“I Am Helped”

“The LORD is my strength and my shield;
My heart trusted in Him and I am helped.”  Psalms 28:7

We are a nation and a people that need help.

Oh Lord, I pray for us to trust in You today.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Trust His Help

source – bridegroomofmysoul.blogspot.com

I will not let you
go down to the pit
for I am the Shepherd
Who pulled you from it.

Trust in Me
and you shall be helped
strengthened by My hand
not of yourselves.


  1. I needed this Debbie. Remembering today that He’s already pulled me out of darkness and will do so again. And it’s all about relying on His strength.
    So thankful 🙂

  2. Last night, a 50 year old guy, told with tears in his eyes, of never having gone to church but for weddings. He said he had been in jail two months and had been praying for both he and his wife. Their 95 year old neighbor invited her to church. She has been going for 3 weeks and feels better than she has ever felt.

    I believe the Lord just lifted them out of a pit.

  3. This is so amazing. Sometimes we just forget how amazing. I turned a problem to God this week and left it there. It wasn’t until I read your post that I remembered that it was now gone. Thank you God. Thank you Debbie.

  4. Our prayer this Thanksgiving should be for forgiveness for the sins of our nation and a miracle of God…. so much to be thankful for and yet so little appreciation for all He has done! Lord bless you Deb. Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Hi,
    I can only say Amen to this verse of scripture. I can’t count the number of times during the day when this scripture along is there providing protection for my life and giving me the things I need to survive.

  6. Amen – apart from Him, I can do nothing. Thanks for your uplifting poetry – it’s such a blessing.


  7. Thank you for the comforting reminder. Indeed He has pulled us out of the pit.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  8. wow, loved this poem Debbie!

  9. “…I will not let you
    go down to the pit
    for I am the Shepherd
    Who pulled you from it…”

    The same Shepherd, who somehow saved each of us from our stubborn determination to end up in Hell, is well able to lead America through the days and years ahead. And for this, I’m thankful.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Aub, and family. Go lightly on the yogurt and heavy on the pie.

  10. Oh this is so Wonderful, Sis Deb! I am thankful every minute that He pulled me out of the pit, and won’t ever let me fall into it again; and that His help, His strength are always better than what I can muster on my own. My “great ideas” may fail, but He is the Great I AM! My efforts are puny, but He is the Super Power Lord–Jesus! We CAN trust in HIM–because HE ALWAYS WINS!! Happy Thanksgiving to my Sweet Sis and family–and I’m with Lar, forget the yogurt for Heaven’s sake!! Love you BIG–your always sis Caddo Delight

  11. “I am helped” ~ This is the cry that we should utter in praise and thanks many times a day, for indeed we ARE helped by our loving ever-present triune God numerous times every day.

    We serve an amazing God who delights to work in us, bringing us to perfection in Him. Thankfully, we are confident that He will continue His work and one day soon . . . one day soon . . . one way or the other, He is coming!

    What an amazing God!

  12. We are definitely a world in need of God! I pray that we will return to worshiping the one true God!
    God Bless you, Deb!

  13. Beautiful and powerful Deb! I am thankful for His help and for you this Thanksgiving day. Abundant blessings and thanksgivings to you and yours!

  14. This is sooo true Debbie. Sometimes He pulled me out of the pit, sometimes He blocked the pit!

    Imagine a trampoline — inside the pit. Then I jumped in the pit and I bounced back.

    Then I heard Him say, “Don’t be so hard headed okay? Get into the light.” It is not an angry voice. It’s full of love and understanding.

    What can I say but, “Thank you sooo much for all the love.”

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for giving so much love to everyone Debbie. Huggggggs 🙂

  15. Thankful for your thankfulness, Ali! Remembering His goodness and strength today with you! God bless you and your sweet family!

  16. What a beautiful testimony to share here, Mike! Thank you so much! Yes, I’d say that was definitely a pit lifting experience. God bless you and yours as you trust in His help!

  17. Tammy, I just loved that you turned it over to Him and left it there! 🙂 And, now it’s gone! Thanking God with you and God bless you always as you keep looking to Him for help.

  18. Praying with you, Pastor Rob, that we be a thankful people, a humble people . ..that I be thankful and humble. God bless you, too, and praying your Thanksgiving was blessed!

  19. You said so much in your comment, dear Patricia! Praying to just keep before Him, trusting and praying. God bless you and thank you for adding to this post, for being here!

  20. Thank you , Cheryl, for your faith and trust that helps us to keep the faith and trust in Him too! God bless you and a late happy Thanksgiving! love and prayers!

  21. I’m so thankful with you, Wendy, that He knows how to get us out of there and always how to help us! God bless you and your family as you trust in Him and are helped!

  22. God bless you, Terry! I’m behind, but hoping you and Al had a nice Thanksgiving time!

  23. I love your trust and faith in Him, Mr. Larry! Yes, He is able . ..may we be willing to trust His ability and lead. Thank you for your great comments all time and for the Thanksgiving blessings! Smiling at your instructions! 🙂 God bless you and yours too, with plenty of pie!

  24. Oh Sis Caddo, your excitement and praise for Jesus just jumps off the screen! You know about pits and being out of them too . .and that brings about great faith and trust in your God! God bless you and all the many things you stay thankful for. love and prayers as I sneak some yogurt tonight! haha!

  25. Yes, indeedy, mentor Angela, I am helped all the day long. I don’t think I could last a second without Him. God bless you and yours, as you celebrate the work He is doing unto that ‘one day soon’.
    love and prayers!

  26. Praying with you, Lady Dei, that we trust and worship Him, just Him. God bless you and your sweet ones! You shine!

  27. Thank you for the blessings, Tom! I am thankful for you too, and for how He helps us, always! Over and over He proves He is trustworthy. God bless you as you keep trusting Him and clinging to His truth!

  28. Oh what a sweet sweet blessing to have our very own sweet bended spoon here!!! I love what you shared!!! What a perfect picture of Him putting a trampoline in the pit, so we bounce back while He just keeps encouraging us not to jump in there.
    Thanking Him with you, Rea of His Sonshine and thanking Him for you! love you bunches!! You have me smiling hugely! 😀

  29. *Thank you* for the reminder to “trust His help.* Much-needed!

  30. I need to re-read my own posts and get reminded! 🙂 God bless you as He helps you and you trust Him more and more!

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