The Plowers

“Many a time they have afflicted me
from my youth;
Yet they have not prevailed against
The plowers plowed on my back;
They made their furrows long.”
Psalm 129:2-3

The farmers here have begun making long furrows.

Lord, help us trust our deep afflicted places to you, that You may plant good in them.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

He Prevails

From our youth
they have afflicted

yet somehow
they have failed

though pushed down
and plowed long

His will for us


  1. How assuring your last sentence is …His will for us prevails … Yes, we can trust that 🙂 Thanks for pointing us to the Lord, Deb

  2. Oh wow: “Lord, help us trust our deep afflicted places to you, that You may plant good in them.” This is powerful to know our God will plant seeds and grow beauty out of these deep furrows!! This is one of the BEST images of hope and faith I have ever “seen”. Thank you!!

  3. One of the promises I have found to be the most precious during the course of my lifetime has been…

    “All things work together for good to them that love the Lord, to them who are the called according to His purpose”….

    What a wonderful Lord who has given us such a precious promise. Lord bless you Deb.

  4. Dearest Deb!!!!

    This is so beautiful! 🙂

    When I’ve had to live with furrows, my main prayer was for Papa to heal them and seal them shut even. I never thought of the possibility that He may have wanted to “plant good in them.” What a lesson!!!!

    “Lord, help us trust our deep afflicted places to you, that You may plant good in them. ”
    Amen. So help me God.

    I’m thinking of the stripes Jesus endured for our good. Can’t begin to imagine how that must have felt, yet He endured … for our sake.

    Thanks for sharing, Deb.


  5. Debbie, I have linked to your blog in my latest post. This post is very fine! God bless you!

  6. Amen, Deb!

  7. This is a picture of Israel burned but not consumed….the burning bush seen by Moses is the emblem of the miraculous preservation of God’s people. What a picture we have here!

    BTW….an earlier comment mentions the “stripes” Jesus endured….and I agree. I grew up in a very good church… but no one ever told me the true meaning of the cross. Christ satisfied divine justice not merely by enduring the affliction of men… but by enduring and dying under the wrath of God. It takes more than crosses.. nails.. crowns of thorns.. and lances.. to pay for sin. The believer is saved.. not merely because of what men did to Christ on the Cross.. but because of what God did to Him – He crushed Him under the full force of His wrath against us. Rarely is this truth made clear enough in the abundance of all our Gospel preaching!

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  9. Perfect timing for this poem as the farmers in Illinois are itching to be in the fields, driving Cat tractors and Cat-powered tractors…and probably a few John Deere tractors, too. Although I would not like furrows on my back, I did like the smell of diesel fumes out in the middle of a field. It’s tough to take the farm out of a farm boy!

    A 10 again. No brownies for you guys, huh? Oh well, maybe vanilla ice cream will suffice for Aub.

  10. His will is my greatest consolation !

  11. His will for us prevails…Amen. What a promise!

  12. Debbie, I echo Tom Raine’s comment! In the wounds of lashing on the Lord’s back and front we have been sown as His offspring of the second Adam.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  13. Thank you, dear Heidi and God bless you and His desire for you!

  14. Trusting in His good to us and ability to grow good from harsh conditions, Tom! God bless you and thank you for looking to Him so faithfully! You bless us!

  15. I think of that verse often too, Pastor Rob. It’s the perfect one to remember when things just don’t make sense to us . ..when we struggle to see the good in a situation. Thank you and God bless you!

  16. Oh Ann full of grace and song! Thank you for taking this further, for thinking of the stripes that Jesus endured for our good. God bless you, dear lady, as you trust Him more and more! So good to see you pop in!

  17. Thank you, Maria , for linking to me! You are so kind and I’m loving your poetry and your faithfulness to study and explore. God bless you!

  18. God bless you, poet friend, and send you something good today!

  19. Thank you, Ike, for another great comment that shares about those stripes of Jesus. God bless you as you continue to shine His light and life!

  20. Thank you so very much and God bless you muchly!

  21. Thank you, Mr. Larry, for encouraging us and being you!!! God bless you as you keep some of that farm boy with you wherever you go.
    I will tell you what Aub likes. Ready? She likes butter on little chocolate donuts. Can you say ‘heart attack?’ haha!

  22. And you are His delight, Debbie! Love you and God bless you!

  23. I’m holding on to it with you tonight, Patricia! God bless you and that Teddy cat!

  24. Beautiful insight and comment, wise Wendy! Thank you so much for being here and helping me! God bless you and all the good He has sown for you!

  25. There is so much here in this posts and all of the comments. Thank you so much for sharing it, Deb.


  26. Hi Deb, glad to see that you are still doing a great job with your posts. May the Lord bless you for your dedication and words of wisdom. Mike.

  27. I love the idea of planting good.

  28. The boat may rock but even the storm and the wind obey the one who rows the boat…

    Your poem is as beautiful as always Deb 🙂

  29. Friend I just nominated you for 3 awards, check my blog. Faithfully Deborah

  30. Thank you for blessing me and encouraging me, wonderful woman of the Word! Love you and God bless you and yours as He plants good for you!

  31. So blessed to “see” you, Mike! Thank you for your faithfulness to write like you do. God bless you!

  32. I didn’t think of it at the time, Tammy, but that is right down your alley . .or row! God bless you!

  33. Selah, I loved this comment! Thank you for comforting us . .God bless you bunches!

  34. >> “From our youth they have afflicted”
    I can look back on some very deep furrows – furrows which just got deeper and deeper without producing anything good.

    >> “though pushed down and plowed long His will for us prevails”
    Praise God I can look back and see when my amazing God intervened and changed the whole scene.
    Praise God that HIS furrows are well sown and cultivated and bring forth fruit!

    What an incredibly amazing God who accepts us as we are and CHANGES us for His own glory!

  35. I love how you showed His furrows .. .well sown and cultivated and bringing forth fruit, mentor Angela! Praising Him with you and God bless you as you glorify Him today!

  36. […] The Plowers […]

  37. Thank you, Pastor B, for posting this on Broken Believers. God bless you!

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