In All Consideration

“Blessed is he who considers the poor. . .”  Psalms 41:1

Consider means:  1.) to think about in order to understand or decide  2.)  to have in mind  3.)  to have regard for  4.)  to believe to be.   (Webster’s New World Dictionary)

Lord, please help me to understand people’s poverty and move my heart and life on their behalf.  And here’s a simple poem . . .


So many wonderful
things to consider                                                                          images

to ponder
and debate

but, Lord, let my heart
regard the poor

please show me how
to undertake.

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  1. So lovely, Sis Deb–and the photo is perfect. God bless your Saturday–sending hugs from sis Caddo Delight

  2. This is a great need of our day, Debbie. To take notice and be a blessing to the poor that are around us. By the way, you couldn’t have picked a better human example (apart from Christ of course) of one who was concerned and gave themselves for the poor. Lord bless you.

  3. I’m reminded of the quote (and it is used in a song by Brooke Frasier) “Lord, break my heart with what breaks yours” (song). Original quote by Bob Pierce: “May my heart break with the things that break the heart of God.” One of my favorite quotes.

  4. I will post a piece in the morning that concludes with this same plea. Help me see what I can do . . . “to serve our God”.

  5. Hi,
    This poem has a very strong message because it points at each individual. it is not what everybody else can do but what I as one person can do with what I have.
    Thank you, Deb. I loved the poem.

  6. Thanks for this wonderful world during the Christmas as we are buying gifts for friends and family that our words of compassion for the poor need to materialize into undertakings.
    Thanks you for sharing.

  7. Jesus said we will always have the poor with us, He also told us to take care of them and the widows and orphans.

  8. Social justice – a huge part of our faith (or should be, anyway…). Isn’t it amazing that no matter how much aid is poured into troubled areas, it is never enough? We will always have the poor among us, because of the choices of those in power. A lovely prayer, seeking to keep the needs of others in sight…

  9. A lovely prayer that we need in order to help wisely and not hinder…
    Blessings to you Debbie ~ Wendy

  10. Thank you for my hugs and prayers! You bless us!! God bless you too and sending you lots of love!

  11. Thank you , Pastor Rob, for encouraging us to take notice and bless the poor around us each day. God bless you and yours! We need more Mother Theresa’s!

  12. That is a beautiful quote, Pastor Bill. May I not be afraid to have my heart broken for the poor today! God bless you!

  13. There has to be ‘something’, right Mr. Mike? 🙂 Looking forward to reading your post! God bless you and thank you for stirring us to serve!

  14. Great insight, Patricia .. .to look at what we can do individually! 🙂 You are a wise woman. Maybe if someone else sees what we are doing, they might join in too. God bless you and all you do!

  15. Thank you for understanding, JD! That is my prayer . .. to consider the poor, yes, but then may my considerations lead to actions. God bless you and yours, now and always!

  16. Yes, He did, dear Desiray. I want to make sure I’m doing what He told us to do. God bless you and yours and your ministry!!

  17. Thank you for your look into this, Melody! God bless you as you help those you can!

  18. I think you’re right . ..sometimes helping can hinder. You have me praying more! 🙂 And that’s a good thing! God bless you and yours Wendy!

  19. So many hungry and hurting — makes me sad! Great reminder to be, in the very least, vigilant in prayer for those in need.
    God Bless you and Aubrey.

  20. May the Lord touch my heart, to touch the lives of others who are in need, and may I heed His voice and His touch! Beautiful poem! Another look into your beautiful heart, Encouraging Debbie! Love and prayers!


  21. It is hard to see so many hungry and hurting. That’s why I know that there has to be something I can do, something that He wants to do through me. Praying to make myself available for Him and the poor. God bless you, Lady Dei!

  22. Yes, dearest Paulette, may I too heed His voice and His touch! God bless beautiful YOU! love and prayers and hugs!

  23. So u don’t waste your time, it is the same post that I put on my other site.

  24. “to believe to be…” yes, believing instead of dismissing.

  25. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  26. Thank you for noticing that, Brook! Yes . ..this is real and needs a real regard and consideration! God bless you, sweet lady!

  27. Every day we receive calls for help or ‘begging letters’ as so many call them. We can’t help everyone, but that is no excuse for not helping those we can. There are also people we see as we go about our lives – people with needs we can often meet. Some of us have time we can give to voluntary service to help the needy, maybe in an op-shop or soup kitchen or such. We can all do something – and SHOULD do whatever we can.

    Thanks for the reminder Deb, especially at this time of year when loneliness and need are compounded for many.

  28. Thank YOU, mentor Angela, for putting it so plainly for us. There is much loneliness and need, right around us .. right around me. Praying to do what I can and not dismiss it. God bless you and yours and your heart for the hurting, lost and poor.

  29. This should be a prayer of our heart every day. Thank you for sharing it!


  30. Thank you for your heart and faithfulness to pray and care about others, Theresa! Love you and God bless you!

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