“Surely there is a reward for the righteous;
Surely He is God Who judges in the earth.”  Psalms 58:11

One thing that was tried while Aubrey was in public school was to give her rewards for good behavior, but then take them away for bad behavior. She soon grew indifferent to it all.

Jesus, thank You for being the reward no one can separate us from. And here’s a simple poem . . .


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Surely there is a reward
for those in Jesus

for those who are righteous
because of Him

maybe not a prize
or points earned system

but far beyond anything
offered by this world.


  1. and may we never grow indifferent to this pleasing the ‘Holy’ One. It is our ever glad joy to bless Him…

  2. Just the other day I was whining to God because, where I live, being a “good” tenant is not rewarded–but the “bad” tenants get rewarded in various ways (even if it’s just that their bad behavior is overlooked). And I was going on and on about how I know that “being good” is supposed to be it’s own reward–but that ain’t cuttin’ it, right now. My perspective was temporarily blurred–I was using the world’s philosophy, which will never satisfy us the way God’s rewards do. No more whining–I AM BLESSED BECAUSE I AM IN CHRIST. HE is my portion, my reward each and every day–for which I thank and praise Him, Jesus. God bless you big, as you go to work on a Monday, Sis Deb–praying for you, and love you lots–sis Caddo

  3. Thnx 🙂

    we store up for ourselves treasures in heaven. Treasures are found and discovered. Our treasures are in Christ.

    Just as rigtheousness is a gift, so is Gods blessing.

    I love it how Luther or Agustine said “God rewards us for the gifts He gave us”

    Indeed, it is by grace.

    +grace and peace

  4. Rewards are great because even God said that He will not with-hold anything good from us. And I love that reward I call it heaven rewards. Happy New Years Sis

  5. I shy away from thinking about rewards – I’m a little afraid to, but I should do this. It is part of God’s revelation to us, that He will give them, and perfect love casts out fear (of failure). Have a blessed week, Debbie, as you walk with Him, upright because of Him!

  6. Deb, It is wonderful to know that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, which is the greatest reward this life has to offer, and it is based on His character of generosity and love and not on our behavior. Love your poem, and the illustration of the giving and taking of rewards from Aubrey. When my son was young a reward system never seemed to work with him either. But I’ve always made sure he know I love him no matter what, and that makes all the difference. Peace, Linda

  7. I just had to come back and add something so cool. As we Speak Faith, even though we can’t see/hear/feel the answer we’re needing, God counts it as righteousness and rushes to us–in this morning’s reading, Malachi 3:15-4:3, God speaks directly to what I was complaining about; and follows it up in Rev 22:12. Is He Amazing and Way Cool, or what!!

  8. thank you Debbie for all of your wonderful poetry this year. Have a wonderful Happy New Year

  9. “but far beyond anything offered in this world.” is so very true, Debbie! We’re going to go from dung to glorious riches when we move on up! I’m thinking of what Paul said when I wrote that… 😉

    Blessings for 2013 ~ Wendy

  10. “…One thing that was tried while Aubrey was in public school was to give her rewards for good behavior…”

    When my son was going through his long-term potty training season, I came up with the idea of giving him stars when he succeeded. I had a poster on the wall and he was allowed to choose his star and paste it to the poster. Great idea…almost. He found the stars and pasted them everywhere. We gave up and he eventually graduated from this stage of his life before entering high school.

    Thank God, our reward is Jesus.

  11. Oh this is so wonderful, dear faithfilled fisherlady. The joy of pleasing Him has me tearful tonight. God bless you and your sweet ones, His beloveds!

  12. Oh He is so good! So much more than we ever hoped for! I am so excited at how He brought His answers and comfort to you through His word this morning. Was that quick or what? 🙂 God bless you as you praise His name and live out your reward! love and prayers! Thank you Sis Caddo, for being here with Jesus Joy and for all the prayers!

  13. I loved your comment . .. and thinking about God rewarding us for the gifts He gave us! Thank you so much for sharing grace and peace and Jesus here! 🙂 God bless you and yours!

  14. Happy New Years to you too, dear Desiray! God bless you as He with-holds nothing good from you! love and prayers!

  15. You are so right . .we walk upright because of Him! 🙂 I kind of shy away from that sort of thing too . .yet here I am. Thank you for joining me! 🙂 haha! God bless you and hold you close, being all the reward you could ever think of!

  16. I love this Linda, how you make sure your son knows you love him , no matter what. 🙂 That’s what God does . .that unconditional love for us. God bless you and yours as He loves on you today! So good to see you here . .happy New Year!

  17. Thanks, Terry, for always encouraging me! God bless you and Al, and bring still more smiles yet, in 2013.

  18. Thank you , dear Wendy, for reminding us that He has much prepared for us! God bless you and your family, with much love, peace and grace this new year!

  19. I love our Jesus reward! Look at all the stars He got to put up! 🙂 And I love your story too! Those kids are good teachers for us parents. God bless you and reward you with more of Himself!

  20. A reward worth looking forward to

  21. Thanks Debbie

  22. Amen, thank God for His Gift of Righteousness…which is JESUS!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  23. Isn’t it something dear friend – we experience such riches of rewards in Him every day! We don’t even have to wait until heaven! Grace upon grace.
    Much love to you and Aub in this wonderful new year!

  24. And we can have Him right now too! 🙂 God bless you, dear Emerald, His gem!

  25. What a gift we have in Jesus! Good to see you , Paul! God bless you and yours in this new year, and pour out His love and grace upon you!

  26. Love you, sweet gracious friend .. .and love not having to wait to receive the rewards of a life lived with Jesus. 🙂 Grace upon grace . ..wonderful image that makes! God bless you and keep you safe! I’ve been thinking about you! love and prayers! ( Aub’s rolling playdoh worms right now!)

  27. Oh Amen Debbie! So glad our faith isn’t in an arbitrary points system… but a reward that just goes on and on. He is the reward – Hallelujah!

  28. Rejoicing with you over our all out Jesus reward! God bless you and your sweet family , Ali, as He continues to pour out His love on you!

  29. I wanted to be here, thinking about these things with you and our brothers and sisters!
    You are right that closeness to God is all the reward we could ever think of. Your comment made me remember that the Lord promised this very thing to Abraham, that He would be His shield and very great reward. Blessed New Year, Debbie!

  30. Aww.. 🙂

  31. HIS rewards are incredible! They are completely free. They cannot be destroyed and will not even be diminished or damaged in any way. They are perfect and will remain perfect. They come from His super-abundance and come with His unfailing love, mercy and grace.

    And the greatest of His rewards? Himself! His abiding presence!

    What an incredibly amazing God!

  32. Oh my goodness! I am just getting over here, and saw that we both posted about the Lord’s judgement on the same day! Mine was a re-blog, but still…that is something. 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing that the Lord’s rewards are so much better than the world’s rewards, and that He is our portion and can’t be taken away.


  33. I love that , Theresa, that He had us on the same page! 🙂 Yay Jesus! God bless you and reward you with a heart full of His love today! love and prayers!

  34. Your comments always get me so excited . .like jumping up and down in my seat and amening! God bless you as you trust in your amazing God and He does all He says He will do!

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