“Both the singers and the players on
instruments say;
‘All my springs are in you’.”  Psalms 87:7

The water systems in ancient Jerusalem were complex as the kings tried to guarantee a water supply in times of siege.

Thank You, Lord, as everything good for us comes from You.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

In You



All my springs
are in You

every drop of my hope
is Yours

as mercy splashes
from You

and abundant life
is poured.




  1. Oh Sis Deb, this is So beautiful–wonderful, heavenly poetry. I love the phrases, “every drop of my hope is Yours”, and “abundant life is poured”; these words sum up my life now, praise God! Praying for you a wonderful Wednesday–God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

  2. Love this Deb! All of my springs are in Him! His springs pour upon us and through us…completely washed and renewed! Blessings as you share His springs of blessings!

  3. I cannot get over how beautiful this poem is. It reflects a very beautiful heart.


  4. Your simple poem reminded me of the old Do Moen song, “My Life Is In You Lord.”

    Have a great day and maybe take an umbrella along, just in case.

  5. Gorgeous and refreshing – like a spring. Thanks, Mosk

  6. It DOES sum up your life, Sis Caddo! 🙂 I love that! Love you and God bless you as He pours Himself out all over you!

  7. I love the visual you give us, Tom . .of His springs pouring on and through and being washed and renewed. Thank you and God bless you and refresh you today!

  8. God bless you, wonderful woman of the Word, as you look to Him for everything! Love you and am thinking of you!

  9. Love the song, Mr. Larry . .thank you! God bless you and all the ways He provides for you today!
    p.s. Aub got to swing outside again today. . .no rain!

  10. Thank you, poet friend and God bless you and pour upon you today!

  11. Love the way you weave the image into a fresh take on the Source of Living Water…

  12. My beloved friend, as I read your poem, this song rose up in my spirit. My mom is in the process of dying, and it’s so hard, and yet, even so, my hope is in the Lord…

    God bless you Deb, as you continue to minister through your simple poems.


  13. “Every drop of my hope is Yours” – Amen! He is our only true hope!

    Blessings Debbie ~ Wendy ( I was pondering Psalm 85:10 today…)

  14. All of my springs are in Him!

  15. Deb you have such a gift of drawing us to God’s heart with your beautiful poem. I love this poem and the contrast that while the kings had to go to great lengths to secure water, we can just go to the true source, our loving Father. Bless you and may He continue to pour refreshing and blessing into you xx

  16. He’s just everywhere . .. like you keep showing us with your poems and photos! 🙂 Thank you and God bless you, dear Melody!

  17. Wow Cheryl . .tearing up with how you still hope in Him, that nothing stops that hope. Praying for you lots of love and tender comfort through this time. It’s so hard. ..
    Thank you for blessing us, even in your pain . ..and God bless you more and more. love you too!

  18. I’m so thankful we have Someone so trustworthy and true to hope in! He does not disappoint! God bless you as you ponder Him each day!

  19. Yay! God bless you , Tammy, as He keeps you refreshed and renewed!

  20. What a blessing to have a source like our God! Thank you for the blessing you are, Aimee, and for encouraging me like you do. Love you and God bless you as He keeps you watered and pouring out into others lives!

  21. It boggles the mind when we begin to realize that, just as you say, ALL good things come from the Lord! What a blessing to realize He loves us so much He personally, many times through the use of others, gives us all good things to enjoy!

    Thanks Deb for a great reminder.

  22. Thank you Jesus. This is so beautiful Debbie. Blessings from hot Africa! 🙂

  23. Debbie, I cannot add another word to this. It is complete. All I can do is praise Him and echo a loud “Amen!” and thank you for being His mouthpiece.

  24. “Mercy splashes…” Love this Debbie! *Thank you* you *always* help!

  25. Thanks, Debbie!

  26. It is mind boggling to think about how much He loves us! God bless you, Pastor Rob as He is everything you want today!

  27. I’m so thankful for you, Emerald, as you keep posting from Africa .. .and serving too! God bless you!

  28. Thank you, Mentor Angela, for your constant faith and encouragement! God bless you and yours!

  29. Praying you get splashed today, dear Brook! God bless you!

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