we often meet on the bus and talk.  He is catholic.  ‘Cleaning, cleaning! The lady I work for is cleaning out all of the leaven and tells me that we only eat without leaven for 7 days!  What foolish error!  I told her: ‘Why do you do this for only 7 days and not 40 days like you are supposed to!’’.  Hum.  I thought maybe I did not hear him correctly.  ‘Forty days?  The Bible tells us that God said we are to eat with no leaven for 7 days.’  He wondered how I could be so deceived:  ‘No! The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness as punishment for 40 years, so you must eat unleavened bread for 40 days.  This is right.’  My heart ached.  We have discussed The Lord and The Bible before and I have wondered at the teaching that he gets…and why he does not read for himself.  Later, as I walked through the shuk, my heart was broken to a far greater degree, for our people generally DO KNOW the scriptures…and yet…not Him. 
There are many old men sitting now collecting money for the needy for the holiday.  I saw one standing alone calling out for donations, but nearby, a very large crowd had gathered in a circle watching something, their backs to the religious man.  As I drew near, the skin on my neck literally stood up and I felt a chill.  This does not happen often, but I strongly felt the presence of witchcraft.  I looked into the center of the circle and there was an African woman in ceremonial clothing sitting on the ground on a woven mat surrounded by money…and doing something strange with it…seeming in a trance and making it move…  In horror and grief I turned my eyes away and prayed…so grieved at the sight before me…the crowd around the witch and the religious man sitting alone.  Not that I would like to see a crowd around ‘religion’, but the insensibility of our people…not to be able to separate the holy from the profane, broke my heart. 
I have been reading a book about revival by Wesley Duewel and was reminded of a truth that means a great deal to me; that TRUE REVIVAL ALWAYS BEGINS WITH THOSE CLOSEST TO THE HEART OF GOD.  In other words, it does NOT fall of the unbelievers until He has fallen upon the body and revived the body!  I was saved during such a time!  OH, the deep conviction of sin and real repentance…the true and sacrificial and anonymous Spirit of Prayer that prevailed!  I say ‘anonymous’ because no person was looked up to…only The Lord!  No ‘one’ was ‘spiritual’…only The Spirit!  I sometimes feel very alone here as we pray for the outpouring of His Spirit on our people when perhaps (?) we should be praying for His outpouring upon the body…and THEN to overflow?  Lord!  Help us to find your way that YOU ALONE will be glorified in Your people Israel!
And so this year the first night of Passover, the seder, falls on Good Friday.  How appropriate!  The Lamb slain and The Blood applied…a place is set at the seder table for the prophet Elijah as is prophesied in the book of Malachi….and was fulfilled by John Baptist…and the people wait.  May He reveal Himself to MANY this Passover! 
Today is the 10th of the month of Nissan…the day that the Pascal Lamb was selected and taken into the house, as is written in Exodus 12.  So much to ponder…His ways are so great…and they remind me of the words of a song that was sung over and over when I was saved: “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow…Because I know He holds the future, and life is worth the living just because He lives.”  Are we blessed or what!?  Even in the midst of our personal crisis’ and pain, the path through is Him, and He, Who has conquered death and promised Life even to Israel is FAITHFUL! 
May each of you find fresh dew for the journey ahead as you celebrate with The Passover Lamb before you! 
Lovingly, your sis who really misses you.
ani b’derek
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“Then they led Jesus from Caiaphas to the Praetorium, and it was early morning. But they themselves did not go into the Praetorium, lest they should be defiled, but that they might eat the Passover.” John 18:28

They were not defiled for taking the Lamb to be sacrificed.

Lord, I desire to embrace the role each one had in Your crucifixion . . .and how it had to be that way. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Embrace It All

How can I blame someone else
for You crucified

when it was the Father’s will
and already prophesied

better to embrace it all
as You did that day

choosing to die and save the world
You gave Your life away.

Without Blemish

“You shall offer a burnt offering as a sweet aroma to the Lord; one young bull, one ram, and seven lambs in their first year, without blemish.” Numbers 29:2

I remember those years of blemishes and break outs. To be “without blemish”? Only a dream.

Thank You, Lord, for providing us the perfect Lamb, without blemish, so we can stand clear and free, the stigma of our sins cleansed away. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Only One Perfect Enough

Only One Lamb
for the sacrifice
only One Offering
to set me free
Only One Son
without blemish
would die in order
to save me.

What to Bring

“And if she is not able to bring a lamb then she may bring two turtle doves or two young pigeons – one as a burnt offering and the other as a sin offering.” Leviticus 12:8

I like this understanding that not every woman would be able to bring a lamb. So they could bring something smaller, even pigeons.

Jesus, thank You for accepting whatever we can offer today, even something as small as simple words of gratitude and praise. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Still Able

When it feels like I have nothing
good at all to bring
I’ll offer up my voice
and let Your praises sing.

When my hands are still empty
but my heart is over full
I’ll let my joy in You be known
for now and evermore.

Saved By The Blood

“Now the blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you are.”  Exodus 12:13

The last plague was coming . . .the death of all Egypt’s first born.  Moses instructed the people to kill the lamb they had chosen, dipping a branch of hysop in the blood and striking the lintel and the doorposts.  When the Lord saw the blood, those doors would be passed over and His children would be saved.

Lord, how grateful I am to You for placing Your blood over me.  It’s only by You that I am saved.  Here’s a simple poem . . .

Blood Led

It’s hard to think
of all the suffering
and the amount of blood
that’s been shed,
but there’s a Lamb
without spot or blemish
through whose blood
were saved and led.

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