“May my meditation be sweet to
I will be glad in the LORD.”  Psalm 104:34

It can bless us to hear our little ones thinking out loud.

Lord, thank You for transforming us so that we can have thoughts that are pleasing to You.  And here’s a simple poem  .  . .




May my heart
be happy in You

and my mind
be overflowed

with all the gentle
and sweet things

that in me
You have sown.


  1. I like this one a LOT, Sis Deb!! And I’d love for Him to speed up my transformation! (Rocket Girl) God bless your Friday with His sweetness and Holy Spirit rest–much love, sis Caddo Delight

  2. Beautiful.

  3. what tender and kind words … thank you!!!

  4. “…Lord, thank You for transforming us so that we can have thoughts that are pleasing to You. And here’s a simple poem . . .”

    I’m a work in process when it comes to my thought life, but I’m better than I used to be. Maybe in another thousand years, I’ll arrive in the safety zone…if somebody doesn’t cut me off in traffic first.

    Creative poem. 80 degrees and boring here today.

  5. “The sweet and gentle things” Jesus sows in us. Debbie…I like that so much. *Thank you.* Just think of how God uses the bitter and harsh things of life and transforms them into sweetness and gentleness . One of God’s eternal reversals. I’ve heard and read about God doing the “reversal of fortune” and “reversal of expectations” in other places. So that must be my thought to think about today.

  6. Amen! 🙂

  7. You are transforming just beautifully . .at just the right speed! (the speed of Light!) Love you sweet Sis Caddo Delight .. Rocket Girl! .. and God bless you sweetly today!

  8. God bless you and your thoughts, poet friend! 🙂

  9. Thank you for your tender and kind heart, Heidi! God bless you and yours!

  10. I love it that you are better than you used to be, Mr. Larry! Me too! God bless you and keep you safe from all the crazy drivers. 🙂

    Snowing here and all the critters got their cages cleaned out, with the kitties wanting to help!

  11. The best gift I received from the Holy Spirit is a gentle and quiet spirit. It is from Him…I have no gentle and sweet things of my own. Is He not amazing!

  12. I love thinking of this as an eternal reversal by Him. God can do anything . . .even transforming my thoughts into something sweet and gentle. God bless you as you think about Him today, Brook!

  13. God bless you, beautiful one, and your thoughts of Him!

  14. Oh yes He is amazing, Patricia! So thankful for all the sweet gifts He gives us! God bless you!

  15. I have a feeling your meditations are very sweet in God’s ears… 🙂

  16. YOU are sweet, Melody! 🙂 Sometimes are better than others .. .I just don’t think whining is sweet, ever. haha! God bless you and your gentle thoughts!

  17. We are all a work in progress, eh? I just wish my work would proceed a bit faster.

  18. Love this!! :). I pray that I, too, would be so fully aware of all He does for me and all His goodnesses that I would overflow in sweet meditation… He is so majestic!!

  19. The more I think about the Lord and His wondrous works on my behalf… the more joy fills my heart, inspite of the circumstances that I may be facing in life. Lord bless.

  20. This post reminds me that we can go to Him when we realize our heart is not right, and when our thoughts are not right and ask the Lord to cleanse and strengthen us, and since He has said that He values those things we can consider petitions like that to be requests according to His will, and know that we will be instantly changed.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful poem and post!


  21. Me too, Tammy. I’ve always thought I had a crawl where everyone else had a walk. God bless you and your willingness to let Him work!

  22. Amen , Ali! Praying with you, to think more of His goodness and His heart of love toward me. Thank you and God bless you!

  23. Great example for us, Pastor Rob, of meditating on Him and the following results of joy! Thank you and God bless you and yours today!

  24. Thank you, wonderful woman of the Word, for sharing this blessed insight with us . .that we will be changed as we ask Him to. 🙂 Love that and love you! God bless you and your dear family this weekend!

  25. Beautiful …and yes, I recall when my little one thought out loud…seems like yesterday…but she’s 27 now…
    God Bless You

  26. How does that happen so fast .. .growing up to be young women? 🙂 I bet she still has sweet thoughts. God bless you and thank you, Paul!

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  28. Some of the sweetest times of communion with the Lord are those times when no words are spoken, but our minds unite . . . when I just sit and think of Him and yield to Him. He knows my thoughts and He reveals Himself and fills my needs. This is not because of anything in me, but because He has chosen to shower me with His love and to work in me for His own purpose.
    Why? That is incomprehensible! But I praise Him for the experience. What an incredibly amazing God!

  29. God bless you and many thanks!

  30. I love those sweet times too and have to agree with you, mentor Angela. Those times are the best! God bless you as you commune with your amazing God who loves you like crazy!

  31. Oh yes the little ones! My heart jumps for joy for the sweet simple ways my kiddos love me and love God. I can feel the strong love connection and it’s amazing!

    It’s not unusual for me to see God smiling sooo big with love from time to time — like now upon rereading your poem 🙂

  32. I just knew you’d know what I meant, sweetest Spoon! Love you and God bless you and the kiddos!!

  33. May God grant us the ability to focus and meditate on his benefits and blessings .

  34. Beautiful!

  35. Thank you and God bless beautiful you!

  36. =) Thanks for your nice words!

  37. Amen, Pastor J. God bless you as you think of Him and all that is true and pure today!

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