Being Merciful


I will make
a way of escape

for the righteous

and should you struggle
with the change

I’ll mercifully take
your hand.


The One who led Lot out of Sodom is with me.


“When the morning dawned, the angels urged Lot to hurry, saying, ‘Arise, take your wife and your two daughters who are here, lest you be consumed in the punishment of the city.’ “

“And while he lingered, the men took hold of his hand, his wife’s hand and the hands of his two daughters, the LORD being merciful to him, and they brought him out and set him outside the city.”

Genesis 19:15,16 NKJV

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Ups And Downs


I will create
a way for you
through all
the ups and downs

so you fulfill
the plans I’ve made
and in Me
are always found.

My escapes are established by You.

“Now when they had departed, behold an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, ‘Arise, take the young Child and His mother, flee to Egypt, and stay there until I bring you word, for Herod will seek the young Child to destroy Him.’ When he arose, he took the young Child and His mother by night and departed for Egypt, and was there until the death of Herod, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying, ‘Out of Egypt I called My Son.’ ” Matthew 2:13,14,15 NKJV

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When you are feeling
and about to be
swallowed up

remember to call
upon My name
for nothing can
separate us.

A laid down life has a sure escape.

“If it had not been the LORD who was on our side, then they would have swallowed us alive, then the waters would have overwhelmed us. Blessed be the LORD. Our soul has escaped as a bird from the snare of the fowler; the snare is broken, and we have escaped. Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 124:1,3,4,6,7,8 NKJV

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“Our soul has escaped as a bird from
the snare of the fowlers;
The snare is broken, and we have escaped”  Psalm 124:7

We watched a red tailed hawk soaring into the sky the other day.

Lord, thank You for setting us free from the snare, so we can fly.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

To Fly

The hawk started
down low

then climbed up high
into the sky.

She wondered why
it would do this

I thought, it was
meant to fly.

(Hi dear friends!  I will be away from the computer quite a bit
the next 10 days, and haven’t yet decided how to deal with it.
🙂   So, if I don’t get to your blogs or to my own, you’ll know why!
Wishing you a beautiful Easter!)


“Then Mordecai told them to answer Esther, “Do not think in your heart that you will escape in the king’s palace any more than all the other Jews.””  Esther 4:13

We can come to feel that we won’t have to face what others are going through.

Lord, we desire to be trained and prepared by You, for all that lies ahead of us.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

For Such A Day

Do not think
what is happening elsewhere
cannot happen to you

for you are Mine
and because of that
you will suffer too

though trials,  persecution
and hardships come
your way

I have planned
and placed you here
for just such a day.


My Deliverer

“So Jehoahaz pleaded with the Lord, and the Lord listened to him, for He saw the oppression of Israel, because the king of Syria oppressed them.”  2 Kings 13:4

“Then the Lord gave Israel a deliverer, so that they escaped from under the hand of the Syrians; and the children of Israel dwelt in their tents as before.”  2 Kings 13:5

I see this:
our pleading + God’s listening = deliverance

Lord, I’m pleading with You for deliverance of those who are being oppressed today.  And here’s a simple poem . . .


The oppression is so great
they can but hardly pray

and so I’m pleading with You
to please take it away

lift the heaviness
that keeps pushing them down

let them see their Deliverer
has come to save them now.


Speedily Escape

“There is nothing better for me than that I should speedily escape to the land of the Philistines; and Saul will despair of me, to seek me any more in any part of Israel.  So I shall escape out of his hand.”  1 Samuel 27:1

Sometimes the best thing for me to do is to speedily run away from a dangerous temptation.

Lord, we thank You for always making a way for us.  Please help us discern the times when we are to flee and when we are to resist.  And here’s a simple poem . . .


The best thing to do
might just be to run
to save our lives
and protect our daughters and sons

though we don’t want to go
there will be another day
for God is still with us
and is working out His ways.

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