Inside Israel – Special Thanks from J!

Dear friends, brothers and sisters, whom I’ve come to know and love through Deb’s blog.
First, I want to thank Deb, whom I count a very close friend and whom I’ve never met in the flesh, for asking if she could please post my sporadic emails on her precious blog.  I am honored and deeply humbled.  I have not written a blog myself because I knew that I would not be able to put in the time to respond to the comments as one should.  That is basically why I am writing now, to thank you all for the blessing and encouragement of your responses (I take SUCH heart from them!) and to apologize for not answering as I would so like to.
My letters began as just that; letters to close personal friends.  After we made aliyah (immigrated) more then 17 years ago, I began to understand that I had been given a privilidge and responsibility to bare witness to what I was seeing on many levels, and to ‘translate’ what we were living to the body.  We were witnessing first hand so many new things and I was handwriting letters to my friends; long ones.  Soon, they were gracious enough to allow me to photocopy them, and then I got a computer and typed them.  Soon, others were copying them and churches were handing them out and sending them out!  Then came email, and now I am blessed to have friends and people who pray for me, and more importantly, for the body here and our nation, all around the world.
But since I am rather anonymous, I would like to explain a bit:  We made aliyah when we were already nearly 50 and, coming from a very remote region of the earth, we neither knew any Hebrew, nor did we know others here.  We had to learn to adapt to an entirely different culture and language without much human help.
Now, at 66 we find that we will have to keep working ‘until the end’ to pay our rent and monthly bills.  My daily commute alone takes quite a toll on my health.  I have suffered from systemic lupus for years and have not as yet been healed…at least not as of today.  Maybe tomorrow.  Our family has some highly demanding situations (don’t we all?) that are compounded by the cultural change.  All of this is to explain that the precious little time that I take on the computer is indeed, for me, a precious gift as both time and strength are at a premium.  And so, I apologize for not answering your blessed and encouraging comments, but, PLEASE rest assured that they are very importatnt to me and I am so thankful for each of you who takes the time to read my small, though wordy, offering, and then to comment, and even pray.  Deb forwards the comments to me as I don’t even get to read her poetry on the blog, but receive them by email.
Again, thank you so much for your time, and thank YOU Deb, for sharing your heart so beautifully that you have drawn such friends.  God bless each of you, from Jerusalem, your sis here.
ani b’derek
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Inside Israel – Share my full cup!

Hi dear ones and thank you for stopping by to take a look inside Israel today!  J of Jerusalem shares some of the answers to prayer that she has experienced and her joy in Him.  God bless you and thank you for your prayers!  Now here’s J . . .


With two other letters to you still in ‘notes’ form, and having purposed in my heart to answer each one who prayed and wrote, I can not but sit down and write this out today while the joy still builds in my heart. 
I greet you all, my sisters and brothers in Yeshua, Jesus, with a humble heart…thank You Lord for calling us all to Yourself and for keeping us by Your power and allowing us the privilege of being called Your children and serving You and one another!  May this wonder, the wonder of being Your child, not be shaken by events as they unfold in our lives.  I confess to you that mine often is at times when the road seems so dark and steep and difficult.  I determine to walk steadily, but, like Peter it seems, when the waves rise around me I begin to sink way too often.  THANKFULLY, He has promised to perfect those things that concern even me! 
So, today I am encouraged, far more then I had anticipated.  When we made aliyah more then 17 years ago…well… that is a ‘story’, a testimony that I intend to write out fully and most likely send in a snail mail, and I fully expect to happen.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have anticipated all that lay ahead!  I recall the first time that we recognized someone whom we had met before while we were walking downtown.  We were so excited!  Until that moment we didn’t realize how traumatic it had been to re-plant our family (it was just my husband and I and our younger daughter at the beginning as our older daughter, just 18 at the time, had chosen at the last minute to stay behind and study.  Now THAT was a trial for me!) in a country where we didn’t know anyone!  Our younger daughter turned 13 just after we arrived and we were very much on our own.  Our very roots were torn.  We weren’t just visiting, or even serving in another land, but we had changed citizenship and that was to be permanent…and we felt very very much alone!
Today, with the citizenship of our son-in-law being finalized after the long, 5 year process (because he is not Jewish), I bow in awe.  The path has been rough and the beginnings so…hum…IMPOSSIBLE!  Now we are 3 generations planted in my ancient homeland!  This morning I arrived during my normal reading to
2 Chron. 6:6 “Yet I have chosen Jerusalem, that My Name may be here…”
and wondered at His path for our family.  Who are we that He should have planted us here at this point in history.  I began making other notes this morning from 2 Chron. 5 and 6 toward something else that I am writing to you.  I flipped over to Acts, for the second part of my morning reading, and as usual was amazed at how HIS story continues with out a heart beat being missed…at how all of the Book, from Gen. through Revelation walk as one unbroken sign post to The Way, The Truth and The Light/Life!  Our lives, yours and mine, are part of that. 
And that is why I am writing this: because today it was ‘highlighted’ to me just how much we are ‘ONE’.  We prayed together…we rejoice together…It is that deep sense of the ‘oneness’ of the body that I am left with tonight and doesn’t that bring Him glory…that we would be one, even as He and Abba are One! 
So as I rejoice in a completeness that has been gifted upon my family this day, I joy even more in the completeness of His body as we function together and know that this brings JOY to The Heart of God!  Wow! 
And since you have participated so fully in this prayer and event, thank you for continuing to pray for our little Grandson.  He is not fully out of the woods yet, although he is surely is better then he was.  His Dad is scheduled to teach a 10 day seminar in Italy beginning on Thurs. night and our daughter and the baby have been invited to come as a gift for the first 4 days…meaning that they would fly on Thurs. (our two other Grandchildren will stay with us).  God can do this too, and give wisdom.  Thank you for keeping them in prayer.  I, also am finally feeling better following a couple of weeks of difficulty with my blood again, and treatment.  These are such small things compared to some of the trials that many of you are going through and I am deeply touched with how you stand with us.  May you be blessed and encouraged and nourished in Him!  Lovingly and thankfully, your sis. 
ani b’derek
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He Will Gather

“If any of you are driven out to the farthest parts under heaven, from there the Lord your God will gather you, and from there He will bring you.” Deuteronomy 30:4

Modern day Israel is seeing this happen, as those of Jewish descent continue to make aliyah, returning to their promised home land. (The featured guest writer, J of Jerusalem, made aliyah 16 years ago from Alaska. How’s that for a “farthest parts”?)

Oh Lord, we thank You that even those who seem to be the furthest from You, You will gather and bring close. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Bringing You Back

There is no where you can go
where I won’t seek you

no place you can be driven
from which I won’t draw you back

to gather you with compassion
into the land I promised

for you to take possession
of all that you have lacked.

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