“But God will redeem my soul from
the power of the grave,
For He shall receive me.”  Psalms 49:15

Death of life as we know it, is inevitable.

Lord, we thank You for receiving us when we come to You.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Into Glory

Oh my soul                                                                    wedding-invitation-rsvp-e1283818765131
is set free

the grave has no
power over me

for it is Jesus
in Whom I believe

and into His glory
I am received.


  1. Oh, Sis Deb, this sings in my heart and lifts me. Being received by Him–I can’t think of anything more wonderful! God bless your Tuesday with His joyful abundance–love, sis Caddo Delight

  2. Thanks Deb, its all about Jesus!

  3. Hallelujah! Death has no power over me! Isn’t that just so wonderful? And to think He loves us enough to receive us. Wow.

    Thanks for sharing Deb. Your simple poems make my heart sing.


  4. Amen Debbie death has no power over us. And it’s all due to the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise His Holy Name

  5. “…the grave has no
    power over me…”

    This is one of those biblical truths that I do not struggle in believing, not that I’m jumping in front of a Greyhound Bus today to hurry the process. But hey! This is what Christianity is all about: John 3:16’s promise of everlasting life.

    Great reminder for all of us today, especially in this season.

  6. Amen, sister. Wonderful.

  7. Love you and God bless you, Sis Caddo Delight! You are well received! 🙂

  8. Yes it is and I’m so glad! God bless you and yours, during Christmas and always!

  9. I think you always have a song in your heart . .. because of Jesus! 🙂 God bless you, Cheryl, as you keep singing for Him! love and prayers!

  10. Amen, dear Desiray! Thanking Him with you today! God bless!

  11. 🙂 So glad you aren’t volunteering to test it out for us , Mr. Larry. God bless you as you trust His promises today!

  12. God bless you, poet friend, and your family too!

  13. Love the fancy invitation on this image – I am imagining receiving my heavenly invitation. Much better than a White House gala! I love this thought, Debbie!

  14. Debbie, this would be an ideal meditation for one who is dying to think on. It is a lovely truth that would cast off fear from the death bed. We shall all be on one eventually – unless we’re caught up in the air beforehand!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  15. I love this statement that the grave has no power over us. Because of Jesus! It’s easy to become fearful, but we need not. He is with us, and will bring us into glory with Him as you say – WOW! 🙂

  16. I’m glad you liked that part, Melody! 🙂 I wasn’t sure it really fit together too well. God bless you as you look forward to all He has for you!

  17. Oh dear Wendy . ..thank you for blessing me with your comments. I wasn’t too pleased with this one .. .and I thought oh no .. .not another one about death. God bless you and all the ways He comforts you and sends away your fears!

  18. You are so sweet, Ali! Thanks for encouraging me and always being encouraged by Jesus! Your life shows that! God bless you!

  19. I think people need to talk about death more than we do. After all, the death rate is 100% – it comes to us all. And for people of faith it is simply a passing through a doorway. Jesus is our “door” to heaven.

  20. It is something to look forward to when you know your life on earth is like flying on Eagle’s (God’s) wings. When everything is straight in your life and the communication is ‘free flow’. I get to that point and wish to go home to rest but then… my work here is not done.

  21. What a wonderful poem of promise! Thank you for sharing it.


  22. I’m so thankful for you and your work! God bless you as you keep flying with Him!

  23. I love those promises! God bless you and yours, sweet Theresa! love and prayers!

  24. You’re so right, Wendy! 🙂

  25. 🙂 bless you.

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