Got Praise?

“And I will sing praise to Your name forever
That I may daily perform my vows.”  Psalms 61:8

Like dreaming, sometimes I forget about singing.

Lord, may I awake each day with a song of praise in my heart and on my lips.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Sing Praise

When I praise You
something happens
inside of me
faith explodes
and hope grows
each time I thank You
for everything.


  1. Oh, you know I have to join in! I love this… Your gift of simple poems that you offer daily are such a blessing — to the Lord and to His people! I’m up way to early — not enough sleep due to pain again, but Hallelujah! I can sing praise while I’m up… 😀

  2. My singing may sound like joyful noise, but it is from the heart. And since we are passing along videos, this is one that really speaks to me right now;

  3. Right there with you on this Debbie let’s praise Him this morning..To God be the Glory

  4. Singing is truly a sign of praise. XO my love!

  5. I thank you for each blog daily

  6. Deb, I have a friend who always says that God inhabits the praises of His people. I tried to find the verse that this is based on, as I’m sure she took it from scripture, but my searches on didn’t turn up the right verse. But it’s still and awesome idea. Peace, Linda

  7. You got me singing this morning, Debbie! Your poem says it perfectly: “… hope grows each time I thank You for everything.” I love Chris Tomlin songs – we sing them a lot at our church.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  8. Keep singing, keep praising! 🙂

  9. “Inside of me, Faith Explodes and Hope grows”–Sis Deb, that is exactly the perfect description of my experience last evening, though I was not singing at the time. But you can bet I will be, all day long today, with a heart of gratitude to the Great Big God who rescued me from that sniveling little bully. Praise His awesome powerful Name, Jesus, the Great I AM–Blessed be the name of the Lord!! Blessed be His Ho-o-oly Name–can you hear it?!! God bless your day as you serve Him–much love, sis Caddo Delight

  10. Yes, my friend! It is this exactly!

  11. “…Like dreaming, sometimes I forget about singing…”

    There are times when Honey would be happy if I would forget to sing. But I still do it, with a little badda bing badda boom beat to it. God swings, you know.

    Have a great day.


    “Lord, may I awake each day with a song of praise in my heart and on my lips. ”
    Amen and amen!!!

    Thank you for sharing, Dearest Deb!!

    Blessings in abundance,

    O Praise Him! (David Crowder Band)

  13. How soon we forget to ALWAYS have a song of praise in our hearts in appreciation for all He has done for us! How important it is to always count our blessings and have a spirit of joy within, as we seek to serve Him. After all, “the joy of the Lord is our strength”! Thanks for a great reminder Debbie. Lord bless you.

  14. Oh I love that one, Cheryl! Thank you, thank you , thank you! 🙂 love you and God bless you as you praise . . .even in your pain. Praying for you tonight.

  15. Oh Pastor Bill . .. that one is one of my favorites too!! Thank you so much for sharing it and helping us keep singing! God bless you as you offer praise!

  16. I need a singing thermometer . .. to check when I’m feeling low. It’s probably because I haven’t started singing yet! 🙂
    Praising Him with you, dear Desiray . . God bless you!

  17. I agree, magnificent Mel! It comes from our happy thankful hearts! love you! Your painting is like singing!

  18. So thankful for you, sweet Terry! God bless you as He sings over you today!

  19. I’ve heard that before too, Linda! It sure feels that way, when we are praising Him. We feel His presence and His peace. God bless you as you praise Him!

  20. Sometimes if Aubrey is struggling with anger, we put on praise and worship songs, and soon hope is growing in her again, instead of anger! God bless you as you sing to Him , sweet Wendy! love and prayers!

  21. Thanks for encouraging me Ted! I’m gonna keep trying! God bless you and yours! Have you moved?

  22. Oh you are singing His praises in your comment, sweet Sis Caddo! Yep, I hear it alright! 🙂 I love it when we have faith explosions because of Who He is and all He does! Love you and God bless you as you sing to Him forever and ever! Thank you for your prayers and for being here for me!

  23. God bless you, sweet faith filled fisherlady . know about singing and praising! Some of your favorite things!

  24. Oh Mr. Larry . .. I love that God swings! And you sing! God bless you with more badda bing badda boom today!

  25. Oh Ann full of grace and song . .I have this feeling that you must wake with a song everyday! 🙂 Thank you for blessing us with this song! I really like the David Crowder band!! God bless you as you delight in Him with song and praise!

  26. Thank you so much. I can’t sleep again, because of the pain… Still, I’ve been reading and playing games, so it’s not all bad. 😀

  27. It’s that ‘always’ word that I’m going for , Pastor Rob! Thank you for understanding like you do and encouraging us in His word each day! God bless you and your praises to your King!

  28. First thought – “Got praise?” – If we didn’t have praise for our incredibly amazing God and all He has done for us, we would be miserable indeed! How can we possibly NOT have praise, when He is so praiseworthy! NOTHING should ever rob us of our praise, because we KNOW that regardless of the circumstances, HE is still in control. He still loves us and wants the best for us and will undertake for us and will use the circumstance to ‘grow’ us.

    Then – “something happens here inside of me” – Isn’t it odd? We praise HIM and He gives US blessing upon blessing as “faith explodes and hope grows”. We give praise, but He uses a bigger shovel and heaps blessings on us. What a truly amazing God!

    Deb, thank you again for being so in-tune with our God that He gives you so much in so few words. You are indeed one of His choicest blessings.

  29. Yes indeed when I praise something happens inside me. God’s power is made manifest and the foe is silenced.

  30. I love how you put that, mentor Angela . . that we praise Him and He gives us blessings for it. What an amazing God indeed! God bless you as you share His truth with us again and again . ..nothing beats our God! love and prayers!

  31. Wonderful comment, Pastor J! Thank you and God bless you for reminding us of that!

  32. I need that something…for my faith to explode and my hope to grow inside of me every waking hour of every single day. It is true that it happens when I praise Him. When I’m not praising the Lord in my heart I am very quickly sinning. Thank you so much for this post.


  33. Praise is something that took me a while to learn and I try to be consistent with it. I find that praise comes easier when we devise a little chant.

  34. Oh Theresa . .that is what I am thinking, that I need to praise in my heart all the time. Just all the time. When I stop, I’m in trouble. God bless you for understanding so much! love you!

  35. I know God loves your praises and however you bring them to Him! 🙂 God bless you, Tammy , and your desire to thank Him always!

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