“O God, You are my God;
Early will I seek You;
My soul thirsts for You
My flesh longs for You
In a dry and thirsty land
where there is no water.”  Psalms 63:1

Jesus is our living water.

Lord, may I cry out for You more than for what I perceive my need to be.  And here’s a simple poem . . .


Poured out for
and onto and into

what was once dried up
is now alive

for when You are
what we thirst for

even in our deserts
we will thrive.


  1. This is such an excellent message in your poem, Sis Deb!! We have so much more peace when we can learn to see HIM as the Answer, the Solution–rather than what He can do or bring, by way of provision. HE IS our Provision, HE is the Source. Excellent work, dear heart! God bless you through the weekend–much love, sis Caddo

  2. Oh Deb, I needed this. I often think I know what I need, but I am often mistaken. I often think I need others to think right thoughts. I probably am the one who needs to think right thoughts even more than others at those times when I think that.

    I often think I need to be understood. In reality I don’t even understand myself. Only the Lord does. Why do.expect others to do what I can’t do?

    Then I read this post! It showed me my real need,..Jesus! I am so glad He delights in being available!


  3. “Even in our deserts we will thrive.” Now there’ s a line you can take to the bank!

  4. I have spent time in the desert. It is not fun (to put it mildly). but I also want to stay thirsty.

  5. “for when You are what we thirst for even in our deserts we will thrive.” Wonderful truth hidden in this statement. How great it is to know that we can thrive and be fruitful even in the darkest times of our lives. That what God’s grace is all about! Thanks Deb.

  6. Amen to thirst for God knowing when we do we will never thirst again for He will fill us. AMEN

  7. “more than what I perceive my need to be” really speaks to me this morning. I wonder if I don’t even recognize some “deserts” in my life because I don’t always ask until overflowing. Thank you, again, Debbie for spiritual food for thought.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  8. I agree with the greenlightlady. may I cry out for You more than for what I perceive my need to be – is such a wonderful phrase.

  9. “…My soul thirsts for You;..”

    It’s always been my belief that our weight problems in America are more due to our spiritual hunger than our natural hunger. Our spirits are thirsty and hungry for God, but because our spiritual discernment is so bad, we eat Big Macs and fries. And then, we’re still hungry and eat more. O Lord give us Your discernment.

    Awesome and profound poem.

  10. I so love this passage – I’ve set it to music to capture it for my poor memory! 🙂 We quench our thirst with so many useless things, don’t we?

  11. This is lovely. Deb!

    “…when You are
    what we thirst for

    even in our deserts
    we will thrive.”

    Praying in agreement that I will ” cry out for (Him) more than for what I perceive my need to be.”

    Thank you for sharing!

    God bless you much,

    ‘Lord I Thirst For You’

  12. Your poem is beautiful! My soul thirsts for the Living God! Thanks so much for sharing the song! It was truly a blessing! Love and prayers!


  13. I can know this . .but then forget it! God bless you for always reminding me of all He is for us! love you and praying for you a terrific weekend too!

  14. I am the same way, Theresa . .. thinking I know what I need. Or what others need, so I pray that for them. I always always need Jesus! Just Jesus. love you and God bless you! I have sure enjoyed you sharing your songs with us!

  15. 🙂 God bless you as you thrive right where He has you, Pastor J!

  16. I want to stay thirsty too . .thank you for that! God bless you and your congregation as you long for Him even more!

  17. Thank you, Pastor Rob, for encouraging us in His grace! He astounds me all the time. God bless you and thank you for the Proverbs series!

  18. Beautifully put, dear Desiray! God bless thirsty and yet filled you!

  19. I don’t think I always truly understand my needs either, Wendy. So glad that He does and will bring us what we need most . ..Himself! God bless you and yours and comfort and heal you from those nasty colds!

  20. God bless you, Tammy, as you see through all the other things, to Him!

  21. Thank you for sharing about it being an issue of spiritual discernment . .that helps me pray more! God bless you, Mr. Larry, as you discern your hunger and thirst for Jesus!

  22. Oh Melody . .what a great idea to set those verses to music that minister to us especially! You’re a genius! God bless you and your healthy thirst!

  23. Oh you bless me and help me cry out for Him, dear Ann full of grace and song! Thank you and God bless you muchly!

  24. “My soul thirsts for the Living God.” . .. I love that , dear Paulette, and your transparent need for Jesus always! God bless you and be there for you in wonderful ways! love and hugs!

  25. Thanks Debbie!

  26. One can’t help but long for a loving and merciful God who gives us rest! Great post, Deb!
    God Bless You!

  27. Nicely poetic my dear Deb! Love it

  28. God bless you too, Lady Dei, as you stay thirsty for Him!

  29. God bless you, dear faith filled fisherlady. I love how you thrive in Jesus. You just bloom all over the place!

  30. Wow! “Even in our deserts we will thrive.” That is a gem of a thought if ever I’ve read one. Peace, Linda

  31. 🙂 Hope I’m not going out on a poetic limb too much in saying that, Linda! Just thinking that He is going to make sure of it, when we’re thirsting for Him. God bless you and yours!

  32. Amazing. “What was once dried up, is now alive”. Hallelujah. Jesus the fountain of living water. God bless you!

  33. I know I was pretty dried up when He saved me and made me alive again! 🙂 God bless you with His living water, Emerald!

  34. I am a testimony of being dried up and made alive after tasting the water for a while. God truly is merciful.

  35. Deb, your ‘simple poems’ have thrilled me for a long time now, but this one really caused me to sing loud praises.

    I was like the Atacama desert which is considered the driest place on earth and where, in parts, NO rainfall has been recorded – BUT GOD . . . . .

    But our amazing God “Poured out for and onto and into what was once dried up” and He gave new life – abundant life – and He continues to rain on me and undertake for me and mould me into the person He wants me to be. He still has much work to do, but He has accomplished a change and will continue to do so until the time He takes me home.

    What an incredibly amazing God!

  36. We serve an amazing God indeed.

    Thank you friend! 🙂

  37. God bless you as you stay thirsty for Him!

  38. Mentor Angela, your comments just fire me up! I love how drenched and alive you are now, in Jesus! God bless you, dear lady of His, beloved and always thirsty for more of Him.

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