Made By God

“Know that the LORD, He is God;
It is He who has made us, and not
we ourselves . . .”  Psalm 100:3

I love to read and hear stories of people who have overcome many challenges in their lives.

Lord, we thank You for making us who we are today!  And here’s a simple poem . . .

From Dust

It is You
Who have made us

it’s not something
we could do

forming  us
from the dust

into people of
beauty and value.



  1. Oh I love it too, Sis Deb!! Truly, I was unable to do anything–and I’m daily amazed that He allows me to be of use, as He continues this “from glory to glory” process of transformation. He is SO Good! Praising Him–and praying for you a blessed Monday-Monday!! Love, your sis Caddo Delight forever

  2. We overcome many challenges. One key change in my life came with Paul”s exhortation in Romans to “overcome evil with good.”
    You can read about it with the look inside feature, here:

  3. God created everything and than we He created us wow…How can anyone say that there is no God? He created everything in this world, the moon the stars the seas, land, animals. An amazing GOD

  4. What a wonderful thought…. the Sovereign Lord over all creation was personally involved in each one of our conception, development and birth. It truly is mind boggling. Lord bless.

  5. This is great Deb – i have been thinking (as you know) about beauty from ashes – can you imagine what he could make out of a really good medium like clay!

  6. He is the Master Creator… whenever I see people who are so creative, I’m reminded that it speaks to the fact that He is the One who started it all. We think we’re creative?? Just look at the lilies of the field, the mountains, rivers, ocean, waterfalls, animals, . . . He created it all. Wow. He is amazing!!

  7. I love Rich Mullin’s song, “The Creed.” It’s one of those foot stomping, hallelujah shouting, hand waving, even get up and dance a little (or a lot) songs. Thanks.

    And your poem is great.

    Just a note: I had a short dream that our cat, Lucy, jumped into Sun and Beam’s cage. So, we probably should not schedule play days for the three anytime soon in the future. Lucy is not ready play nice yet.

  8. Was just reading God’s answer to Job this morning… Wow! God is so glorious in all His power, majesty, and ability! Beautiful poem, as always. Thank you, and God bless you!

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  10. The only beauty and value is Christ. He saved me in spite of myself.

  11. I love how He makes everything He touches beautiful…

  12. I love this song. The idea that God formed us from dust to become such precious creations just blows my mind.

  13. love rich mullins!!! he went home too early … but then I guess God is in charge of that

  14. I love you and all that He is doing with you! Fabulous! 🙂 God bless you as you go from glory to glory with Jesus!

  15. Thank you for sharing a look at your book with us and God bless you!

  16. He is so amazing, dear Desiray . .and I love all that He does and is doing in us! God bless you!

  17. God bless you too, Pastor Rob . .so thankful for you!

  18. 😀 Wonderful thoughts, Mr. Ben! Love it! God bless you as He keeps creating in your life!

  19. God is so good at this creative thing! He’s got us beat, for sure . ..but thankful that He lets us in on it too. God bless creative YOU! 🙂

  20. I’m so glad you liked the Rich Mullin’s song. 😀 He is the first Christian artist that someone introduced me to, after coming to Christ.
    We had hamsters before, and put them in an exercise ball on the floor, where Celia (Aub’s little blind cat) would babysit them for us. 🙂 We’ll wait a bit and see if Lucy comes around.
    God bless you and yours!

  21. That is a great and inspiring reply to read, Ali! Hard not to be amazed by God after that! God bless you and yours!

  22. Thank you so much MDMC and God bless you!

  23. Really beautiful comment Ike, and so true. He is the beauty and value in us. God bless you and praising Him for saving us both from ourselves!

  24. Such a wonderful touch He has! Thank you for capturing some of the beautiful things He does, Melody, and sharing them with us. God bless you bunches!

  25. Only He can do that! I was trying to create something this weekend . . .it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. 🙂 Glad you liked the song .. .God bless you and your creative community!

  26. I really like Rich Mullins too. Even wrote a poem for him and God, after he died in that accident. Thank you Heidi, and God bless you!

  27. Beautiful Debbie! I love the thought that God bestows on us beauty and dignity in the creation process. Apart from Him we have no resources, but in Him we have all we need to live lives which shine for Him.
    Love this verse from John 15:5:
    “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

  28. I am so thankful for this comforting truth about the Lord our potter.


  29. Thank you, dear Ali, for sharing here and for that John 15:5 verse! I am now thinking about having all I need in Him. 🙂 God bless you and yours today!

  30. I am so thankful for Him too, sweet woman of the Word, and how He makes something of us! He’s done a wonderful job with you! Love you and God bless you!

  31. So Debbie…I put two “likes” instead of one:D But one of my favorite verses is that God is “mindful that we are dust.” So dusty these days! *Thank you* for the reminder of our value.

  32. Oh dear Brook .. .hugs to you! I am thankful though too, that He is mindful that we aren’t ‘all that’. 🙂 God bless you and show you His tender lovingkindness today!

  33. Without Him we are nothing.
    When I think of me as I used to be, and wonder what would have become of me had my amazing God not halted me on my wayward path and revealed Himself to me, I can only shake my head in wonder and praise.

    He took me and my empty, worthless life, and He gave me Himself. He took my sin and gave me His righteousness. He took my mud and ashes and wreck and He gave me His beauty. And He didn’t leave it there, either. He has continued His work in me, changing me, “growing” me into the image He has planned for me, and one day very soon, when He has finished His work, He will take me home and I will at last be “like Him” [1 John 3:2]

    What a truly, incredibly amazing God!

  34. I love your comment, Mentor Angela .. .and how He just doesn’t stop ‘making us’ .. .He keeps on and keeps on, until we are there with Him and ‘like Him’. God bless you and yours, as you praise Him today!

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