“. . .the earth feared and was still,
When God arose to judgement,
To deliver all the oppressed of the earth.”  Psalms 76:8-9

To oppress means: 1.) to weigh heavily on the mind of; burden  2.) to keep down by the cruel or unjust use of authority  3.)  to cause physical or mental distress.

Lord, thank You for being so anti-oppressive.  And here’s a simple poem . . .


Though once weighed
down by your sins
and a cruel cross
I’ll never oppress you.

My burden is light
My yoke is easy
and I have come
to save you.


  1. Oh, how wonderful are these words, Sis Deb–I breathed an audible sigh of relief, to know that He’s come to save me (always, and yet again). For days, He has given me repeated messages that He is my Super Hero, my Rescuer. I am more thankful than I can ever say enough–Praise His Name, Jesus. God bless you for sharing and reflecting His love everyday–I am so blessed to call you Sister. your Caddo

  2. I really appreciated your poem Deb. What a Scriptural message that should be proclaimed throughout the world. May we all take the message of the liberty we have in Christ. to all those who are lost around us.

    Wonderful reminder. Thank you.

  3. “De-Stressed”

    Thousands of books are published on how to handle stress authored by such men as Dr. Phil and Wayne Dyer. Probably thousands more will soon be published. Although these authors probably have some good ideas, they all fall short of the simple answer: Jesus.

    Great poem. Don’t be wearing sandals outside today, okay?

  4. Very well written sis, who ever is feeling oppressive this poem will surely lift their spirits today.

  5. Debbie…*thank you* for this reminder, that when we feel oppressed (been feeling just that), it is *not* from God. Lifting our spirits again, Debbie. Bless you!

  6. Oh, Deb, I love this. We might be going through firey trials, but the hand of the Shepherd is tender in its grasping our hand as he accompanies us along the way.

    “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”. Psalm 23:4


  7. Thank you for the reminder that if we feel oppressed – it is not from God. Debbie, you are an awesome encourager along with dear Caddo!

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

  8. I loved hearing that He is your Super Hero . true! And Rescuer .. Amen. Love you and God bless you as you praise His name today!

  9. Thank you for indeed taking that message of Jesus coming to save to the world , through your blog! God bless you , Pastor Rob.

  10. I like the simple answer, Mr. Larry! 🙂 Thank you , Jesus! And .. He’s got a Book out too. God bless you and yours!
    p.s. Don’t tell my mom, but I ran out quick a couple of times in just my socks today . .. no ice or snow. 🙂

  11. It took me awhile to figure out, dear Desiray, that submission to oppression wasn’t part of His will for us. Thank you and God bless you!

  12. I know that oppressed feeling and am rejecting it for you right now. God bless you and hold you tight!

  13. More comfort, wonderful woman of the Word! Thank you! I read a post from anotherredletterday .. Ben Nelson .. .and he shared that comfort meant with strength. We are accompanied ‘with strength’ today .. with our Jesus. love you and God bless you as you walk with Him!

  14. I didn’t always understand about oppression nor recognize it. But once I did and knew it wasn’t from God or something that He wanted for me, I began rejecting it from my life. And it has gotten much better . ..praise Him! God bless you, sweet Wendy, as you stay close to your Savior!

  15. God bless you, Dearest Deb!

    As I read your post it’s as though I could hear a mighty choir belting out ‘Come Unto Me’! I went hunting …

    Beautiful post and wonderful comments!

    He will never oppress me, and if others do, I can always run to Him to be held and loved and comforted.

    So very thankful!


  16. Thank you, sweet Ann full of grace and song! You blessed us again, finding the songs to go with the posts! Running to Him with you! God bless you as you count on Your Jesus’ loving arms!

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