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“Hi” and welcome to Inside Israel, where J of Jerusalem shares her insights as a believer in Jesus there in the land of His earthly birth. God bless you and yours, as you read and pray, according to His will.
Also, a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends out there. You are beautiful!
Now, here’s J . . .

This week we saw both heaven and hell open up to receive some of the ‘shining stars’ of each kingdom… and I ask: ‘God? WHAT IS MY RESPONSE TO BE’…and somehow sense that His answer is very important and I must listen closely.
I am sure that we can all say; “What a week this has been!” Heaven opened up to welcome David Wilkerson… hell opened its gates to receive Osama Bin Laden. Each had worked well for his respective king. In between we saw tornadoes strike the southern US with a vengeance, we saw Kaddafi’s youngest son and small children killed, we saw hamas and fatah sign a peace accord, we saw Egypt’s new ‘democratic’ leaders opening the border with Gaza while moving toward annulling their more then 30 year peace agreement with Israel…and today, at 10 am our two minute siren sounded bringing the country under the mantle of shared grief as Holocaust Heroes and Martyrs Day fully settled upon us.
Late last night I had wanted to write and knew how I would begin the letter. I would tell you of the change in the very ‘air’ here as the evening approached and ‘the silent group’…the older people with numbers tattooed on their arms and scars in their bodies and hearts lifted their heads and walked out toward Yad V’shem for the lighting of the torches of remembrance. I would comment on the evolution of the name of this day…how it was Holocaust Martyrs Day when we came 16 years ago, but how tenderly the understanding emerged that those who survived the holocaust lived with a life long guilt for having lived when so many died…and so…quietly…the word…the title ‘Heroes’ took the place of ‘survivor’. I had PLANNED to go deeply into some of these thoughts, and share my bus ride with you.
But as the 6:30am news came on, instead of speaking of the day, the first announcement was ‘Osama Bin Laden has been killed’, and I stopped in my tracks. Quickly the reports began pouring in…the reactions. What a difference to the ‘announcement’ of the death of David Wilkerson! It came to me word of mouth and, although I searched, I could find very few reports. When David Wilkerson was killed (I believe on the 27th) I also stopped in my tracks. He had deeply touched my life for The Lord, and countless other lives as well. I wept…for a moment…and then began to worship and rejoice, for a dear brother had finished His course and had run well and was home safe and had entered into our promise and was seeing Him Face to face!…”O death where is thy sting…o grave, where is thy victory”! Today…how must I react? I also began to worship. I began to worship The God of Truth and to call upon The Name of Yeshua. I couldn’t isolate what I was feeling…but I KNOW that ‘something big’ has shifted and I want so badly to remain quiet and listening and not to assume.
And I was in for a shock.
Our bus buzzed with the news of the assassination, but it was serious and subdued. When I got to work and could open the news, I saw rejoicing in the western world. It wasn’t what I expected! It was parties and joy and shouts of joy…and it looked just like the Arabs rejoicing over the death of Israelis. I had not seen this kind of rejoicing in the west before over the death or an enemy…I had only seen it in the Arab countries…and I felt very very sad. NOT for Bin Laden…but that SOMETHING isn’t sitting right. Could I rejoice over a sinner going to hell? I would turn and worship The King in His just judgment…but could I rejoice that hell had opened up. I kept wanting to quiet my heart and HEAR God and not my own thoughts.
“Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth lest the Lord see it and it displease Him…” Prov. 24:17 popped into my mind. ‘Humble me Lord! Let me learn!’
What TIMES WE LIVE IN! I became very aware of a new prayer that I need to lift up…’Lord, teach me how to walk in THESE days and in those yet approaching! Teach me what manner of woman I must be and how to be humble in all situations!”
The siren sounded at 10 am and for 2 minutes everyone stood silently. Again I witness as that strange mantle draws us into one body sharing the grief of the witnesses of such things that my own eyes have not seen…sharing the pain that they carry in their hearts over the years, day and night, in private…it suddenly becomes public and shared … if somehow they can be ‘not alone’ in it and find the courage to walk through another year.
They carry a burden to ‘Never forget’ and to ‘Tell them what you have seen’.
And we, as believers, carry a promise to ‘Never forget’ and to ‘Tell them what (WHO) WE have seen.’ Witnesses!
So, in this very very emotional week I try to find my balance in Him…LORD! MAKE ME A WITNESS TO YOU IN THE MIDST OF WHAT IS AND WHAT IS TO COME!!! Help my FOCUS to be YOUR focus! I have not been here before and I do not know how to walk. Teach me!
Oh my, this letter is SO FAR SHORT of what I wanted to share, but you are all feeling and experiencing so much. If you should find ROOM in your pressured and stretched lives to pray for ONE MORE PERSON, I would like to ask for prayer for the salvation of one very special (to me) holocaust survivor…Kala Zeltza. This lady is a hero to me and I have grown to love her dearly and she doesn’t have long left. I have shared some about Him with her and have sent her a gospel of John, but I ask now for prayer for her. I will also share that I am having blood problems again (neutropenia) like I had last year when I was in hospital. It’s not that bad yet and I don’t want it to get that bad, but I am extremely tired.
God bless you, Dear brothers and sisters. May we glorify Him and finish the work!

ani b’derek

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