Restore Us

“Restore us, O LORD God of hosts;
Cause Your face to shine,
And we shall be saved!”  Psalms 80:19

My mother and father-in-law would find old things and restore them.

Thank You, Lord, for restoring our lives to what You intended them to be.  And here is a simple poem . . .


Restore us, O Lord
and we shall be saved

shine Your face and touch us
and we shall be changed

for You undo the damage
that has been done

always finishing the work
that You have begun.


  1. Oh wow, Sis! Amazing, to read this after just writing about the area I most need healing/restoration in!! Thanks for boosting my faith and confidence in our Great God and Father, so I can sleep peacefully tonight. God bless you Big, as you start the week with a Monday–much love, your sis Caddorino Delightino

  2. if God was not in the business of restoring lives and making old things new I would be in a world of serious hurt. Thanks for the reminder Deb.

  3. Not only does He restore us in this earthly life but He promises to restore us throughout eternity… IN the last two chapters of Revelation eternity is described as if it was the Garden of Eden restored for us to enjoy! Lord bless. Thanks for the wonderful reminder.

  4. Parents back then knew the value of things, and we as Child of God must know the value of our relationship with Jesus. Thanks for the reminder Debbie. Have a blessed and wonderful Monday

  5. I’m so glad He not only reaches down and rescues us, but He then sets about fixing us, restoring us… and He doesn’t stop restoring us until His work in us is complete. Thanks for another beautiful poem, Deb. It blesses me.


  6. Thank you, Dearest Deb!

    “Thank You, Lord, for restoring our lives to what You intended them to be.”
    Amen and Amen!!
    I was fit to be tossed … so thankful His grace extends to ‘whomsoever will’.

    “all I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife, but He made something beautiful of my life”


  7. How blessed we are that He restores us! Thanks for the beautiful words.

  8. “…My mother and father-in-law would find old things and restore them…”

    I used to buy antique furniture, some bordering on junk, and restore them thirty years ago. Yes sir! Those were the days when candy bars only cost a quarter and gas was $ .79 a gallon.

    Great as usual. No ice in Southern California!

  9. Amen! Thanks for this beautiful prayer.

  10. “You undo the damage…” Wonderful words and God’s work! Also the perfect picture, with the careful caring restoring. Thank you Debbie:)

  11. Beautiful song…confusion to harmony.

  12. I love the way this poem illustrates the Lord’s love. Thank you so much for sharing it.


  13. It is such a good feeling to take something old and beat up and restore it…but it doesn’t compare to the feeling of being restored by the Creator.

  14. Oh Sis Caddorino Delightino . . what a God thing, that He would coordinate this with the area you were thinking of. He is just so good!
    Love you and God bless you as He lovingly works on you today!

  15. So glad that instead of hurt, you are getting all shiny and put in people’s lives for His purpose and plan! God bless you, Pastor Bill!

  16. What a beautiful thing, Pastor Rob, to be restored throughout eternity. He’s got us covered! Thank you and God bless you!

  17. Yes, it’s good to not just throw everything away and buy new, if something can be saved and restored. Like us! 🙂 Thank you and God bless you too!

  18. Thank you for blessing us, Cheryl, as you be the you He intended! love you and God bless you!

  19. Oh you found us a song, dear Ann full of grace and song! Thank you so much! And so thankful that He doesn’t just toss us. God bless you as He just keeps making you more and more beautiful!

  20. Thank you, Shelly and God bless you and yours!

  21. You know just what I’m talking about, Mr. Larry! 🙂 When I was younger, I didn’t appreciate it as much as I’ve grown to now. God bless you and your SoCal weather!

  22. Thank you, Emerald and God bless beautiful you!

  23. No one can undo damage like God. 🙂 Thank you for being here, dear Brook and God bless you in careful caring ways today!

  24. That Ann is good at finding us songs! I think she is one of God’s jukeboxes that He restored. 🙂

  25. I was hoping the sanding issue didn’t get brought up too much . .or the stripping down. ! Yes, I think His love knows just what to do in each of our lives. It goes deeper than the surface too. love you and God bless you and hold you tight!

  26. You know about this too! 🙂 It does feel good to redo something. Helps us realize all the more how much He must rejoice in the people restoring time! God bless you and thank you, Patricia!

  27. I just heard the story of a lady who bought her first guitar years ago and used it to teach children songs about Jesus – and that guitar went through the dirty thirties and tornadoes and ended up in her grandson’s hands. He decided instead of tossing out that old wreck to restore it – and as they cleaned it up, they realized that it was a very rare and incredibly valuable instrument, and related it to our value in God’s eyes. I LOVED that story – and love the sentiment and truth behind your words, too.

  28. I love the analogy you have made here, Debbie! We love to restore old battered up things and get much satisfaction from it – now I’m wondering about how much pleasure He gets from working on little old me. 😉 “Always finishing the work You have begun.” is such a comforting ending…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  29. I love that story too, Melody! Thank you for sharing it with us . ..blessing us. It gives us hope and encourages us. God bless you and yours and the beautiful work He is doing!

  30. I am thinking He loves working on you! You are one of His favorites! 🙂 God bless you and comfort you in His careful caring hands!

  31. Praising God for His awesome restoration process! Great Post, Deb!
    God Bless you!

  32. He is really good at it! 🙂 God bless you, sweet Lady Dei!

  33. So thankful He undoes the damage.

  34. That is undoes

  35. Oh me too, Pastor J! God bless you and yours and restore the years that have brought damage.

  36. gotcha! 🙂

  37. Debbie, only a redeemed person knows the truth you have written here, and will sing praises to the only One who could achieve such a transformation.

    “we shall be changed” –
    He changed me when He opened my understanding and gave me faith to believe and He continues to change me, molding me into His goal of Christlikeness.

    “You undo the damage that has been done” –
    The damage done in my life was “un-do-able” – but He did! He ‘undid’ all the evil and all the abuse, and used it for my good.

    “always finishing the work that You have begun” –
    His finished work at Calvary ensures that He will finish His work in me and will present me faultless before the throne.

    What an incredibly, amazing, all-sufficient God!

  38. It seems so impossible that He can undo our damage . . but you and I and countless others are the living proof that He can! God bless you, dear Mentor Angela , as you rejoice in the restoring work He’s done in you!

  39. What a wonderful Gift restoration is from our Father’s hand~
    restored day by day
    for You undo the damage
    that has been done

    always finishing the work
    that You have begun.

    What an encouragement!

  40. There is something special about the way you said that . .restoration from His hand. It’s not the same as anything else!
    Thank you and God bless you, faith filled fisher lady! You are one of His special blessings!

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