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Hi and welcome to a look inside Israel today, thanks to our sis in Him in Jerusalem!  I still have a few communications of hers from when Operation Pillar and Cloud was happening, and this is one of them. God bless you and thank you for praying for Israel and J!   Now, here’s J . . .

‘IMMEDIATELY!’  I love that word.  In Hebrew it is ‘me‘ad’.
 When I was a young believer I had almost every prayer answered ‘immediately’. One day Pastor Hill said ‘It is in the distance between the prayer…and the answer to that prayer…that saints are made.’  I looked around me at some people who had been waiting for YEARS for specific answers…and indeed…the word ‘saint’ was a good description of their character.  As I ‘matured’ (please God!) I found that I too was told more often then not to ‘wait’. The ‘immediate’ answers came less and less and I ‘stood’ more and more. 
TODAY I had an IMMEDIATE answer to prayer and it deeply encouraged me as the nature and intensity of this war was ratcheted up.
I was at work when my boss’ daughter called her dad ‘Abba! Pagua b’tel aviv!’ – ‘Dad! There was a bombing in Tel Aviv!’ That is where she lives and attends school.  I switched my computer to ynet and it was already being reported: The first bus bombing in a long time. Ten injured was being reported…then 17…finally 21.  Three are in severe to moderate condition.  There were quite a number of injuries on our side as well yesterday…and two killed: a young soldier and a Bedouin.
You might remember that I rode the bus daily during the last intifada with buses blowing up sometimes in front of me.  I learned to trust The Lord to lead and prayed before each journey, and stayed alert.  But I understood today that it left a ‘mark’ that I hadn’t known was there. 
I had to leave work a couple of hours later and my stomach was in a knot. Everyone around me was nervous but I am usually the calming effect.  But everyone knows that Jerusalem is ‘the prize’…and that it is just a matter of time before they begin here again.  I walked to the bus stop praying…but nervous.  I did not want to ride the rail.  (remember I ride first the bus and then the rail home) I also had to stop at the shuk on the way home.  I felt fear rise.  I prayed for guidance…for Him to lead me.  I felt to go to the right up a different street and obeyed.  ‘Was that Him or just my own flesh? Can I hear Him? What if I am only hearing myself…or worse…a DIFFERENT spirit…’ Fear gripped my heart and I knew it.  I needed now to walk up to the shuk and as I looked up the road I didn’t want to go.  I began to pray and out of my mouth (yes, out loud) came the words ‘Lord, I really NEED to see another believer.  Please have another believer cross my path?’  Now, I have to tell you…this almost never happens.  I think I WRITE about every time that it does!  The prayer was not 2 seconds out of my mouth (I am not exaggerating) when I looked into the window of the bakery along side of me, and there was a sister from another fellowship whom I have not seen in YEARS!  I ran into the bakery and threw my arms around her (scaring her to death I’m afraid!) and said (in Hebrew) ‘SISTER!  YOU ARE AN ANSWER TO PRAYER!!’ and I relayed the story to her.  ‘Sis, you are in the right place…and now I know that I am too.’ 
I walked to the shuk with the confidence that I AM my Beloved’s and He IS mine! 
I hope that you are keeping up with the news and with the commentary of believers who are called to translate the seasons with His anointing.  There is no doubt that this conflict is in great danger of becoming far far greater and spilling over many borders.  I speak to those who KNOW THE WORD, and to myself, who also seeks to know The Word and love the Truth…KNOW THE WORD AND HIM WHO IS THE WORD THAT WE MAY NOT BE DECEIVED IN THESE DAYS…AND THAT HAVING DONE ALL…TO STAND.  May we stand for HIS glory!
I wish ALL of my American sisters and brothers a joyous THANKSGIVING FILLED WITH THANKFULNESS TO HIM FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!  I am thankful for you.  Your sis hidden in Him in Jerusalem
ani b’derek
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  1. Reblogged this on Burning Fire Shut Up In My Bones and commented:
    Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

    Here is another update from our sister in Israel. Please continue to pray for the peace of Israel, as Scripture commands us to do. Much love to you all!

  2. very good!

  3. Great testimony about an awesome God.

  4. It blessed me to hear how “wait” builds character and yet He will answer immediately when that is what we need… I hear “wait” so much! Now I can give thanks for even this!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. Thank you for reblogging, Cheryl! God bless you and yours today!

  6. Thank you, Terry . ..I’ll let J know! God bless you and Al each step of the way!

  7. Indeed! I love testimonies! God bless you, Mr. Larry . I send your comment off to Jerusalem.

  8. I loved that too, Wendy! I hear lots of ‘waits’ too .. .so we’ll just wait together! 🙂 God bless you and thank you for encouraging J and me! Sending you off to Jerusalem!

  9. Thank you for posting this, Debbie! My husband prays for Jerusalem and the Jewish people every day – our beautiful, rich root of the natural olive tree God planted. We can pray for J, hidden there.
    I will send a link to this post to him.

  10. You are so kind! Thank you for taking the time to comment and share this with your husband. J will be blessed! God bless you as you bless us!!!

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