This Is Your Hand

“Help me, O LORD my God!
Oh save me according to Your
That they may know that this is
  Your hand –
You, LORD, have done it!”  Psalm 109: 26-27

I no longer think in terms of coincidence and luck.

Lord, thank You for what only Your hand can do in our lives.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

It’s What I Do

Where You are weakest
I am strong

and it won’t take
very long

for others looking
at your life to see

that it only works
because of Me.



  1. That is SO true, Sis Deb–the only way it works, is to have God steering the bus! (ship, plane, red wagon) I’m so glad and grateful I finally figgered that out!! God bless your rest tonight–and your Fab Friday–much love from your forever sis Caddorino

  2. Deb, You really have me thinking today, pondering this wonderful concept. I love how you have woven this Psalm together with Paul’s weak – strong statements.

    It is great to know how strong we are – failures that we are – because of the mighty hand of the Father!

  3. One of many difficult things I had to lay aside as I grew in knowledge of the Lord is the idea of “luck”. The Bible makes it exceeding plain that the Lord controls ALL things. There is no such thing as “luck”. Thanks for pointing this out to all of us! Lord bless you.

  4. Beautiful!! Ben Nelson used the word “woven” in his comment. It is rather like a woven tapestry, isn’t it? Your poem, life… It all is woven together in a way that leads and points to Him. May God be glorified. Always! God bless you!!

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  6. There is a song that I play when I need to lift myself up it’s called” Praise is What I Do…

  7. “…I no longer think in terms of coincidence and luck…”

    At 39 years of age, I gave my life to Jesus and made an important decision, in that I made up my mind to learn how to trust God in all things. This meant laying down any thoughts about coincidence and luck in my life.

    Well, knock on wood, it’s worked well so far. (A little Friday humor!)

    Great words today and ones I need to hear often. Fridays are good Coney Island hot dog days. A little sauerkraut, lots of raw onions, and plenty of chili with tangy mustard. A few fries, too. Maybe Aub wouldn’t like the whole shebang, but hotdogs are tummy ticklers, you know.

  8. “This is Your hand”….look how the dark clouds glow:)

  9. you’ve brought up a most needed point, understanding that we are often each others mirror and reminders to God’s presence and intimate involvement in life another beautiful post!

  10. This one is a tough one to process, but oh, so true – I love how you boil down things to the simple. We make things so very complicated, don’t we??

  11. I don’t believe in chance or coincidence. One word that does not enter my vocab is luck. Never in God’s economy is there a ghost of a chance (pun intended) for luck or coincidence.

  12. Oh I love you and your comment, about God’s hand doing the steering! Thank you for sharing about His amazing grace the way you do! Love and prayers as you and God write hand in hand. God bless you!

  13. Thank you, Mr. Ben, for weaving those thoughts even further, so we can praise Him all the more! God bless you! And I loved that doctor story you shared at Sis Caddo’s! haha! That was a mean doctor. .. really mean.

  14. It becomes such a cultural thing, to wish each other good luck! Yes, He sure changes our outlook on many things .. .for the better! God bless you and thanks for helping me out here!

  15. So glad this makes sense to you, Ali! I loved Ben’s comment too and often glean more from the comments than my post. haha! God bless you as you glorify Him, and He is seen all over your life!

  16. Thank you, dear MDMC .. .and God bless you as He is strong on your behalf.

  17. I’ve heard that song . .and love it! God bless you as you praise Him today, dear Desiray!

  18. I love how you see His hand on your life, Mr. Larry, and know it’s not just luck or what not! It’s your Father, loving you . ..and moving you.
    Giggling about Coney Island hot dogs. Okay .. are you ready for this? When Aubrey eats hotdogs, I have to cook them on a little inside grill, skin them, and then she dips them in peanut butter. !
    Too much info? haha!

  19. I had to go back and look, Brook! 🙂 Yes, with Him, the dark clouds can glow. You glow too! God bless you!

  20. Praying to stay transparent enough, dear Deborah, so others can see His presence and hand in my life! Thank you for your presence here and God bless you!!

  21. I need simple! 🙂 Your comment is an exact example of His being strong where I am weak .. and making something out of it. God bless you, Melody, as He covers all the weak spots today!

  22. 😀 Love it, Pastor Bill! haha! Thank you for clearing that up for us! God bless you as He keeps His hand upon you!

  23. Tapestry -excellent – now i can see what i was thinking – and it all points to Father! Amen

  24. wait – she dips skinned hotdogs in peanut butter – hmmm – not sure i can go to bed now!

  25. I don’t believe in luck either. Blessed — Yes! And you are blessed with poetic skill, Deb!
    God Bless you!

  26. It is only God! Sometimes I reminisce on my life and realise “It has been God all this while”. Thank God for his merciful and gracious hand. May that Hand be lead you to your breakthrough Debbie.

  27. Are you afraid of nightmares .. .or thinking that it sounds good?? haha!

  28. Yes .. .blessed is the word we use now! 🙂 God bless you more and more, Lady Dei , grandma of preacher Lili!

  29. Oh thank you so much, Emerald. It’s really exciting to think back over our lives and see His hand in it all and know that it is Him leading us into the future too! God bless you bunches!

  30. I will hold on to that mighty truth today – I LOVE having all my weak spots covered! 🙂

  31. I guess the trials that are the hardest show his grace and power the best. People are watching to see how we do in them – hopefully it is Christ’s glory they see and not our flesh. Good words for us to meditate on, Debbie!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  32. Thank you, Wendy, for the grace of your comment, how His grace is shown best in us during the hard times. That really blessed me! God bless you, as He fills you with His wisdom and grace, to comfort and minister to us with!

  33. What a comfort it is to think about this. I am so thankful we can lean on Him.


  34. Yes, without Him I am broken and falling apart (not just because of my age) at the seams. His grace is the glue that keeps me together and I pray it is what other’s see!

  35. Me too, Theresa! My life wouldn’t shouldn’t couldn’t work without Him. 🙂 Love you and God bless your Sunday!

  36. 🙂 I just know that others see Him in you .. .beautiful glue! God bless you, sweet Deborah, and the poems you write!

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