Wind and Wave Obey

“Then He arose and rebuked the winds and the sea.  And there was a great calm.”  Matthew 8:26

Sometimes when I’m in a stormy situation, I find it’s my pride that rises high and starts whipping around.

Jesus, please rebuke that pride in me and restore the calm of a humble heart.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Sinking in a Sea of Self

Internal storms rock me
in ways external ones cannot
– chaotic waves of rebellion
– stiff winds of pride
drive me to the bottom
until You speak truth
– quietly diminishing
– my sea of self.

Who Can This Be?

“And the men marveled, saying, ‘Who can this be that even the winds and the sea obey Him?’ ”  Matthew 8:27  NKJV

The men had seen Jesus do a lot, but they hadn’t seen everything yet.

Thank You, Lord, for all that you have done and are yet to do.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Who is this that
heals the sick and
casts out demons,
calming wind and wave?

This is my Jesus
Who called me from darkness
and will yet do more
than I can think or say.

God bless you as you marvel at who He is today!

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Inside Israel – Passover Preparations / Part 3


Hi and thank you so much for stopping by for another look inside Israel.  Today our sis in Jerusalem continues to share about this special time, when people prepare their homes and their hearts. God bless you as you read and pray!  Now, here she is . ..

Shalom, dear body of Messiah.  May you be blessed and may HE be blessed and glorified!
It’s beginning to look A LOT like Pesach (Passover)!  As our stores suddenly become sparkling (well…almost) clean, we find that items that we forgot to get have already disappeared off of the shelves, ie; my husband’s breakfast cereal!  With nearly two weeks still left BEFORE Pesach, my poor husband (who usually goes through withdrawals during just the eight days of Pesach) will have to start early…or…discover a less popular cereal that is still on the shelf.  (as fewer and fewer shelves display foods that have leaven…or don’t have the ‘right’ rabbi’s stamp…when an item is ‘out’ it is not restocked.) 
Are there other signs?  Oh yes, many!  The strong but delightful aroma of fresh GARLIC hangs over the shuk and wafts through the air on the trains and buses.  The garlic harvest happens just before Pesach, and because of that many of us give gifts of the beautifully braided bulbs to hang in the kitchen allowing the recipient of such a gift to use a fresh bulb as they cook…whole barbequed and grilled bulbs of garlic are very popular here and garlic is used in many dishes.  Is that a reminder that our ancestors murmured in the desert because the missed the leeks and the garlic?  We have leeks and garlic in abundance here now…we simply needed patience.  Not just the garlic signals the season in the shuk, but the bright red, sweet and fragrant strawberries deck every fruit stand, the colors are dazzling – like a feast of wild flowers to the eyes – the deep greens, oranges, reds, purples, yellows, whites, of the fruits and vegetables so fresh and abundant – all very present and real evidence of God’s great faithfulness…the wonder of it! 
Other things pop up suddenly; ‘ahat pa’ami’ (literally ‘one use’) shops for a start.  These are shops full of every size and shape of disposable item …plates, baking pans, every kitchen item that you can imagine (almost) made in a disposable manner so that you can use it during this ‘inbetween’ stage when your regular dishes and pans are gone and your ‘kosher for Passover’ ones are not to be used yet.  And, yes, there are ‘ecologically friendly ones’ (although I don’t see how).  Plastics shops do a booming business as people replace everything from dish drains to garbage pails.  There is even a ‘sink insert’ the size of a kitchen sink that you can place in your sink with a drain hole in the center and … voila!  A kosher for Pesach sink is installed. 
“Where are you going for seder?” is the sentence I am now hearing through out the day.  It is such a blessing that people care for one another!  It is commanded that the seder be a big and full meal with your table full and ‘none of the  lamb remaining until morning’.  Although the lamb is now symbolic (yes, many do eat lamb, but it is awfully expensive as is most meat, so often fish and poultry sit on the table), it is considered sad indeed for ANYONE to be alone for this meal and great effort is made to make sure that everyone is cared for.  As you can imagine, it is a very costly meal to prepare, as often the table hosts between 10-100 people.  AND I NEGLECTED TO MENTION THE MATZO!  How could I have done that!  The war of the matzo sales has begun!  Who can lure you into their store with the promise of ‘the best price for matzo’ – this is now the battle!  Bitter roots are appearing to deck the seder plate, and there are gifts to buy as this is the time for giving of gifts…oh the ACTIVITY! 
I have had some wonderful opportunities to open discussions with women of late.  On Tuesday (when I began this letter) I had my regular blood test.  The technician who took my blood was a ‘dati’ (religious) woman and when I said that I was tired she said ‘Oh!  From all of the cleaning and preparations!’  This was a wonderful door.  ‘No, actually I have barely begun, but I find it not so hard to prepare for Pesach as I follow the scriptural command to simply have no leaven in my home.’ She smiled and told me that she has also remembered that this was the command.  ‘One year while I was scrubbing the floor on my knees’ I told her, ‘I felt as if God said to me ‘This is where I want you…on your knees letting me shine My light on leaven in your heart so that your heart can be clean of leaven!’  I told her how liberating that had been to me and she breathed in every word.  I am finding people so very receptive this year as I have shared this with a number of other women. It feels as if I am sowing living seed into prepared soil. 
But all is not ‘roses’ as we prepare together for the feast of remembrance.  We are experiencing our first ‘sha’arav’ (desert heat wave – hot winds blowing off the desert that literally suck the water out of you) of the year and this is early.  An international marathon scheduled to be held in Tel Aviv tomorrow has been cancelled by the health ministry as several years ago a runner died from dehydration during a sha’arav.  The locusts that came up from the Sudan, through Egypt continue to multiply and plague our south and threaten our crops inspite of heavy spraying and our still unsure government has been snagged again as they were to sign the coalition agreement tonight…it is again on ‘hold’.  My heart was deeply grieved to tears as our Prime Minister gave in to the very liberal, humanistic party demanding the education portfolio.  This party has the strong backing of the homosexuals.  Thus far our children have been spared these teachings that are rampant in western countries.  My heart was rent to wake up this morning to see that this ministry was now in their hands.  On top of these ominous events…American President Obama is scheduled to arrive on the 20th…this coming Tues., for a 3 day visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  He will not address our Knesset (parliament or congress) but plans to address ‘the people’.  This is what he has done in places like Egypt before their turmoil…and we are wary.  VERY wary…
There is never a dull moment here.  ‘Boredom’ does not exist. 
So we prepare.  We prepare our homes and our hearts…our families.    
When I came to Him some 37+ years ago, He began to open to me (sovereignly as I read and prayed- not through any teaching) the beauty of all of His patterns and paths.  I saw in the holidays, not a ‘law’ and a ‘restraint’ or ‘religious form’, but a tangible and visible expression of His character and nature…a picture of Who He is…and a loving ‘command’ to ‘keep these ways’.  Somehow it did not occur to me that if HE said somewhere in His Word that something was an “abomination” to Him, that because of The Blood of Yeshua I was now suddenly ‘free’ to ‘enjoy’ it.  It didn’t make sense to me.  Why would I WANT to ‘enjoy’ what my Lord called an “abomination”?  Did His opinion of it suddenly change?  In the same vain, if He told us to ‘keep this remembrance’ of a miracle that He performed ‘forever’, why would I NOT want to keep it.  NO, I DON’T keep if for my salvation, or to fulfill the law…He IS the fulfillment of the law.  I keep it for LOVE’S sake…for the love of beauty of His plan and purpose…from a desire to learn to obey His voice…from a desire to love what He loves and to identify with His people who yet have blinders on their eyes.  Paul (Shaul) said  in1 Corin 9:20“ To the Jews I have become like a Jew in order to win Jews; to men under the Law as if I were under the Law–although I am not–in order to win those who are …” 
I will go to sleep now as tomorrow begins early.  On a personal note, I am so blessed that our younger daughter and her new husband will be traveling on very inexpensive tickets, from Minnesota to California on the 25th to be with her older sister and family for the 8 days of Pesach!  It brings us much joy to know that they have chosen to be together, even if we can not be with them.  How wonderful that He truly has all things set in His order for His purposes and His glory.  May we choose His ways.  May we walk together in peace, demonstrating who HE is to a lost and dying world.  May each of you be encouraged in Him, His Word and His Spirit.  May we love what He loves.  ALL glory to The Lamb that was slain and Whose precious Blood is on the doorposts of our hearts. 
Lovingly, your sis in Jerusalem
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Inside Israel – From the Negev


Negev Desert

Hi and welcome to this look inside Israel! Today our sis in Jerusalem shares about the trip her and her hubby took  back on January 1st.  Praying that it blesses you and thank you for reading and praying!  Now, here’s our sis . . .

THE NEGEV!  Camels, Bedouin tribes, a wide array of wild life, dry ‘wadis’ (deep creeks), sand and hot winds…these are some of the images that arise in our imaginations…the imaginations of those of us who have not lived in and known the desert named the Negev.  There are other images that arise according to the things that we who love The Lord and know His Word have read; We know that the desert HAS blossomed and that there are now steams in the desert…we pray along with David who knew the Negev so well and cried out “As the deer pants for the water, so my heart longeth for Thee.” We have read of a dry and thirsty land where there is no water and the promises that HE will pour HIS (LIVING) water out upon it.  This is the place that my husband and I chose to visit…to witness for ourselves.
I mentioned that my husband and I have NEVER (in our more then 40 years together) done anything like this…not even taking a honeymoon.  Those of you who know us long, and through these years of being planted in our new ancient land, know that we have been very tired…exhausted really. I would have been very happy with a week to simply clean my house, which is dreadfully in need of my attention.  But we have found that our children leaving has actually been traumatic and we needed to get our bearings. Since my husband has NOT been walking with The Lord for quite awhile, the approaching holidays with no family seemed to loom in front of us like a huge black cloud.  I prayed for direct guidance.  ‘Lord, show me a way to walk through this toward Your victory!’ Just about that time two things happened: My boss told me that I still had a week vacation that I needed to use before the first of Jan. (all I could think of was a clean house!) Also, we received a gift.  The idea of going away for a couple of days sprouted and grew and I finally presented it as a ‘gift’ to my husband.  To my surprise he was pleased and suggested that we go south to the desert.  I have longed to go to the desert.  I have been there twice: once with my ulpan (language class) more then 18 years ago.  We went to the beautiful Mitzpe Ramon crater…a breathtaking sight.  I went there once again with friends who were visiting from abroad, and I road down with them for a day trip, but was so tired that time that I slept most of the way!
The Negev begins basically at Be’er Sheva (pronounced in most English Bibles ‘Beer Sheba’) The name means ‘seven wells’ and is named after the wells that Avraham (Abraham) dug in the area.  It is a huge area and is North of the Sinai Desert which is now in Egyptian possession. Our army has a lot of bases throughout the area that represents about HALF of our country’s land mass!  Our weather reports have reported rains from the north to the Negev, but it turned out that they have not yet received the rain.  When it does rain, there are flash floods that literally FILL the deep wadis apparently very dramatically. Each year people are rescued from the flash floods and some do loose their lives as the water comes up so quickly and almost without warning.  When the rains come, the plant life INSTANTLY bursts into dramatic bloom.  We did not witness it this trip but hope to some day.  The Negev is indeed home to many Bedouin tribes and also to many kibbutzim, towns, farms and ranches.  For all of that, it is still a sparse population and as we drove south from Be’er Sheva, the stress just literally rolled off of us.  We had initially looked for a place (according to friends’ recommendations) at Mitzpe Ramon, but were unable to get rooms for the days that we planned to go.  I continued to pray.  The only remaining place that I could locate with my very limited understanding of ordering a room on the web, was at Sde Boker Vineyard Farms (in English…the Hebrew would translate as Boker River Farm).  The photos looked ok, but ofcourse they were not going to put photos on their ad that didn’t!  Armed with our map and the prayers of a wife, we located a sign in the wilderness with an arrow.  We followed a dirt road to an electric gate with a sign telling us to ‘call this number to enter’.  I called…no answer.  We waited and called again. Uh oh!  We left, but it was only about 10 minutes before they called us and asked what we wanted.  THANKFULLY, they confirmed that we had reservations and could return. 
The gates opened and our first impression was…well…’TUNDRA’!  Ok.  Some of you don’t know that we are from Alaska.  Our weekly newspaper (when we lived in bush Alaska) used to have an illustrated column that taught one word in Yupik (the Native tongue). The ONLY one that I remember showed an Eskimo man ice fishing through a hole and his wife comes up to him and says “What have you caught?”  He makes a ‘0’ with his fingers and says ‘TUNDRA!’ (nothing!)  It was very funny and so we remembered it.  We looked at each other as we drove into our desert dwelling and both said ‘TUNDRA!’ and laughed.  Laughing is good.  We haven’t done much of it lately.  As we walked to our hut we asked where we could get something to eat.  Our young host stopped and thought; ‘Is this Wed.?’ he asked.  We assured him it was.  He said ‘No restaurants on Wed.  Only on weekends. You can probably buy some food at the gas station in Sde Boker…IF they are still open.  I think they close at 4 so you had better hurry.  We have breakfast here though.’ He brought us up to our cabin.  It was COLD (like our apartment) and my husband asked ‘Is there any heat?’ He flipped a switch and a heater came on.  We smiled.  NICE!  We can live with that.  There was a small refrigerator, microwave and electric pot (kumkum). No t.v.-no radio-no phone-… I smiled and relaxed even more.  ‘There are some games in that box’ he said pointing to a box with dominoes and games like that.  ‘Oh! I almost forgot!  The jacuzzi!’ We walked down a small hill and there under a thatched lean-to was an outdoor jacuzzi.  Now, I am not a jacuzzi fan…actually I have only had contact with them twice…but it was so silent and still there that it looked delightful.  ‘Do you have y-fi?’ (internet hook up, for the technically limited…like me) My husband asked.  ‘If you go back down to the bunk house, there is a red chair.  If you sit on THAT CHAIR…SOMETIMES you can get reception.’ I LIKED this place!  We ran off to get some noodles to boil down the road and came back to discover more about our surroundings.  We had hot running water on demand.  That was a real plus, (we don’t have it at home) but I wasn’t sure if my husband was as pleased as I was.  This was NOT a ‘luxury hotel’. ‘You know…we can always just leave and drive down the road.’ I said. ‘Well…let’s wait till morning.’ He suggested.  After our dinner he suggested a jacuzzi, so out we went.  Under the silence and with a canopy of stars, in the warm water, we began to thaw and really relax.  After a deep 12 hour (yes…when I say TIRED, I mean TIRED!) sleep, we woke to a crowing rooster, as we had done for so many of our younger years.  I could hear horses neighing, but nothing else.  I looked out over the desert and prayed ‘Lord, give me YOUR Eyes to see what You have placed here for me to learn.  Give me Your eyes to see the beauty.  Please don’t let me miss a thing.’
And He answered that prayer. 
After a farm breakfast in an open (cold!) hut, we started walking over the hills and into the wadis.  Our eyes became accustomed to the beauty of each rock and we began to pick out more interesting ones.  We found that the Negev is not sand, but ROCKS.  Serious ROCKS!   We heard a donkey and watched 4 Bedouin children with neither saddle nor bridle trying to round up a stray goat.  The oldest child on the front lead the donkey and the next older on the far back switched him to make him go faster.  Between the two older ones, they pinned the 2 smaller ones safely in between them.  We delighted to watch them! 
During our two nights and 3 days we drove to Mitzpe Ramon, explored the Nabatean excavations at Avdat along the ancient Spice Route that is so full of history (the 3 wise men from the east likely took this route when they followed the star) and which also is such a part of the ‘Back to Jerusalem’ vision among the Chinese believers.  I was blessed to see the very scriptures that I had read that morning in Isaiah on the desk in Ben Gurion’s home in Sde Boker identified as some of the scriptures that he kept on his desk through the years. But our BEST times just came in walking quietly in the desert, observing, listening, and breathing in the hugeness of it all.  He is so very very good to ‘confirm His inheritance when it is weary!
We spoke to the young siblings who were running the farm…a girl in her early twenties perhaps and a brother who is scheduled to go into the army in March. They told us that their parents usually run the place with them but their parents had taken a year off and were riding bikes across Europe.  We were deeply touched to see these young people left with the responsibility of caring for a vineyard, horses and chickens as well as bed and breakfast guests and cleaning and maintaining cabins!  Pretty impressive!  But then we were impressed with the quality of the people who live in the Negev in general.  They appear to be strong, passionate and practical in a unique combination.  We talked about moving down there…but we realized that we are just too old to begin again in this manner…just not physically strong enough anymore.  In my heart of hearts as well, I am committed to my fellowship and would have to know that it was The Lord opening the door! 
All too soon it was time to return to the city, but we have been deeply blessed.  I wish I could say that my husband used this occasion to find his way back to The Lord, but there is no outward move that I can share yet.  He Who works in our hearts IS All-powerful and Almighty.
My husband HAS asked me to ask all of you if any of you from our ‘past’ (Alaska or California) are coming for the prayer conference?  Please let us know if you are??
Thank you for enduring my ‘travelogue’!  Thank you so much for your prayers and your friendships.  Thank you for your letters, for the cards that we received, and for love that is such a reflection of HIM!  May God bless each of you in this new year with more and more of HIS Presence.  May He keep us all in the center of the path ahead as it grows narrower and darker.  May we discern what is HIM and what is NOT and choose HIM at every turn.  And may we have the fire of our first love lit afresh with a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit!  God bless you and keep you, dear dear friends.  Lovingly, your sis here.
ani b’derek
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Inside Israel – Shavuot / Pentecost

God bless you and thank you for coming by for a look inside Israel today!  J of Jerusalem shares with us about Shavuot and her very first time being introduced to it.  Praying that you are blessed as you read!  Now here’s J . . .

SHAVUOT 2012 – 26.05.2012   Jerusalem
“And you shall count for yourselves from the day after the Shabat…fifty days…they you shall offer a new grain offering to The Lord.  You shall bring from your dwellings two wave loaves…of fine flour…baked with leaven.  They are the first fruits to The Lord.” Levit 23:15-17
“And it shall be, when you come into the land which The Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, and you possess it and dwell in it,…and say to Him ‘I declare today to The Lord my God that I have come to the country which the Lord swore to our fathers to give us…’”  Deut 26:1-3
“And when the day of Pentecost (SHAVUOT) had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.  And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting…and there were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews, devout men, from every nation under heaven…we hear them speaking in our own tongues the wonderful works of God.”  Acts 2:1-12
In all fairness, you really must read these three rich, full chapters in their entirety to enter into the joy that is there.  Oh my, but they are a wealth of promise!  And yet…even still…they are (I believe) but ‘seeds’.  And it is from the seeds of these chapters that I bring an ‘offering’ to share with you today…a memory of what The Lord has done during Shavuot/Pentecost in my life. I shared it once before, a long time ago, but perhaps some of you don’t remember. 
First, how is the high holiday of Shavuot celebrated here? Well, in various ways of course, but I will try to give you an overview from my perspective:
As you know, Shavuot (the feast of weeks…it is to take place the day after the 7th shabat following Passover…hence, 50 days or ‘Pentecost’) is one of the 3 main feasts when all Jewish men are commanded to come up to Jerusalem and present themselves with an offering to The Lord.  (The other two are Passover- corresponding to the Resurrection) and Succot (feast of tabernacles).  Today in Israel the celebration is marked by a number of symbolic things (as well as the men still coming up to Jerusalem for the blessing of the Cohanim (or priests). It is often called the ‘birthday of Judaism’, (interestingly, Pentecost is also known as the birth of the Church to many!) the day when the 10 commandments was received by Moses and presented to the 12 tribes.  To celebrate the written Word, handed down from God, many MANY people will study Torah all night long.  These study groups are spread across the nation and are not limited to the religious but have become quite popular with the secular as well.  After a festive dairy meal at sunset tonight, vast crowds will stream through the city – many by torch light and dressed in white – to the Western Wall (the kotel) of the temple where they will sit on plastic chairs or lie on mats on the ground and study and pray with thanksgiving to God for His Word, through the night.  Others will meet in homes, schools, synagogues, offices and even on the beach and in the forest for the night of study) Meanwhile, ever array of cheese cake, blintz, milk product that you can imagine (or BYOND your imagination) has been prepared and will be eaten as though it were a commandment! No one is QUITE sure how this all began (although there are amazingly creative stories to explain it) but there is generally some rabbi who is able to bring a lovely and thought provoking meaning forward.  Yesterday, on the news, one rabbi explained that The Word is pure and living and should be desired as a baby desires its milk as if knowing that it is receiving the very source of it’s life.  Lovely!  Amen.  I’ll drink (milk) to that!  J As a nice note, our Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu, held a 2 hour long study of the book of Ruth with his cabinet this week and encouraged the nation to make sure to set the scriptures as not only their history book, but their compass.
AT ANY RATE…this holiday, again, is a particular opportunity to pray for those who are really seeking Truth…that they may FIND HIM Who IS THE LIVING TRUTH, YESHUA! 

More then 20 years ago now, I had a wonderful experience around Shavuot which has always colored the day with wonder for me.  After I was saved and began reading the Bible, I wondered before The Lord what Shavuot was really about and how it concerned me.  We had not celebrated it when I was growing up, as we did the other holidays and from the scriptures I couldn’t really put any significance to it.  At the time I didn’t even realize that it was Pentecost.  (After all…my KJB called it ‘Pentecost’, not Shavuot) 
I received a phone call from my sister one day that went something like this:  “___, (my name)…I’M GETTING MARRIED!”  YAY YAY!  My sister was nearly 39 at the time and had recently been up to Alaska to visit us.  I had talked to her about The Lord more forcefully then ever before and she had really begun thinking…however… in response she had gone back to NY, joined the synagogue and was now marrying a rabbi!  This was NOT the response I had hoped and prayed for.  She continued talking.  “We are to be married right after Shavuot, and OF COURSE you are invited, but I KNOW THAT YOU CAN’T COME…AFTER ALL YOU ARE SO FAR AWAY AND YOU HAVE THE CHILDREN…AND IT’S OK THAT YOU DON’T COME…!” (The undertone being ‘please please don’t come!’)  I nearly broke her eardrums “OF COURSE I’M COMING!  Don’t be SILLY!  You are my only sister and I will be there with bells on!!”  Silence!  “No…you don’t have to.  PLEASE don’t go to the expense…” (Could it be that I was an embarrassment to her?  A Jewish believer, a disciple of Yeshua…did not fit in well to the picture.) I let my joy for my sister swallow up the understandable rejection and began to pray-plan my way to her wedding.  During prayer one morning I felt so certain that The Lord wanted me to bring two, homemade, challot (the braided shabat breads also used for celebrations).  OK.  The airlines were USED to people carrying strange things to and from Alaska…I would bring two challot.  To my joy they came out perfectly.
Armed with my Bible, gifts, and two huge challot tucked under my arms I made my way across the country to the wedding.  I arrived on Shavuot eve (I seem to recall) and we made our way to ‘Susie’s house’.  Susie was an 82 year old scholar in Jewish studies who had been mentoring my sister.  Obviously she knew about me.  She greeted me graciously and I put down the challot.  ‘You have brought 2 challot for your sister’s wedding? May I ask why?’  I told her ‘I prayed and felt that this was what I should bring.’  She glowed!  ‘How amazing!  The temple offering for Shavuot!  Very good!’  I was taken by surprise.  Who knew?  Levit 23 was not yet alive to me so God had literally graced me by placing them in my hands. Everyone smiled approvingly at me. 
The next morning we went to my sister’s synagogue for the Shavuot service.  It was the first one that I ever recall being present at and the first time that I had been in a synagogue for many years.  My sister and her fiancé, my mother and I hustled into a row half way back at the center of the synagogue and I followed along in the unfamiliar prayer book…but wait!  It wasn’t unfamiliar!  Now we were reading from Habakkuk “Lord!  In judgment remember mercy!” then from Ruth…all of the scriptures that we read were ones that I had been praying and my heart began crying out for my people and I prayed along, more and more, in tongues (I did not know Hebrew at the time).  After a long time the elders went up front and removed a scroll from the ‘ahron’ or ‘scroll closet’.  My sister whispered to me that it was the book of Ruth which is read at Shavuot and that it would now be carried around the synagogue for everyone to touch and bless.  The elders prayed together and then suddenly one came running down the aisle …TO ME!  He called me out of my row.  My mother held on to me ‘no, no’ she said…’yes, yes’ he said.  My sister said ‘OY!’.  My nearly brother in law held his head in his hands.  I figured that they were going to take me out and stone me.  INSTEAD…they took me up front. “What should I do?”  I questioned.  “…I don’t know…” he said “It is ok.  We will show you what to do.”  They put me behind the scroll, which they carried, and said ‘You follow behind and pray’(!!!)  This was A BIT BIZARRE to me…!  ‘GOD!  ONLY YOU COULD ARRANGE SUCH A THING!’  So there I was…following the scroll around the synagogue as the some 3-400 congregants reached out and touched it, kissing their hands first, and I?  I was weeping and praying at the top of my voice in tongues for the salvation of all of them! 
When I went back to my seat, my sister and my brother in law both had their heads in their hands and my mother explained to me ‘They were honoring your sister,’ Ok.  Whatever it was…I was blown away!
After the service I approached the elder who had chosen me ‘May I ask why you chose me? Thank you for honoring my sister.’  He was searching my face and the rabbi joined us ‘I don’t know who your sister is, but you are a lover of God!  You are a lover of God! Are you from Russia?’  At this point The Lord put His all knowing Hand on my heart and said ‘Shhh!  Not now…you will have another chance to share’ so I said ‘Yes, I am a lover of God, but I am not from Russia.’ He said ‘It doesn’t matter.  You are a lover of God and that is why we chose you.  Thank you!’ 
Oh, I DID get a chance to share with the rabbi (that was at my sister’s wedding the following day…and a totally different story!) but I will never forget my introduction to Shavuot, and this holiday has continued to hold an awe of anticipated unexpected joy for me concerning things yet unknown to me that WILL break forth…in His time!
So now we are preparing to leave for our yearly Shavuot celebration held in a wonderful Bedouin tent on a mountain top in Yad h’Shmonah (a believer’s moshav on the hills that border 3 of the tribes of Israel).  We will share a meal, worship and testimony, and I will bring my two loaves of challa. 
I hope to get back to writing some more ‘everyday’ letters soon.  SO much has happened, as usual in this land of so-much-happening.  Thank you for praying for our family and for our land and people. God bless you with His Presence.  Lovingly, your sis
ani b’derek
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Inside Israel – Jerusalem Holocaust Day Observed

Hi and welcome to a look inside Israel today, as J of Jerusalem shares what she sees and experiences there as a believer in Yeshua.  This is from a while back, April 18th.  Thank you and God bless you as you pray for Israel and for J and her family!  Now, here’s J . . .

The soulful, sorrowful refrains of the songs resound from each apartment television or radio, and they also waft to my ears on the unusually strong wind, as we live so near to Yad V’Shem, where the ceremony is taking place at this moment.  Once again…the ‘Yizkor’ (to Remember) ceremony…and the entire country participates.  How does one remember 6 million?  Looking into the faces of those Holocaust survivors who yet remain, it is easy to see that everyone must help them carry the memory: it is too heavy for them to bear alone.  Six brave, very elderly people, come forward one by one.  Some are accompanied by a Grandchild, or a soldier…one walks alone…slowly they come forward and are handed a torch – their shaking hands guided toward the pillar to be lit with an eternal flame.  As one sits, another rises and another ‘story’ is told…how this one was 4 when they were taken to Bergen Belsin…left alone as his entire family was killed…his story…he lights a torch and the next story of horror is told.  Six torches representing 6 million. 
Yom h’Shoar, (Holocaust Remembrance Day) is always an intensely emotional day, ushering in a week that yearly has defied my ability to describe it (as it is followed in 6 days by Memorial day for soldiers and victims of terror and then immediately by our Independence day).  I was thinking about how to write this letter as I traveled home from work this afternoon.  My bus turned at the walls to the Old City and I rang the bell to get off.  Moving quickly to catch my train which stops about a block away, I approached the back entrance to our ‘City Hall Plaza’ and I suddenly heard a song that has moved me exceedingly.  It is from the prayer ‘Shma Yisroel’ (HEAR, ISRAEL). My heart jumped and I speeded up, realizing that a live performance was taking place just then.  I came into view of a rehearsal for a memorial service to be held tomorrow morning and I bowed my head and prayed and wept as the song was sung.  I stood there alone watching in the big square in the center of Jerusalem and wondered again at the significance of it all…’Why, Lord? Why me?  Why am I allowed to witness such things?’  Please take a moment and listen to it?  The English translation is printed along with it: 
 But this day has arrested all of us with several added…dare I say… ‘signposts’?  The day was particularly hot.  Spring is like that here…One day hot and the next one cold.  Today began with a sha’arav (a heat wave coming off of the desert- incredibly dry, full of sand and a wind that seems to suck out the moisture).  This one caused the death of a young soldier in training in the south of the country.  Later in the day the wind picked up dramatically as the temperature began to drop (from 32celsius –about 90 farenheit. – to 16 celsius – about 62 farenheit.) There were preparations under way on Mt. Herzl for the Independence Day events to take place next week.  The wind buckled a structure killing one young soldier and severely injuring several others.  Everyone was stunned and shaken.  The day continues…and the sun goes down…and the mantle of grief falls again…the memorial day begins (as all Jewish ‘holidays’) at sundown. 
Ok…this is what I’m thinking:  Is this how the coming of The Lord will be?  A ‘regular’ day…a day then disrupted with too many intense events…too much begins to happen and I begin to wonder; ‘will they postpone the memorial day events?…Will they say ‘Let’s put it off until tomorrow’?  But they can’t…It continues…And I find myself wondering ‘how can I be ready to focus on the memorial’ and ‘what will that day be like when The Lord comes’.  Will it be a ‘busy day’?  A day full of turbulent events?  Will He find me ‘disrupted’ and unsettled…or will I be found of Him at peace?  Waiting and watching?  Surely the day won’t stop and allow me to compose myself…I must be prepared minute by minute.
So, as I go to bed now, I think of the Holocaust survivors, weak, aging, exhausted with carrying such a burden…and tomorrow the country joins together to carry the burden with them, to lift it a bit as one man…to bring comfort…and to do that – NOT with the luxury of having intensity stop for a moment – but to do that ‘in the midst’ of the turbulent world events. And I ask that my focus be fully on Him as I am required to go about daily events, both usual and unusual…and with confidence I can thank Him that He is well able and willing to set my feet in a balanced place though the earth trembles, because, even so Lord, You WILL glorify Your Great Name!
And now…if any of you can understand ANY of this, it is truly a miracle!  I send much love, your sis in Jerusalem 
ani b’derek
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Inside Israel – When bread is cast upon the waters . . .it returns!

Hello and welcome to a look inside Israel today!   J of Jerusalem has sent a really wonderful thank you note and explanation for all those who read here, pray and even take time to comment. I thought I was going to post that today . . .and I will soon!  But then this following letter came, and it impacted me so much, I was in tears a good part of the day. I’m praying that it blesses and moves you too, closer to Him.  Now here’s J . . .

“Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.”  Ecclesiastes 11:1
That scripture has new meaning in my life today. 
I have notes that I have made…observations…that I would like to share with you.
I have burdens concerning our nation that should be shared as Purim and the fast of Esther rapidly approach, and as most of you pray for us here.
Our Prime Minister has been with the Prime Minister of Canada and will today be with the American President. 
I have thanks to give for our incredible rains and snow in Jerusalem and around the country.
But, I have a personal testimony that won’t keep quiet, so I hope that you will share my blessing and be encouraged, or just delete it if it is not of concern to you. 
These letters have been more difficult for me to write lately because I have been drowning. 
I know that we often feel as though we have ‘come to the end of it’: our strength, His mercy, however we want to put it, and we have all proven that He really IS faithful in every need and situation, and that we never go by ‘feelings’.  I have been assuring myself of that for a very very long time…trusting that He was keeping me in His way…and that He, Who has promised to breath His Spirit into the dry bones of the whole house of Israel, (Ezek 37) would even breath fresh life into me again, His child who wants to follow Him. 
It wasn’t happening.
I was exhausted, mind, body and spirit.  I was scared that I was ‘loosing my way’, and even depressed.  I wasn’t nice.  I was loveless.  I ‘just couldn’t do it’ (‘it’ meaning ‘keep up with life) anymore and it seemed that, not only weren’t my prayers being answered, but things (situations) were collapsing at an alarming (and demanding!) rate all around me. I was still getting up very early to spend my time with Him, in His Word, worship, meditation and prayer, but my prayer time was mainly a silent scream that I couldn’t put words to.  I would say ‘Help me, Lord.’ But not much more…I couldn’t put words to what was happening so I had to believe that He would ‘translate’ the huge rocky burden that had taken the place of my heart (so it seemed to me). 
One day, right around my birthday I received an email announcement concerning a speaker from America who was coming to encourage the believers here.  We get many notices of things like this, or a sale on Hebrew Bibles, or a soldier’s meeting…just general announcements through the network of local believers, and I usually just delete.  This one, LITERALLY, jumped out at me.  I looked at it and laughed.  ‘Right!  Woman’s meeting free in Tel Aviv Thursday from 7-10 pm and Friday from 9-noon.’  I had no idea who this lady was or what she would be speaking about.  Hotel was NOT covered.  Why was I keeping this??  I went to delete it.  My hand couldn’t do it.  “I want you to go to this.”  I heard that clearly!  I printed it out and later put it in my Bible.  ‘Ok, Lord.  If that IS You, You know ALL of the miracles that will have to happen to make it come to pass.’  Since I didn’t know who this woman was I wanted to run her name past some friends.  “NO!” (…hum)…”no?…ok…how about the internet?’  The answer was, again, a firm “NO!”  First step was to see if I could get those two days off from work.  Before I could speak to my boss, the other secretary told me that she needed 2 days for me to substitute for her…’would I trade 2 days?’  So much for THAT problem.  Now for a few others.  I have NEVER done anything like this!  It is NOT something ‘done’ in our family tradition…that the wife would just up and go to Tel Aviv for the night alone at a hotel.  In 17 years I have only passed through Tel Aviv twice, and didn’t LIKE Tel Aviv (which has just been named, to our disgrace, the homosexual capital of the world!)…the secular city that never sleeps.  The hotel where the meeting would be held was in the south section…the slum area.  And then there was the price.  We just didn’t have it to spare.  Mountains.  I put all of these mountains in front of The Lord.
Our family was all over at our apartment for shabat dinner and I was even more exhausted and grumpy then I had been lately.  ‘You need a rest, Ma.’ my son in law said.  ‘As a matter of fact, I want to go to Tel Aviv for the 1st and 2nd of March and stay at a hotel and go to a women’s meeting…maybe.’  (by that time I had looked up the hotel and found that it was owned by Ya’akov Damkani [believers!] and was a block from the beach.  I figured that if this woman was ‘off the wall’, I’d go and walk on the beach and spend the time just alone with God!) The words just jumped out of my mouth!  To my own surprise I continued; ‘I want this for my birthday present.  I want to go.’  Everyone stared at me!  ‘Alone??’  they asked ‘EXACTLY!’ I answered.  ‘I NEED TO BE ALONE WITH GOD…AND I WANT THIS.’  The mountains crumbled and it was a done deal.  Following that night, I kept my mouth closed about this.  If it was indeed The Lord, I would leave it before Him Alone.  In looking back, perhaps I felt like the mother who was given a son through the promise of Elijah (or Elisha?  Oy) and then her son died…she saddled a donkey and just went…the cry in my heart was so great that there just were no words.
As I packed Wed night, the storm was so greatly raging outside that a huge tree fell and cut the power lines.  Never mind.  I packed in the very dim light of one candle, shivering with cold.  What a picture of my state!  Storm raging, power cut, shivering, just keep walking!  The weather called for ‘monster storm’ to continue with snow and winds to 200 km per hour…torrential rains, floods.  I went to work until 10am and took an expensive taxi home to get my bag.  If I had gone by bus and train, it would have taken me an hour and a half and I would have been soaked.  I grabbed my bag and took the train to the central bus station, and then a bus to Tel Aviv.  There I was lost, and since the rains were so strong, I took another expensive taxi to the hotel.  Although it is in such a dingy part of town, as soon as I entered hotel, I felt a certain ‘Peace’… the Peace that I remembered and missed, flow over me. 
I had a choice, so had requested a quiet room where I could see the ocean and so was on the 5th floor and there could see the huge black storm clouds flying across the angry sky chased by patches of occasional clean blue over a raging foamy sea with crashing waves.  What a reflection of my own heart.  Before taking my coat off I got on my knees and committed this time to The Lord.  No long deep prayer…none had been coming out…just ‘Lord, here am I.  Help!  Please, Holy Spirit, search my heart for sin and lead me to repentance that I might go as clean as I can in this state to this meeting.’  I decided to give this ‘woman’ one hour.  I could get up and leave and spend time in the storm at the ocean (yes…I do love that sort of thing) or in my room sitting, undisturbed, before Him.  I went down to the meeting, purposefully leaving my glasses in the room.  If there was someone there whom I knew, I did NOT want to see them!
I did NOT want to see ANYONE.  I did NOT want to talk to ANYONE.  Period!
Following worship, the woman walked to the front and it gave me a start.  She was the duplicate of my natural sister…even to the haircut.  I cleared my eyes.  My heart softened a bit.  As she spoke it softened more.  I listened.  Every scripture was touching me.  She was solid in The Word!  She was real.  I listened.  Suddenly she stopped, listening to The Spirit.  ‘Before I go on I feel that I should share a bit of my background.  I was a philosophy major at Queens College in NY.’  My ears went up.  I, too, had been a student at Queens College.  She began mentioning names that I knew.  She shared how most of the other students in the philosophy department were rabbinical students and she was the loan Christian…how she had been challenged, shamed, even persecuted, and how she went through a tremendous crisis of faith, being challenged by both the philosophies of the worlds religions as well as the students and professors.  She shared how The Lord pulled her off of the edge – powerful testimony! – and how she went on from that point to speak boldly, and finally hold a study of the New Testament with about 7 of the rabbinical students…and how their lives were touched.  I was listening closely, so stirred…but then she said ‘By the time I graduated from Queens College,  a group of 15 of us believers were walking the campus daily, entering each building, and claiming each Jewish student for The Lord Jesus!’  LIGHTENING went through me and I felt The Lord say to me ‘Do you see her?  She prayed for YOU!’…and I began to weep, as this woman who was my sister’s twin, stood before me here in Israel…having traveled here with 8 other women as a gift to the weary body in Israel at their own expense!  She came for ME!  He sent her for ME!  ‘CAN THESE DRY BONES LIVE?’ …’AH LORD, YOU KNOW!’…I was suddenly able to put many words to my prayers that first night and stayed there on my knees for a long time.  Making my way to my room, I though about what had happened, as well as all of the other things that she shared, and then read my Bible before Him until I fell into a deep sleep.  Through the night the storm raged and I was wakened several times by huge blasts of wind hitting the windows with great force.  I looked out the window and could see the waves, foamy, mountainous, crashing up over the highway…and each time I awoke I praised Him for the deep Peace within my heart.  And I went to sleep again. 
In the morning I felt clean.  I felt quiet.  I felt alive.  ‘Yes…THESE DRY BONES CAN LIVE!’
I read.  I prayed.  There were huge hail stones hitting the window.  I did so want to walk a bit on the beach while I was here, but did not want to get soaked.  I told The Lord.  At 20 to 9am, the sun cam out!  I ran to the beach and ran along the shore singing in The Spirit and praising The Lord with a freedom that I have not felt in so long.  Full of renewed freedom, I was in the meeting by 9am.  What did HE do in me?  I don’t know.  He BREATHED and I lived.  And I LOVED this woman!  Actually, I realized that I love everyone in the room!  “Lord.  My emotions concerning what this woman said are too big, so I do NOT want to talk to her and just drain her. If YOU want me to share with her how her life influenced me…please have her approach me”.  So many women were pressing around her waiting to talk to her and pray with her. 
The morning meeting was full with about 100 Israeli women present from around the country.  I opened my Bible to read and pray as I waited for the meeting to begin.  My eyes were closed in prayer when I felt a hand on my back.  She had sat beside me and said, ‘I don’t know what it is, but The Lord loves you so much and wants to bless you and fill you.’  I burst out crying!  I told her how impossible it was for me to be here and how The Lord had propelled me.  Then I told her how I was alive, both physically and spiritually, thanks to her prayers for ME…at Queens College back in 1960!  She looked startled.  We prayed together for quite awhile.  When she got up to speak she said; ‘I received an unexpected gift, a divine appointment.   “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.”  One does not often get to see the fruit of such prayers…but here is ‘bread’!’  She called me up and asked me to share…and then they all prayed for me.
So…how long does it take for open heart surgery?  The space of one Breath from The Lord! 
And I KNOW that so many of you are also part of this…praying for me.  I can not thank The Lord enough.  I can not thank YOU enough either, for your prayers and support.  I feel a new boldness to share Him.  And a new freedom concerning the problems that had become overwhelming;  He is carrying them again.  Thank you, and God bless you.  May we glorify Him and finish the work!  Lovingly, your sis
ani b’derek


Inside Israel – Promised Letter from Last Sunday

“Hi” and welcome to Inside Israel. Last Sunday, I promised to post a letter that J of Jerusalem had received, that encouraged her. So, here we go . . .

MOST ENCOURAGING LETTER (I edited out only the first pp of personal things)

“Date: September 25, 2011 Prayer log from trip to NYC during Durban III

Dear Friends,
What follows is a prayer-log from my journey to NYC … God bless you as we come into the Feast of Trumpets, the Feast of Ingathering, to be a people of the ingathering, a people of the trumpet blast, a people so filled with the Presence of God that others come close to the Living God to hear His Trumpet blast because of His witness within you. Shalom! Shalom!

So … I pray that the things I share in here will bless you in the midst of the chaos of the times we live in. God is deeply and profoundly working, and His Will IS being done! Praise the LORD for His Manifest Presence in our lives!

I went to NYC because God had told me to pray before the UN … to walk around it praying. When I arrived in NYC there was no way to even get near it. The streets were closed for blocks around it. One could get a glimpse of the UN from the side streets, but the police barricades did not allow anybody without a pass to come close. I remembered there was a park with several sculptures near the UN, and I asked several policemen and women how to get to it. They did not want to tell me, but finally, one did, and I went there. From that location I had a good, broad view of the main tower of the UN. It wasn’t the same park I had meant, but this was better than nothing … BUT the LORD had told me to walk around the UN praying, and I wanted to do that. So, I prayed, walking through the park, and wondering what I was to do. The LORD led me to a ramp that went down onto one of the side streets, inside the barricades. I went down it, and the guard did not bother me. I was now able to walk around the UN praying, and I was the only person I saw without an official badge. The LORD made it very clear to me that the Durban III conference would come to nothing: that the true colors of the enemy would surface sufficiently for the conference to lose any credibility, and that is how I prayed. I prayed that the LORD’s WILL would be done in the UN, that the UN would become the United Nations of God, and that the meeting would collapse under the weight of its own evil. I also continuously sang “Am Yisrael Chai” (The People of Israel Live) over all the delegates I saw.

I saw LOTS and LOTS of delegates. They came in motorcades of multiple cars, some of which had their side windows rolled down, and some of which had their back windows rolled down. Snipers were positioned inside those open windows, ready to defend their ambassadors. The cars were all black, with blackened windows, and with sirens. They have NY license plates (wonder who is paying for these people’s protection …) There were snipers positioned on top of the UN. There were policemen who were wearing so much ammunition their shirts were completely covered in ammunition. There were policemen with helmets on. There were lots and lots of policemen, and there were Secret Agents. They stared straight ahead, and looked deadpan serious. They often had ear pieces to communicate with each other. Some policemen escorted motorcades on bicycles, and they rode their bicycles looking in all directions (behind them, to the sides, in front) continuously. Policemen were visually checking for people’s badges at every intersection … not asking people to show their badges, but making sure people were wearing them. Nobody, however, bothered me.

After a while, I felt compelled to go into the Church of the United Nations. You are not allowed into this building without a badge, but they allowed me in to go to both the bathroom and the chapel. Praise God on both counts! In the chapel I met a few other people (from various nations) who were praying for Israel. We became friends. Then, I went back out onto the street, and got back in front of the UN, and kept praying. Eventually, I left, and walked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and prayed a bit there, and went to join my friend at Times Square Church.

At Times Square Church, they prayed for Israel A LOT, and sang many songs about the Trumpet’s Last Blast. They even sang a Paul Wilbur song, “Blow the Trumpet in Zion.” And they baptized 60 people … pretty special.
I felt, at the end of the day, like I had fought hard for the LORD, and I expected to see dramatic results.

The next day, at the rally, there were about 2,000 people present. It was a lot different than praying individually, because this was more of a celebration. Over 40 churches were involved in organizing this event, and people kept shouting “NOT ON OUR WATCH!” They were committing to support Israel regardless of the cost, and there was great zeal in the crowd. They proclaimed themselves the TRUMPETS of God’s alarm and declared their demands: the nations/people groups must respect Israel. Robert Sterns, an evangelical Christian, one of the main organizers, kept saying that we are the shofars. He encouraged people to not just blow the shofars, but to BECOME the shofars of God. The man in front of me was a Palestinian believer. He was blowing the shofar again and again for Israel. His t-shirt declared His commitment. (see photo) The Bible calls that land the land of Israel, he told me, and never calls it the land of Palestine.

After the event, I was a bit tired, and went back to the park from the day before to rest in the LORD. As I sat and meditated on God’s Presence, I had my Israeli flag with me, and a young woman came up to me to talk. She was from Israel. In a bit, two other people came over to talk. They were from Israel too. We were the only four people in the park! And so … I shared the Gospel with them, and encouraged them. The LORD had me tell the young woman this: that it cost 6 million Jews to buy Israel back for the Jews, and that they won their first war with match sticks, so what were they frightened of now? If they gave up, those 6 million Jews would have lost their lives for nothing. This was God-breathed, and it really inspired her. She was expressing a defeatist attitude, and this shook her up, and re-kindled her desire to fight. She became very, very excited and encouraged, and she was curious about my belief in Yeshua.

Later, I left that park and went back down the ramp, and continued to walk and pray in front of the UN, carrying my flag. Again, even with the flag, nobody asked me to leave. A black man, dressed elegantly, with dread locks down his back, approached me, and I knew he wanted to start a conversation, and I, at first, tried to avoid it. But then, I remembered that slogan, “NOT ON MY WATCH!” and I engaged in dialogue with him. As I suspected, he supported the Palestinians, but he had the logical mind of a lawyer, which he was, and as I explained things to him, he changed his mind. At the end, he explained to me how grateful he was to have talked with me. He said, “This was an excellent conversation. Thank you!” Praise God! I had become the shofar, just like they had commissioned us at the rally, and had spoken up clearly and pragmatically on the LORD’s behalf, in support of my people, and it had worked. Alleluiah! A policeman warned us we would have to leave or be stuck where we were for sometime. I asked him why, and he said, “Because the President is coming by.” Well, I stayed right where I was to watch and pray. About 15 black cars with flashing lights came by, then, about 50 motorcycles, then another 20 or so cars, and then, two limousines. The President waved at me from one of them. (I was singing, “Am Israel Chai” over all of them.) Then about 20 more cars came, and then an ambulance, and then a few more motorcycles. There were also helicopters overhead. Can you imagine living like that?

I went back to the UN to pray, and then, went back into the church, and then went into a park by the UN Catholic church (really, really pretty), and then walked back to where the rally had been. There, I got to talk to Caleb Myers, which was God-breathed, and saw three people actively involved in dialogue, two Christians who were praising God, and a wide-eyed Jewish woman from Russia. When I explained to her that I was a Messianic Jew and explained my relationship with Yeshua, her eyes got even wider. She asked Yeshua to come into her heart, so that she could know Who He Is, and know if she wanted to follow Him. She was excited to do this. She wanted to talk and talk, which we did, and then, we met the next morning to talk as well.

The next morning, after we talked, I went down to the World Trade Center, which is being re-built beautifully, with much love and passion. I prayed I was not looking at an Isaiah 9:10 situation. I prayed, that instead, the buildings would be constructed to God’s Glory. I was both proud, and alerted to the danger of our country’s hubris. May God be our protector, and may we serve Him with all that we do! And may NYC rebuild itself to the Glory of God, and NOT to the glory of mankind. Amen and amen.

I returned to the place of the rally from the day before, and there were multiple rallies in progress. Four different groups were demonstrating about the Middle East: two Iranian groups, and two Jewish groups. One Jewish group was made up of ultra-Chasidic Jews who were shouting that Israel had no right to exist, that it couldn’t exist legally, scripturally (Talmudically actually), until the Messiah came … and so, it should be given to the Palestinians. This was tragic to me. Their faces looked like masks. I actually had to look at some of them a few minutes to make sure they weren’t wearing masks. They would not engage in meaningful discussions, but would simply shout slogans. One Iranian group was rallying for a democratic, secular Iranian government. The man I talked to likes Israel because it is a democracy, and he has Jewish friends and a Jewish son-in-law (or daughter-in-law, I might have gotten that mixed up.) He is a Shiite Muslim who wants his country to be a democracy. The other Iranian group wants the Shah back. The Israeli group was having a mock-circus, because they considered Durban III to be a circus act of clowns, and they had stilt walkers, and unicyclists, and jugglers, etc., and they were all dressed up in clown costumes, singing and dancing … It was quite wild, in general. Israeli and Iranian flags were all mixed up together, and we were talking to each other, discussing our common needs, our differences, and our desires. We were encouraging one another, while the leaders at Durban III were shouting at each other.

I went back to the UN to pray for one last time, and then felt it was time to leave. Yep, it was, for somebody asked for my badge. I left and went into the Catholic church. If you are ever around 44th street, in NYC, between 1st and 2nd Avenues, go and look at it. The artwork is exquisite, and the sculpture of the Risen Savior took my breath away. I just sat on one of the pews and basked in the Glory of Yeshua’s Resurrection. Then, I went back to my friend’s house to watch the Republican debates.

My friends, this is a perilous time we live in, but it is a good time. It is a time we are called to say, “NOT ON MY WATCH!” and to STAND for Israel and for what is right. There are so many people out there who genuinely care and want to do something good, and in the midst of all the chaos, they can be reached. And there are those who are aching to hear the Gospel, and God/Yeshua wants to reach all of them. It is His heart-felt cry that not one should perish, and people are hungry to know truth.

Durban III did collapse under the weight of its own evil. The issue, of course, with Ammas, and the Palestinians, is much more serious, and requires on-going, in-depth prayer, but we are on the winning side. Whatever it costs, we win. Let’s not give up. Let’s not grow weary. Let’s not just “wait for the rapture,” and let the world “go to hell.” Rather, let’s use every breath and step and word that we have to bless the LORD by encouraging people to trust Him and to love Him and to know Him, and, in the midst of the sorrow, let’s keep on rejoicing and resting and praying. He is coming soon! Whenever that will be, He is coming soon!
Shalom! Shalom!”

ani b’derek

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In The Shelter Of

“When we had put to sea from there, we sailed under the shelter of Cyprus, because the winds were contrary.” Acts 27:4

A good shelter must be large enough to cover us and stronger than what we seek shelter from.

Lord, we thank You for being our Shelter and Tower of Refuge – big enough to cover all Your children and stronger than any adversity that we might face. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Port of Salvation

Waves of doubt overwhelm us
the sea is far too vast

yet we’ve set sail and our ship
is speeding forward fast.

How can we reach our destination
who could possibly survive

without the salvation of our Jesus
and the shelter He provides.

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