“You Open Your Hand”

“The LORD upholds all who fall,
And raises up all those who are
bowed down.
The eyes of all look expectantly to
And You give them their food in
due season.
You open Your hand
And satisfy the desire of every living
thing.”    Psalm 145:14-16

When I’m typing at the computer and Aubrey is close by, she reaches her hand out for me to touch with mine, desiring to stay connected.

Lord, we thank You for Your open hand policy with us.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Palms of Grace



His open hand upholds us
whenever we do fall
and is sure to lift us when
we’re weighed down by it all.

Our eyes look expectantly
to His blood streaked face
our desires satisfied by His
pierced palms of salvation grace.


  1. This is so beautiful, Sis Deb! His hands are Big, Open–and never empty. We don’t have to take “just a little”–He always has MORE for us. And truly, those Hands uphold us, and pull us closer and closer against Him. God bless your Marvelous Monday–love, sis Caddo (wow, it feels good to write that again!)

  2. I’m glad there is an open hand beckoning me to come, to hold His, to follow, to lean.

  3. Really powerful imagery to ponder, Debbie. The hands outstretched holding scars of his suffering, reminding us that he understands pain. Just beautiful. Love the image of your daughter reaching out for connection too. Needed these words tonight – thank you dear Debbie!

  4. Deb, this is wonderful – i love picturing you and Aub touching hands while you are typing. I have been writing just this morning for the next SoS Saturday, and it is about the Lord’s left and right hand, so when i saw the hand, i knew we were on the same page today.

  5. I agree with Ben. You and Aubrey set the stage for a wonderful reminder to all of us.

  6. “our desires satisfied by His pierced palms of salvation grace.”

    AMEN! I can add nothing…. Thanks Deb

  7. Beautiful, Deb… I’m so thankful for His open palms…

    our desires satisfied by His
    pierced palms of salvation grace.

    That is so powerful, and you know it makes me think of a song…

    Much love to you Deb!


  8. Beautiful… thank You Jesus.

    And thank you Deb for being His ambassador!

  9. you have so much talent Debbie

  10. Reblogged this on My Delight and My Counsellors.

  11. “…When I’m typing at the computer and Aubrey is close by, she reaches her hand out for me to touch with mine, desiring to stay connected…”

    I’m not wearing my John Wayne Stetson hat today. So, this really touched me. Thanks for sharing such an intimate picture for all of us to see.

    You’ve scored a Minnesota Wild hat-trick on this one. So, light up a Red Auerbach stogy, lean back, and enjoy yourself. Okay. Okay. You were wise to hold Aub out of the Derby with the muddy track and all. But now, the Preakness is coming up on us in twelve days and she will be the Princess of Pimlico and the Baroness of Baltimore when she trots onto the track. Go Aub!

  12. Love, love, love this. It is just beautiful and makes me feel all warm and cozy. Thank you for sending His peace to me today. ~ Blessings ~

  13. what do you say that can express gratitude to a magnificent Savior who never shrinked away nor forsakes his purpose which is to bring us all Home? Obeying is my best gratitude ~ I love you Deb.

  14. Thanks for sharing, Dearest Deb 🙂

    “When I’m typing at the computer and Aubrey is close by, she reaches her hand out for me to touch with mine, desiring to stay connected.”
    So beautiful 🙂

    As I read your post, I felt like I wanted to fall back on my Papa. That triggered a memory… Here’s Amy Grant with Open Arms. Her Lyrics and soulful voice will deliver what I feel but could not articulate 🙂

    “Guess I’ve got a lot of learning to do
    About the way that You love.
    If it had been left up to me,
    I’d given up a long time ago.
    But You’ve got a way of wooing me,
    Tender and true,
    And though I don’t deserve it,
    I’m falling into Your

    Open arms.
    Your love has taken hold,
    And I can’t fight it;
    I’m giving in to Your
    Open arms.
    They pull me to You;
    They wrap Your love around me;
    I’ll rest in Your open arms.”


  15. Thanks so much for this today … God has given you a beautiful gift of bring His truth to those who read … Please keep going!

  16. How lovely that your daughter reaches out to establish that connection – and what a delight to remember that I can reach out to my Saviour in just the same way!

  17. It feels good to READ that again too! And the rest of your comment! I loved that “He always has more for us”. Yay Jesus! Love you and God bless you, Sis Caddo Delight!

  18. I am glad too , Pastor Bill, for His hand that welcomes, that gives, that holds! Thank you and God bless you!

  19. You are so sweet, Ali . ..I know that God loves to touch you and bless you and stay connected to you! God bless you and yours!

  20. yay! I like being on the same page instead of way out in left field! 🙂 Thank you and God bless you, Mr. Ben, and the special way you teach us!

  21. God uses her in my life so much, Tammy. Sometimes I forget to pay attention or see it the right way, but He never forgets to be faithful to us. Thank you and God bless you .. .with extra vitamin D. 🙂

  22. Thank you, Pastor Rob, and God bless you as He holds His hand out to you today!

  23. I love it when something makes you think of a song, dear Cheryl!! Thank you and God bless you as He gives you every good thing! Love and prayers!

  24. God bless you, Teach, and all the ways He opens His hands to you today!! Thank you for encouraging me!

  25. God bless you, dear Terry, and keep you today, covered with His hand.

  26. Thank you and God bless you!

  27. 🙂 You would love to see her, reaching back , wiggling her little fingers .. just needing me to touch her.

    Okay, we’ll talk to Julie tomorrow about riding tips for the Preakness! 🙂 Thank you so much, Mr. Larry, and God bless you and yours . ..and those little girls!

  28. I’m so blessed to get to send you His peace today! 🙂 Thank you and God bless you as you keep your pen ready to write for Him!

  29. You are beautifully obedient, sweet Debbie! A sweet perfume! Love you too, and God bless you as He keeps you in His hands today!

  30. Dear Ann full of grace and song . .thank you for those perfect lyrics, that beautiful song. God bless you as you fall into His arms today! He’s got you, forever and ever!

  31. Thank you, Heidi, for encouraging me and God bless you muchly!! Even if I have to stop blogging, I know that He is sending others to keep the truth flowing! Sweet saints like you!

  32. I am loving thinking about you reaching out to Jesus just like Aub does to me. I want to do that too, more and more and more! Thank you, Melody, and God bless you bunches!

  33. Wow Debbie! God sure was working through you when He gave you those words – wonderfully expressed!

    I am soooooooo thankful that His hand is always outstretched and open, ready to take hold and lift me and enable me to soar on as if on eagle’s wings – all part of His abundant blessings “our desires satisfied by His pierced palms of salvation grace”

    PS I am also thankful that His hands are closed about me: closed so tightly that no one is able to pluck me from His hands. Only God could do both!

  34. Thank you for showing us how He closes His hands around us too! That was good, Mentor Angela! Thank you and God bless you!

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