“Your people shall be volunteers
In the day of Your power . . .”  Psalm 110:3

The CycleGuy honored volunteers recently.

Lord, help us not get sucked into the mentality that we need to be paid for everything we do.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

In The Day

In the day of My power
you’ll see My Holiness
how much you’re forgiven
as you wear My robes of righteousness.

In the day of My power
My people shall be volunteers
who serve because they love Me
more than their careers.



  1. Let it be so on to me as well, to love HIM more than my career! Amen

    Bless you Debbie 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout out Deb. Volunteers are the life blood of any church or organization. And you are right: May we not get sucked into that mentality of having to get paid all the time.

  3. Amen

  4. Good exhortation Deb – thank you!

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  6. Great principle for all of us to think about…. We all should be willing to share our God-given talents with those in need, free of charge. We have received them from God without price, therefore we should share them freely as well.

  7. Amen

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  9. Amen and amen.

  10. Very well said . . . our time spent helping other’s should be a priority free of charge, full of love, and big in mercy and grace. ~ Amen and God Bless ~

  11. This encourages me. I see so much on facebook about people’s hard earned dollars belonging to themselves and very little about giving. Actually I see a lot that is sent out to shame those who get some form of assistance. Unfortunately these things are passed along by Christians. The message in this post needs to be read by many.


  12. WOW, do I love this one, Sis Deb!! Yay, for volunteers everywhere–I’ve never understood the philosophy/concept that people should receive payment for everything they do, and I wondered if I was missing an essential brain chip. I do like the barter system, though; but most of all, I thrive on the inner heart-satisfaction I receive when I do/give something that the Lord has put in my hands to serve with. The joy of giving to someone who can’t give back–is in line with Jesus giving to those who had nothing to give Him (which is all of us, even the rich Pharisees–who were spiritually poverty-stricken). Joseph Prince was teaching about this yesterday–that giving ALL to sinners, is what delights Jesus, and brings JOY to Him, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Why wouldn’t I want to get in on some of that?!! God bless your Monday-Monday–love you, sis Caddo

  13. Bingo! In a few words, you’ve summed up hundreds of books on the subject. Thanks.

    Great poem. When I attended school just down the road from you, this would be the time of year, we’d all rush to wear shorts and t-shirts, hoping for spring weather. Of course, we’d all catch colds and bronchitis and nearly die. But after all, we were dumb college kids, what did we know? Tell Aub to dress up warm…it’s not Spring yet.

  14. 1John 3:17….”But whoever has the world’s goods, and sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him”?

  15. When Christ is our most precious Treasure…….giving and volunteering come natural.

    BTW…..Larry always makes me laugh:-)

  16. It’s a little easier for me to pray that .. .I HAVE no career. haha! God bless you and thank you , beautiful FK!

  17. I apologize for not linking up , Pastor Bill. I’ve done it before, but last night I just couldn’t figure it out. Needed a volunteer to pop over and give me a hand. 🙂 God bless you and your flock of volunteers that love God.

  18. God bless you and all you do to help others, Mr. Ben!

  19. Thank you and God bless you MDMC!

  20. Thank you for putting it more fully into words, Pastor Rob. It makes it clearer! God bless you and all the work you do , voluntarily!

  21. Thank you for encouraging us, Vicki, and God bless you!

  22. Thanks for the reblog too! 🙂

  23. God bless you, sweet Cheryl, as you serve Him today! Praying for you healing and health.

  24. “Helping other’s should be a priority, free of charge”. . . Thank you, dear Deborah and praying that with you, to help that full of love way. 🙂 God bless you!

  25. Thank you, woman of the Word, for reminding us how that really looks and sounds, when we talk about OUR hard earned dollars. Praying for us to be mindful of each other . ..and not afraid to volunteer. Love you and God bless you throughout this week!

  26. Thanks Ike! That was a wonderful scripture to put with Theresa’s comment! 🙂

  27. I love your heart that just wants to give and do, whenever He shows you who and where! Smiling at the “why wouldn’t I want to get in on some of that?” haha! You are so in! Love you and God bless you and all you do this Monday- Monday!

  28. 🙂 Thanks , Mr. Larry, for your encouragement! And God bless you as you help others, just because you want to!
    I’ve seen some shorts out . ..last month even. haha! And flip flops too. Aub swang without her coat on yesterday, but today is another matter.

  29. Exactly. We can volunteer corporately by raising our hand at an event where volunteers are asked to sign up, and that is a good thing. But we can also keep our eyes open and do acts of kindness. We can be generous with our hospitality cheerfully receiving company…may it be relatives, neighbors or even our children’s friends, feeding them, lodging them, listening to them tell you about their problems, cook for them make them laugh and feel wanted…at home. 🙂

  30. I love that, Ike . ..it just comes naturally when we have Jesus! God bless you as you do what He asks you to today!
    Larry makes me laugh too!! It’s his volunteer job!

  31. God Bless you Deb. You are such a cheerful giver…a true blessing!


  32. Hmmm. We are living in an age of entitlement – the generations before us had a huge volunteer spirit, and it doesn’t seem to have rubbed of on us. Interesting way to think of ministry, Debbie…

  33. That is such a good point , Melody, about being in the age of entitlement. Thank you for your help here, always, and God bless you!

  34. I love to volunteer,to do so freely~ what a wonderful encouragement that it is the right thing to do 🙂

  35. words of wisdom !

  36. YOU are a wonderful encouragement, in all you do, faith filled fisherlady! So good to see you . ..I had been thinking of you. Will stop by for a ‘visit’. 🙂 God bless you and your beautiful family!

  37. Thank you for shining His light here, voluntarily! 🙂 God bless you more and more!

  38. Thank you for sharing your gift here. I know God blesses you as you volunteer to be His mouthpiece every day, sharing His blessings with us.
    What a privilege it is to be in the service of the King of kings. No other service could pay such dividends!

  39. Oh thank you, mentor Angela .. I didn’t even think about this blogging thing as being a volunteer. haha! God bless you in all the ways you serve and don’t even realize you are!

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