Where Power Belongs

“God has spoken once,
Twice I have heard this;
That power belongs to God.
Also, to You, O Lord, belongs mercy . . .”  Psalms 62:11-12

I am so glad that power – and mercy – belong to God.

Lord, please teach me the power of being merciful this year.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Who Else But You



Who else would we want
power to belong to
Who else would we want
to own mercy but You?

For You know  just when
to use power now
and also when nothing
but mercy will do.



  1. What a blessing it is to know that God is the One that holds the supreme power over all. We can count on Him to be just, gracious, and unselfish in all that He does. How horrible it would be if sinful, fallen man possessed such awesome power.

    Lord bless you Deb.

  2. I think it is always great when we see God works in ways not seen as “kosher.” For example, this one. We see power. God sees mercy. Two opposites according to the world. But with God they mesh. Good thought starter today Deb.

  3. Wonderful Deb. Surely we humans have shown that we can’t handle power. I am thankful that God uses it lovinly, righteously and perfectly.

  4. Debbie, I’m in full agreement… there is no one else that I would want to see as God. Certainly not George Burns! 😉 So many people think of God as a cigar smoking and winking at sin grandfather. God is merciful AND holy. I love Him just the way He is!

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

  5. Praise God that He is generous with His power and mercy! They belong to Him, but He readily shares with those who seek Him. Peace, Linda

  6. Nothing needs to be added to this simple poem. Awesome.

  7. “When nothing but mercy will do”–that’s so powerful, it sounds like the title to a whole book, Sis Deb. I’ll be pondering all day–praying for you a day blessed with His strength and grace and mercy, and plenty of Jesus Joy–love, sis C

  8. loved it and loved the flash of color. i love rainbows of any shape and style

  9. I have never thought of God as owning mercy – what a wonderful thought, to know that this God will balance unlimited power with a mercy just as bottomless!

  10. Rainbows…gentle strength. And so comforting…that God’s power is full of mercy. *Thank you* again Debbie.

  11. Yes! who else but God. My best phrase of this “when nothing but mercy will do”.. Thank God for his Power. God bless you

  12. Masterpiece, Dearest Deb 🙂

    Our world seems to swing towards those who have power, and those without are at their mercies. So thankful that the all-powerful God we serve is also full of mercy!!


    All praise and glory to our ‘Indescribable’ God!

  13. I love that God’ s mercy is always clothed in His mercy.

  14. You are so right, Pastor Rob! So glad that God is God and in control! God bless you and yours!

  15. I keep thinking about mercy, Pastor Bill . ..and the power of mercy . .in that way that you described. God bless you as you start a new series . .it’s going to be great!

  16. I’m thankful too, Judy, and praying to be more merciful each day! God bless you!

  17. Amen, sweet friend. He’s merciful even in His power. And shows His strength in His sufficient grace when we are weak. 😀
    It’s so incredibly humbling being loved by the Creator of the universe. My tiny mind can’t begin to comprehend.

  18. Laughing about George Burns! Yes, dear Wendy . .He is merciful and Holy. . .and we’re so glad!!! So blessed! God bless you and the way you love Him!

  19. What a great insight , Linda! Love it that He is generous and shares them! God bless you as He trusts you with both!

  20. God bless awesome you, Mr. Larry! Thanks for encouraging me!

  21. Sis Caddo Delight . ..He sure listens to you and answers your prayers for us. Today went really well. We know it shouldn’t work, but He makes it work, and with grace and mercy added in too!
    That does sound like a book title Sis! Are you going to write it? haha! Sounds like maybe a Max Lucado one. 🙂
    love you bunches and God bless you this weekend , and bring you mercy , peace and rest . .. with a huge side order double helping of Joy!

  22. Rainbows are so special, aren’t they Terry? 🙂 I almost wreck if I’m driving and see one, because it’s hard not to stare and keep looking .. .and well, you get the picture. Bet you’re glad you don’t drive in the same state as me now! haha! God bless you and bring you a rainbow soon!

  23. Well, you have me thinking about bottomless mercy! 🙂 Thanks for your super thoughtful comments, that bless us and take us deeper. God bless you and yours!

  24. Power sounds kind of . .. harsh without mercy, to me! So I’m comforted with you! God bless you, dear Brook, and strength you in His gentle ways!

  25. We need His power, and His mercy. Okay, we need HIM! 🙂 God bless you, sweet Gem of His! You bless me each time you come by!

  26. I love how you shared the difference between the world having power and God’s power! 🙂 That was really beautiful, sweet Ann full of grace and song! And I LOVE this song! Now you got me singing again .. .which is always a good thing!
    God bless you as you trust in His power and mercy today! He’s got you covered!

  27. That’s a great way of saying it, Pastor J! You can start doing your own quotes! 🙂 God bless you and yours as you seek Him this month.

  28. Well, if your mind (brilliant gracious one!) can’t comprehend, then I know I don’t stand a chance. teehee! But that’s okay . ..part of the mercy He extends! God bless you, sweet friend .. .so good to see you when your TSL allows it! love and prayers!

  29. And fries, right? With extra ketchup–thanks!!

  30. My heart is grateful for this post! The phrase “power to save” comes to my mind,but I don’t know if it coming from a Bible verse or a hymn. I know there are Bible verses that speak about the power to save, but I think it maybe a hymn I am thinking of.

    mercy…”unfailing mercy” comes to . Deb, I am so thankful for you for so many reasons. Now I’m misting all up.


  31. I love both . .the power to save and unfailing mercy! Thank you , Theresa! It sounds like a song you could write! 🙂 love you and God bless you as He showers you with love and mercy!

  32. I just remembered. It is an old gospel song called “I’m anchored in Jesus”.

    Upon life’s boundless ocean where mighty billows roll,
    I’ve fixed my hope in Jesus, blest anchor of my soul;
    When trials fierce assail me as storms are gathering o’er,
    I rest upon His mercy and trust Him more.


    I’ve anchored in Jesus, the storms of life I’ll brave,
    I’ve anchored in Jesus, I fear no wind or wave.
    I’ve anchored in Jesus, for He hath power to save,
    I’ve anchored to the Rock of Ages.

    He keeps my soul from evil and gives me blessèd peace,
    His voice hath stilled the waters and bid their tumult cease;
    My Pilot and Deliverer, to Him I all confide,
    For always when I need Him, He’s at my side.


    He is my Friend and Savior, in Him my anchor’s cast,
    He drives away my sorrows and shields me from the blast;
    By faith I’m looking upward beyond life’s troubled sea,
    There I behold a haven prepared for me.


  33. Oh Theresa .. .thank you! You are so wonderful to remember (I have trouble with that part alone!) and then bring it back to us! God bless you as He loves on you and yours abundantly!

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