Looking To The Lord

“Behold, as the eyes of servants look
to the hand of their masters . . .
So our eyes look to the LORD our
Until He has mercy on us.”  Psalm 123:2

Have you ever observed a devoted dog with its owner, how they watch their master’s every move?

Lord, there is no where else to look, but to You.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Your Mercy



Because of Your mercy
You came for us

suffered and died
upon a cross.

Because of Your mercy
You rose again

so we can live
without end.



  1. When our eyes are on Him they can be no where else or on no one else.

  2. Hallelujah! When I read these words Sis Deb, a song arose in my spirit!

    Because of Your mercy
    You rose again

    so we can live
    without end.

    He is risen! Hallelujah!

  3. Good morning and thank you.

    Your website is an inspiration and an encourager for me.

    The mercy of God is indescribable. I am reminded of a passage in Exodus, where God is talking to Moses and Moses asks to see his glory. God is not angry at Moses. He doesn’t put him down for making such a request. Instead he tells Moses, I” will make my goodness pass before you and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before you.” And God does it and He proclaimed, “The LORD, The LORD God, merciful and gracious, long suffering and abundance in goodness and truth.

    I had never seen the fact that the LORD proclaimed his own goodness as He passed before Moses, and it was an eye opener for me. God is the LORD and even He cannot deny that He is merciful. There is no shadow within him.

    I live as an expatriate on the European Continent. It is refreshing to wake up every morning and read the word given to you and your poetry glorifying God. I don’t always leave a message but rest assured you are in my prayers, and I follow you. I am looking at your walk with the LORD, and there is a big smile on my face, because I have met a fellow traveler.

    Be blessed today and as you celebrate the death and resurrection of our LORD Jesus Christ, continue to proclaim from your heart, “Jesus is the LORD. He is merciful and gracious, long suffering and abundant in goodness and truth, Jesus is the LORD.

    Love you, Debbie.


  4. What a wonderful reminder of the Lord and His gracious works on our behalf. May we all take this posting and meditate upon it as we enter into the Easter weekend. Lord bless you Deb.

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  6. thank you Debbie for sharing with me today

  7. One word AMEN!

  8. Yes! His mercy makes us free indeed. Thanks for sharing Debbie

  9. Your poem reminded me that God couldn’t save us by “love”. We’re lost sinners…and God still loves us…but the love of God can’t bring us into heaven. God had to provide a salvation…and He paid the penalty for our sins. Now a God of love can reach out His hands to a lost world and say…”If you will believe in My Son…because He died for you…I can save you.” Thankyou for reminding me that God saves us by His grace and mercy:-)

  10. Oops…..I just mean’t to leave the link. I’m sorry.

  11. Wow! Double wow!

    God bless you today as you wow the Lord in numerous ways just because you are you.

  12. I am so glad God placed a cherabim at the Garden and the tree of Life…I could not imagine us living eternally in our sin…
    His freedom from sin and death is indeed the Victory !
    Blessings dear friend~ a very blessed Easter to you and your precious family

  13. How can anyone live–not just exist but LIVE a mortal life without the Hope of more than here and believe you’re finished !

  14. Amen, Pastor Bill! I need them there on Him, all the time. Thank you and God bless you and yours!

  15. Love your excitement and joy because He has risen!! 🙂 Thank you for the great song to go with this post too .. .love you and God bless you and yours, always!

  16. Thank you, dear Patricia, for such a wonderful comment. I am hushed thinking about how God responded to Moses . .how He proclaimed His mercy. Your Walk On series is so very special, teaching and leading, at the same time inspiring and strengthening us. I know it’s His will for you!
    love and prayers for a beautiful Easter! God bless you!

  17. Thank you and God bless you and yours this Easter, Pastor Rob!

  18. Thank you for reblogging! God bless you!

  19. God bless you and Al, and your family, this Easter, Terry!

  20. 🙂 That’s a good word, Desiray! Thank you and God bless you as you celebrate the risen Lord!

  21. God bless you, dear Emerald, as you worship Him today!

  22. Wow, Ike . .I love what you shared, and really hadn’t thought it out like you did, when I wrote this. More evidence of God at work! 🙂
    The song is perfect with this . ..thank you!! God bless you and yours, as you look to Him and receive all He wants to give you!

  23. No need to be sorry, Ike! This is even better than just a link! 🙂

  24. You make me smile , Mr. Larry. I think He wows me much more than I do Him. haha! God bless you as you move and set up again . .wowing God at your obedience to do so!

  25. I love the hope and mercy He gives us , to be free of sin and the death it brings. Thank you for blessing us . . .God bless you and your precious family during Easter and always!

  26. Good question, sweet Debbie! I sure wasn’t able to! God bless you as look to Him and are not disappointed!

  27. Debbie, you’ve brought me to a quiet thoughtful place again – thank you! With tears of undeserved joy I am so glad that He “came for us” and will come again – to bring us home!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  28. I am thankful and tearful with you, Wendy! God bless you and yours as you keep your eyes turned to Him!

  29. Tears for me, too– tears of deep gratitude from a humble heart, and tears of immense joy welling inside me!! So thankful for His love and saving grace! And thankful for the beautiful way you always point to Him. Thank you, sincerely, for sharing your gift with us!!!

  30. thank you for sharing the poem ..happy easter Deb!

  31. You are so gracious, filled with Jesus , Ali! Thank you and God bless you and your grateful heart!

  32. Happy Easter to you too, sweet flora! God bless you muchly!

  33. I like the illustration of a devoted dog looking at his master. I think of a young baby, completely helpless of himself, but looking into his mother’s eyes with complete confidence, with no doubt that she will fix the problem. I have to think that memories of “talking” with my young babies are the choicest of all memories and a constant reminder of my relationship with my Father God. I am helpless, but looking to Him brings confidence.

    What an incredibly amazing God!

  34. A young baby looking into his mother’s eyes is a great reminder of our relationship with Father God indeed, Mentor Angela! Thank you for helping us to always look to Him! God bless you and yours!

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  36. Thank you for sharing your site! God bless you!

  37. I am so thankful for the Lord’s mercy, Deb. Thank you for this beautiful post.


  38. Love you and God bless you, Theresa! I am counting on His mercy everyday!

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