When Everyone Says Glory

“The voice of the LORD makes the deer give birth,
and strips the forests bare;
And in His temple everyone says, “
Glory!” ‘  Psalms29:9

I love that everyone in His temple says , “Glory”.

Lord, I desire that any selfish opinions, thoughts and words fade away so all that comes out glorifies You.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

The Voice of Glory

source – us-intellectual-history.blogspot.com

You’re the voice over the mountains
the voice over the seas
the voice over the forests
the voice over me.

Calling me to lay down my opinions
to lay down my selfishness
to lay down my own thoughts
and worship You in holiness.



  1. Thanks so much for posting this. It put this song in my heart:


  2. May you continue to glorify Him through your blog postings. They are a blessing.

  3. beautiful!

  4. ‘Glory’ is one concept I don’t think we in North America have a very good grasp of. We don’t have the pomp and ceremony of the courts of old to compare it to. Your image helps us to imagine glory as that of a natural ray of light, a sunbeam of God finding its way through a deep forest, to rest upon US! Glory!

  5. A powerful poem Deb. In these last days we must let His voice overcome all others, even our own, until the world hears only Him!

  6. Deb, this is such a beautiful poem. I like the picture, too.

    “The voice over me”.

    There is something really special about that. I want to linger there and think about that. I am so glad the Lord has you here.


  7. How many of us are like Moses and really want to see God’s glory (Exodus 33:18)? We all can, but the requirement is drastic because we must die (Exodus 33:20).

    Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you had a great time with family.

  8. Debbie, this is my new favorite of yours! I love how He speaks through nature and through your posts. Your poetry truly glorifies him.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  9. This is Beautiful, Sis Deb–a modern psalm, a prayer poem from the heart. It’s just my opinion, but I think that every time He brings us through a fire (little or big), we glimpse His glory–not enough to blind us, but sufficient to keep the flame of hope and desire for more, burning. (Kind of like a pilot light??) Thanks for always lifting us up to see more of HIM–God bless you BIG today! love, sis Caddo Delight

  10. What a blessing you are and this song is too! Thank you, Cheryl, for having a song to Him in your heart all the time! God bless you!

  11. Praying to be able to do that, Pastor Rob. Thank you for your help and blessings!

  12. God bless you, Terry!

  13. You made this deeper and more profound with that special poet teacher way you have! Thank you, Melody, and God bless you as His glory rests on you!

  14. Yes! Gotta lay me down before I can be lifted up into His glorious presence.

  15. Thank you tons for this, Pastor J. You’ve said what resonates in my soul . ..until the world hears only Him. God bless you as you desire His voice over you today.

  16. God bless you, wonderful woman of the Word, and how you love to linger and ponder the things of God. Praying that your time with Him will be blessed! love and prayers! So thankful for you!

  17. Thank you for your insights for us always, Mr. Larry! And thank you for the thanksgiving wishes! We did have a good time and not as hard to see loved ones leave, knowing Christmas is coming up and we’ll get them back. 🙂

  18. Oh, you really bless me, dear Wendy! Thank you. God bless you as you listen and see Him today, all over and around you!

  19. I love this, Sis Caddo Delight, how we glimpse His glory each time He brings us through a fire! What a beautiful encouragement . ..and like a pilot light too . ..I see poem material here. 🙂
    God bless you as you say ‘glory’ today! love you and am thinking of you!

  20. Thanks Patricia, for sharing that oh so important step!!! God bless you as He lifts you up today!

  21. Love the post, Deb!
    God Bless you & Aubrey!

  22. (How does she do that?) There you go again, pouring your grace all over everything… 🙂

  23. God bless you, too, Lady Dei . ..and keep the snakes away!

  24. Hey Cheryl – thanks for sharing this – I love Justin’s music. We were passing through KC once, and hung out in the prayer room one evening – what an amazing atmosphere!

    this is a blessing

  25. I love this Deb – I love that the word tells us the whole earth is filled with the Glory of God – and that is probably why there are so many deer at the side of the road these days.

    We just need our Glory antenna tuned up.

    When Moses sees His glory – He lets His goodness pass before Moses, and see His goodness everyday – like the rays of the sun.

    I pray His voice washes over us today!

    wonderful poetry Deb!
    Have a great Sunday
    Brother Ben

  26. I am so blessed by your comment, Ben! Thank you! I am asking for my Glory antenna to be tuned up as I type. 🙂 God bless you and yours, as you gather together and give all the glory to Him!

  27. Just perfect Deb. I can’t add anything, but say ‘Amen!’

  28. I will amen your amen, mentor Angela! God bless you. love and prayers!

  29. Yes, our great Father YAHWEH must have all the Glory for everything!
    without Him there would be nothing for HE MADE ALL THINGS OUT OF NOTHING. Amazing! And the Angels sang Glory to god in the Highest!
    Amein… Susan. xox

  30. Amen, sweet Susan! God bless you and thank you for being here, adding your praise to Him! love you and thankful for you!

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