Speedily To Meet Us

“Let Your tender mercies come speedily to
meet us,
For we have been brought very low.”  Psalms 79:8

When we are very low, it’s hard to move at all.

Lord, thank You for meeting us right where we are, with mercy.  And here’s a simple poem . . .




Tender mercies come speedily
for I am but dust

about to be blown away
or trapped forever in darkness

but You are not afraid
to meet me where I am

ministering until I’m able
to reach out and up again.


  1. Thank God for mercies. God bless you Debbie.

  2. Amen. I shudder to think where I would be without His tender mercies that reach down to me, no matter where I am. Love you Deb, and I’m so glad you shared about His tender mercies today.


  3. I needed this one. Thank you so much.


  4. i love that you say OUT and up – not just up – He not only puts us on our feet, but opens our cage – our prison, and sets us free

    thanks sis!

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  6. We cannot begin to understand how merciful He is when He meets us where we are at…. what a wonderful Lord we serve! What great love.

  7. That photo speaks millions of words..I have always loved that photo the first time I saw it..It reminds me of my very own story, when the Lord came to me and how I bow at His feet. If they only knew my story..AMEN

  8. What an awesome poem to start the day. God bless you as try to keep warm in the chilly Midwest.

  9. Thank you, Dearest Deb
    “Lord, thank You for meeting us right where we are, with mercy. ”
    There is a profession that works by the principle of ‘starting where the client is’, but sometimes the human gets in the way and judgment precedes mercy. I am so thankful that Jesus grants mercy before judgment.

    The comments on your posts are always so deep… coming here is like getting a ‘two-for-one’ deal.

    “When we are very low, it’s hard to move at all”
    Like other readers, I was in the same position. My alabaster box was the only thing I had left … I am thankful He didn’t refuse me, but took the time to “(minister) until I’m able
    to reach out and up again.”


  10. thank you Debbie…………

  11. I count on His mercy every day Deb. Without it, well…

  12. Debbie…you always know how we *feel* *Thank you* for another beautiful post, beautiful picture and beautiful song.

  13. This is my new FAVE for sure, Sis Deb! How beautifully you’ve described our condition when we need to cry out to HIM–and HIS unfailing tenderness, compassion and faithfulness. He does indeed meet me where I am, minister to me, and lift me up to continue serving, and running the race. I am so filled with gratitude and Joy–His love is Everything. God bless you as you serve in His Name today–much love, sis Caddo Delight

  14. God bless you too, dear Emerald, and cover you in mercy today!

  15. Thank you for your sweet encouragement, Cheryl! Love you and God bless you tenderly!

  16. Thank you, wonderful woman of the word! love you and God bless you and yours. His mercy is amazing!

  17. What a beautiful look at the ‘out’ part, Mr. Ben! Thank you! And God bless you as you minister to us each day!

  18. Thank you and God bless you!

  19. Thank you for helping us see that His mercy is way beyond anything we can imagine. Praying to never take it for granted. God bless you, Pastor Rob!

  20. I’m glad the picture worked for you, dear Desiray! I was looking at dust images and then mercy images . ..and found this. Dust and mercy together! Thank you and God bless you as you share the story of His mercy!

  21. God bless you too, Mr. Larry! I really can’t complain about the weather . . .it’s not been bad for us. Still no snow and the ice is gone. 🙂 A ‘merciful’ winter!

  22. Oh Ann full of grace and song .. .what a beautiful song to go with this! Thank you so much for blessing us. And this, “I am so thankful that Jesus grants mercy before judgment.” That captured my heart.
    God bless you as He looks upon you tenderly today!

  23. Thanks for being here, Terry .. and God bless you!

  24. I love that His mercy is something that we can count on, Pastor Bill. It’s not something we can always count on from each other, but I’m praying to be more and more merciful too. God bless you and yours!

  25. I had help with the song! 🙂 So blessed that you can be here, dear Brook. God bless you and may His tender mercies wash over you today!

  26. Love you, sis Caddo Delight . ..Caddorino . . .and how His mercy fills you with joy and gratitude! Then you pour it out on us! God bless you muchly and your weekend too, serving and praising Jesus!

  27. What an incredibly amazing Saviour that HE should stoop to reach me! That He should make the move is amazing in itself, but that He should do so by stooping down to my level is incomprehensible.

    I praise Him for giving His all and becoming sin for me in order to reconcile me with God. That was the most amazing of all.

    I praise Him for stooping to lift me many, many times since; times when I have gone my own way and sunk into the mire again. He has “met me where I am, ministering until I’m able to reach out and up again”

    I praise Him that He doesn’t give up on me, but continues His work and will do so until He brings me to perfection and presents me as His bride. We are one day closer!

    What an incredibly amazing God!

  28. You have me praising Him with you, Mentor Angela! 🙂 I am loving your other signature statement, along with “what an amazing God” . .. “we are one day closer”. Amen! Love you and God bless you!

  29. Thankful Jesus offers tender mercies too! I don’t like to keep my mind on worldly stuff — it can really drag you down! Great post, Deb!
    God Bless You!

  30. Debbie, this is so on time for me… I freeze up when I am nervous. But God so gently draws me to the flame of his love to thaw out. Your post serves as his flame for me this hour… I’m so glad I stopped by.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  31. God bless you, Lady Dei and Happy Birthday! Fly high with His mercies today!

  32. Praying for you dear Wendy, as you prepare to go and share your testimony and His love! God bless you as you carry His mercy with you!

  33. Love the photo too Debbie.

  34. 🙂 Thanks Tammy, and God bless you!

  35. I just crashed our car 4 hours ago Debbie. I felt so low. My hubby and kiddos love and understanding comforted me but I can’t totally shake down the guilt. Thank God for bringing me here and reminding me that His mercies are speedy. Got to catch up and focus on His love. Yes, He just saved me from serious harm and reminded me at the same time to keep my focus. Huggggs to you 🙂

  36. I had some quiet time where I just had to pour out all that was in my heart to the Lord. My heart was all broken, because not only do I daily fall short of the glory of God, but I fall soooooo soooooooo short. It is so heart breaking to see how ugly our flesh can be. I wanted to run to a friend for comfort, but the Lord reminded me that the comfort I was seeking could only be found in Jesus.

    So I came here and it was as if I read this post for the first time. We need to be continually lifted up, because like a field full of landmines we find ourselves write in the middle of this journey on the earth with pits all around us in which we are so prone to fall. However, the remedies of the kingdom of God are not like the remedies of this earth. In the kingdom of God we must be brought very low if we are to be lifted up…in order to see the Lord High and lifted up…and although we are pilgrims on this earth, we are citizens of the Kingdom of God.

    Thanks again, Deb for this precious post.


  37. Oh our sweet spoon . .I love you and am so so thankful that you are okay. God bless you and come to you speedily, with overflowing love and mercy today. Lots of hugs to you too . ..gently ones!

  38. Thank you, wonderful woman of the Word, for your vulnerability and humility and pure heart. “In the kingdom of God we must be brought very low if we are to be lifted up . . .” You have a wisdom from Him, Theresa, and I will remember this. Love you and God bless you, as you fall into His arms of mercy. May we all fall there.

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