Only Wondrous Things

“Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel,
who only does wondrous things.”  Psalms 72:18

Each of us are some of the wondrous things God has done.

Oh Lord, we love You and all that You do. May we see and understand more how wondrous You are, through and through.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Blessed Be Our God

You are our God
there’s no one greater
and You only do
wondrous things.

Like give us sight
so we can see You
and be the Song
our hearts can sing.



  1. Yes Lord, YES! Good one, Sis Deb–you’ve got my heart singing His wonders!! God bless you as you serve Him on Worshipful Wednesday–love, sis Caddo Delight

  2. thank you for a good start to my day

  3. You are so right… EVERYTHING He does is wonderful and amazing! Lord bless.

  4. This is so perfect. Thanks.

  5. Our God is Awesome God He reigns for ever!

  6. “God does only wondrous things.” Debbie! You find such treasures! *Thank you* for sharing them.

  7. “Song our hearts can sing.” I love this phrase, Debbie! May we sing this Song through every blessing and trial we face.

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

  8. Love you and your singing heart! 🙂 God bless you, Sis Caddo, as He delights in you today!

  9. Thinking of you, Terry, and praying too! God bless you this day!

  10. I love your emphasis on everything! 🙂 Amen! God bless you, Pastor Rob!

  11. Thank you, Mr. Larry, and God bless wonderful you!

  12. Yes He does . ..wondrously! God bless you, dear Desiray!

  13. I’m glad this blessed you too, like it did me when I read that! 🙂 God bless you bunches, Brook!

  14. I can hear you singing this Song in every photo and poem you post, dear Wendy! God bless you and thank you!

  15. God bless you, Dearest Deb

    Had to find this one to share with you and your wonderful readers. I’m twice blessed when I come. The post and the comments are so inspiring.

    Praises to the ‘Awesome Wonder’ who knows just where I hurt. My healer. My Awesome Wonder!


  16. I am so glad He became my song.

  17. ‘Be Thou my vision….’ – for mine is so often skewed and blurry. So true, Debbie.

  18. Thankful God opened my eyes to see and unstopped my ears to hear! Great post, Deb!
    God Bless You!

  19. Thank you for reminding me of His many wondrous things . . . to which we can praise and sing songs of our gratefulness. Amen and Amen.

  20. “Oh what a wonder You are, You are an awesome wonder!” Thank you so much for blessing us, dear Ann full of grace and song! You are so one of the wondrous things He’s done! God bless you and cover you in wonderful ways!

  21. And I’m so glad you sing His Song! God bless you, Pastor J!

  22. Oh Melody, your comments always bless me and make me think and pray. God bless you as you see His wondrous doings in your life!

  23. God bless you, Lady Dei .. .as you see and hear all the wonder He desires you to each day!

  24. We never run out of reasons to praise and sing to Him! Thank you and God bless you, wondrous Deborah! 🙂

  25. It’s about 1:45 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep. I was having anxious thoughts. I decided to get up and do some things that needed doing, but decided to come here first. I am so glad I did.

    It is funny that when I first read “who only does wondrous things” and “and You only do wondrous things” I put the emphasis on only Jesus does wondrous things; even if we do some it is only because He is doing them through us. But then I thought “Wait, maybe it is saying that everything He does is “wondrous”

    I guess both interpretations are right, but the first one is more comforting. It somehow took the pressure off. 🙂

    I like this, too:

    “Like give us sight
    so we can see You
    and be the Song
    our hearts can sing.”

    He makes us able to see the things that are hardest to see. He gives us himself and songs. The words to this one came instantly to my mind:

    “Sometime when misgivings darken the day
    And faith’s light I cannot see
    I ask my dear Lord to brighten the way
    He whispers sweet peace to me (to me)

    He whispers sweet peace to me (yes He whispers to me)
    He whispers sweet peace to me (He whispers sweet peace to me)
    When I am cast down in spirit and soul
    He whispers sweet peace to me (to me)

    He speaks through His word, assurance He gives
    I’m His and I know He’s mine
    And safe in the fold my soul He will keep
    I’ll rest in His love divine (divine)”

    Repeat Chorus (x2)


  26. Oh Theresa, this brought tears .. .He whispers sweet peace to me. And I’m so glad that you could see in that verse the comfort you needed . ..we all need! Love and prayers for you, as He comforts you and does wondrous things through you!

  27. I just had to respond again. I’m crying, too. It says He puts our tears in a bottle. Do you suppose if He were to spill all of those bottles that belong to all of His children It would rain 40 days and 40 nights again? 🙂

    Love you!

  28. “There’s no one greater” – So true, but yet such an understatement! No one comes anywhere NEAR His greatness. The greatest person is like but a drop of water in all the oceans of the world by comparison with the greatness of our God – and even then the comparison fails, because there CANNOT BE a comparison

    “There’s no one greater ” – and the most amazing thing about that? His greatness is extended in love towards His blood-bought, adopted children!

    What a truly incredibly amazing God!

  29. Oh, what a thought, Theresa! love you too!

  30. I love your comments and your love of God! There is never any doubt of Who you worship and adore! 🙂 God bless you, wonder woman and mentor Angela!

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