Cause Me To Know

“Cause me to hear Your
lovingkindness in the morning,
For in You do I trust;
Cause me to know the way in
which I should walk,
For I lift up my soul to You.”  Psalm 143:8

I am noting that David doesn’t say “cause me to see You, Lord”, in this portion of scripture.

Lord, please help me to exercise my faith – to hear You and know You even when I’m not seeing what I want to see.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Relying On Him

Cause me to hear You
when I can’t see

cause me to know the way
You have for me

let me not rely
only on sight

but trust in You
my Lord, my Delight.


  1. Oh this is 5-Star, Sis–really touches my heart for Him. God bless you–mega-bless you–as you work for Him today. llove, sis C

  2. Beautiful piece,thank you for sharing! God Bless 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Debbie. Simply beautiful. If only we are able to grasp in the times when we can’t understand or see what God is doing, to be able to hear his comforting voice as he brings about changes for our good in our lives. it is this kind of faith that brings us through to eternal change that affects the lives of others. Cause me to hear, Lord, cause me to hear.


  4. Walking by faith and not by sight – i am trying to learn this for sure – Your poem is my prayer today! Thanks for putting it so well. You really are very good at this – thank you for sharing your gift – drawing out and putting this heart cry’s down were we can reach them.

  5. “I am noting that David doesn’t say “cause me to see You, Lord”

    Amen, Debbie.

    People say, “show me and I’ll believe.”

    God says, “believe and I’ll show you.”

  6. “I am noting that David doesn’t say “cause me to see You, Lord”, in this portion of scripture…. Lord, please help me to exercise my faith – to hear You and know You even when I’m not seeing what I want to see.”

    – WONDERFUL! I can’t put into words the truthfulness of those words and the blessing that they are to me!

    Thank you Deb. Lord bless.

  7. we need to say this every day

  8. This is so reassuring and comforting. Just what my heart needed to hear. God Bless YOU Deb ~

  9. This whole chapter is a marvelous prayer of David. It is an urgent appeal for help. David had no inhibitions…and he opened his heart to God. He appeals to the faithfulness and righteousness of God for an answer.

    All the letters to the churches in Revelation ends with….”He that hath an ear….let him hear…”. We all need the blood-tipped ears to hear. Only the Spirit of God can make the Word of God real to us.

  10. Reblogged this on My Delight and My Counsellors.

  11. Walk by faith, not by sight, AMEN! God bless you Deb! 😀

  12. You never cease to amaze me, Deb! You write such deep, rich treasure in such few words! “Let me not rely only on sight”… And this is my prayer, too!!! God bless you sweetly today!

  13. Oh Deb, I needed this today.

    I was expecting to hear a specific word of instruction today, but the message I was given was “You will have your answer eventually.” I had two possible courses of action. I was going to choose which one that I was going to take based on the message I got today.

    One course was to put out my flyers for my business and get started. The other was to start packing and find a new place to live, and “once settled” go ahead and put out my flyers and get started on my business. But the answer was that there are more people to contact and more waiting before we will know if we will be moving.

    Could I have overlooked a third possibility that was being whispered…that I just did not hear? Maybe I should just get started with the business and if find out later that I must move then just move and tell everyone that my business has been either closed or moved to a new location.

    I was hoping for something more clear. I was hoping to be settled one way or another, but settled either way. Settled is the way I like things to be.

    Pray for me. I have thinking and praying to do tonight.


  14. I have been meditating on what it means to delight in Him… He not only causes us to delight, but He IS our delight… thank for this beautiful and very timely reminder to our hearts, dear friend 🙂

  15. Whenever I could, I used to listen to Larry Burkett on Christian radio. On one program, he told about one of his prayers just after his salvation: “Lord, I desire to follow You in every part of my life. Make Yourself plainly known to me so I will understand what You want.”

    “Cause me to hear You…” What great words for all of us. Thanks. Another 300 game today. Keep it up. I pray Aub is doing well and is back to her old self because you know, the “Run for the Roses” is Saturday. My money is on her, okay?

  16. BEAUTIFUL and soothing for my soul, thank you dear friend ~ God has saved you for a wise purpose sister.

  17. What a tiny little delight this piece is! Ah, to hear Him well, in every place I go…

  18. I love how you hear Him and get those nudges about what to do and where to go. 🙂 Thank you for your prayers and blessings. Love you and God bless you, Sis C!

  19. God bless you and all the ways you are walking with Him today!

  20. So good to see you , Patricia and your comment blessed me. “It is this kind of faith that brings us through to eternal change that affects the lives of others.” Wow . .that is certainly the kind of faith I want! God bless you as you hear Him and obey today!! Thank you!

  21. I love to ‘see’ God, Mr. Ben, in all those little things that happen. But when I can’t , hearing Him and knowing Him are definitely what I need. Thank you and God bless you!

  22. Wonderful comment and truth, Roger! Thanks so much and God bless you as you believe today!

  23. I’m so glad this blessed you, Pastor Rob! Sometimes if we only looked , without hearing what He was saying or knowing that He was at work yet . .it would get discouraging. 🙂 Thank you and God bless you as He speaks encouragement to you today!

  24. Well, I sure do, Terry and I’m praying it for you too! God bless you and cause you to know Him even more during this most difficult time.

  25. Thankful for His assurances when we just don’t see them, Deborah! God bless you bunches and the comfort of your poems!

  26. Wonderful comment Ike! (I tell ya, you need to start a blog! 🙂 ) Thank you for showing us that only His Spirit can make His Word real to us. God bless you as you hear Him and know Him today!

  27. Thank you and God bless you as you reblog!

  28. God bless you as you walk out in faith today, Teach! Thank you for blessing us!

  29. Thank you for those blessings, dear Ali! And God bless you more and more as you faithfully follow Him each day!

  30. I have been thinking of you too, dear Theresa and praying with you. I also wouldn’t have considered this option . .but am trusting God that as you step out and start that business, He will reveal to you the why’s of it all. Love you and God bless you and show you much favor today!

  31. Heidi .. thank you for sharing about how He IS our delight! That just really blessed me today. No need to look around . .just delight in Him. God bless you and your close walk with Jesus!

  32. Larry Burkett’s prayer is such a good one .. thank you for sharing that!! And God bless you, Mr. Larry, as He makes Himself plainly known to you as well!!!
    Oh, thank you for reminding us about Saturday. We will see what we can do! 🙂

  33. God bless you and the comfort He sends us through you! Thank you, Debbie!!

  34. I think I need some ear wax removed at times, Melody! 🙂 God bless you as you keep listening and hearing Him today!

  35. 😉

  36. Emotions, imagination and ideas ! absolutely beautiful.Have nice day my dear friend

  37. Thank you and God bless you too, with a beautiful Sunday!!

  38. This should be the prayer of every blood-bought, adopted child of the living God – very simple words, but they spell total commitment, and that is exactly what the Lord requires.
    Thank you again Debbie.

  39. Beautiful, Debbie

  40. No sooner do I write these kind of things, than He gives me a chance to DO it, to live it out. 🙂 Thank you and God bless you, mentor Angela, and your commitment to Him!

  41. Thank you! 🙂 Praying that God is blessing you and your beautiful family!

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