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Hello and welcome to a look inside Israel today! Thank you for being here and thank you for praying. J of Jerusalem has been sending daily communications and I may just add extra Inside Israel posts each day, for those who want to read what she is experiencing there in Israel, first hand.  God bless you!  Now, here’s J . . .

Greetings, dear friends, in The Name of The Lord Yeshua, Jesus.  May HE be exalted, glorified and blessed, and may each of you be blessed!
I am writing this with the news on in the background, as events here in the Middle East are moving so quickly and we have been encouraged to keep informed.  I checked each of the English speaking news channels emanating from both America and Europe, but they are all covering the Obama speech.  On our channel I am watching the beginnings of “Operation Pillar and Cloud” (מבצע עמוד וענן  is how it looks in Hebrew).  It is a good name…God Himself was in the Pillar and the Cloud, leading, protecting and separating us from the enemy as He led the children of Israel out of Egypt into the Promised Land. The cloud always represents The Presence of God…and His Fire…
 A million Israelis are watching this from shelters in the South right now. School is cancelled for tomorrow. This ‘exchange’ began with more then 110 rockets and missiles raining down on our south from Gaza this past weekend.  A short lived, Egyptian brokered ‘cease fire’ was announced on Monday but did not stick. This evening, after receiving more rockets, our air force carried out a successful targeted attack on the leader of the hamas’ ‘military wing’ who was directly responsible not only for coordinating these attacks, but for the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit. It will be morning before we understand which way this is leading, but the implications are huge.,7340,L-4305343,00.html  We are now surrounded by a new ‘reality’ since the ‘Arab Spring’ showed its true colors.  This past week we fired on Syria for the first time since 1973 when ‘errant shells’ from the Syrian war fell in Israel.  (note that when ‘errant shells’ fell in Turkey, there was an extremely harsh response from Turkey). The militant rebels have now taken over the villages in the south of Syria on the Israeli boarder.  This is a very serious development.  At the same time, uprisings have begun in Jordan to our East. Egypt, on our Southern boarder, is spouting more and more aggressive rhetoric toward Israel…and Iran watches and gloats. There is NO doubt that these events are all coordinated. 
So what is our response to be as believers living here? Several scriptures have spoken to me loudly over the past few days.  David said to Jonathan when Saul was determined to kill him “…there is but a step between me and death.” (1Sam 20:3) That arrested me.  David was to be so ‘fine tuned’ by God to be able to walk in the step of ‘life’ and not be snared into the ‘step of death’.  “ONE STEP”!  How incredibly circumspect one would have to be to walk in such a tight space for so long as David did.  This is surely God’s training…”This is the path…walk ye in it”  Psalm 99 also spoke volumes to me and as I look at it right now I get the chills to see verse 7 “He spoke to them in the cloudy pillar”!
These are the lessons before me as I go about my daily life, called to live in Jerusalem and pray for her peace and until she be made a PRAISE in all the earth!
And it poured rain this week, for which I give thanks!  It was good, so good to see the water freely drenching us and the thirsty earth.  HOWEVER…it magnified something that had been concerning me; we have no heat.  The dwellings here are all made of stone, and believe me…it gets COLD!  It is a bone chilling cold that soaks into the stone and radiates out.  We have a ‘cold water flat’.  A couple of times a week we heat water with an electric hot water heater so that we can take a shower.  Other then that we heat water on our stove for washing dishes etc. Heat was, in the past, provided to our apartment by central heating from the first of Nov through April.  It is turned on once a day at about 4pm and turned off at about 10pm.  It feels SO good while it is on and we really look forward to it.  This year there has been a dispute over costs and November first came and went…and cold began to set in.  We spoke to our neighbors.  They all had some form of auxiliary heat, but we don’t…so I prayed.  That was Sunday morning.  When I went for my weekly blood test I mentioned the situation to the lab technician (when you have your blood taken weekly for years, you become good friends). “Oh no!” she commiserated…’but wait!  We have an old ‘tanour neft’ (kerosene heater) on our porch.  We don’t use it.  You can have it if you want.’  What an answer to prayer! The next night we brought home our heater and are in the process of setting it up.  Meanwhile, the building committee presented us all with bills today to get the central heat going again.  It is double what it has been before!  It looks like we have a battle brewing inside as well as outside.  There is a bumper sticker here (in Hebrew) that says ‘TO BE ISRAELI IS TO HELP ONE ANOTHER’.  As I look at our kerosene heater I have to agree and marvel at how quickly people are willing to help with any problem.  As the situation heats up again, there will be ample opportunity to help one another. 
I see I am too tired to write any more tonight.  I am afraid that I have been struggling in a far deeper way then I ever expected concerning the departure of our children.  Yesterday I had to face the fact that I am struggling against depression and need to take a strong stand against it.  Thank you for your prayers. 
J of Jerusalem
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  1. Praying against the voices of depression slamming against J’s mind.

  2. “Several scriptures have spoken to me loudly over the past few days. David said to Jonathan when Saul was determined to kill him “…there is but a step between me and death.” (1Sam 20:3) That arrested me. David was to be so ‘fine tuned’ by God to be able to walk in the step of ‘life’ and not be snared into the ‘step of death’. “ONE STEP”! How incredibly circumspect one would have to be to walk in such a tight space for so long as David did.”

    What a great thought for us all to keep in mind. As their nation wrestles out its differences with surrounding hostile nations and we as we wrestle out differences among ourselves. It is a good reminder to me to make sure I remain in that “tight space” where God permits us to walk.

    I will look forward to more regular postings of J’s writings. I intend to provide a link on my sight to your posts.

  3. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    Please continue to pray for the safety of Israel and her people. May God’s grace rain down on all. God bless you and our prayers for your safety are heartfelt!

  4. […] is part of the most recent post from the lady in Israel who from now on I will refer to as she refers to herself – J.  I can […]

  5. very well written and so important what you wrote!!

  6. I will pray for J. To hear that she is missing her children deeply touches me. There is so much going on in the Middle East…
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  7. I cannot claim that I am a Jew for the bloodline came through my grandfather. Oddly I regret that for I feel Israel is my nation and my people.

  8. Thank you, Mr. Larry! God bless you as you pray!

  9. Thank you, Loopyloo, for the reblog and all you do to help us keep informed! God bless you and yours!

  10. Thank you for sharing J at your blog today, Mike! God bless you as you pray and seek Him!

  11. Thank you, dear Terry! You are a blessing and a help! God bless you today, and Al too!

  12. We can relate to that, can’t we Wendy, as momma’s? God bless you as you stay so tender to Him and His prompting of you to pray and write.

  13. Thank you so much for being here and for praying . .. and for feeling a connection to Israel that is hard to explain, but is there for many of us too, who are Gentiles.
    God bless you and yours today! I will send your comment and all the others off to J in Jerusalem, to bless her and encourage her!

  14. Praying for J & Israel! Interesting Post!
    God Bless You, Deb!

  15. Thank you for being here and praying, Lady Dei! Flying your comment on to J in Israel! Buckle up! 🙂

  16. That is a great thought, Mike, to remain in that tight space where God permits us to walk. Thank you for sharing these posts. The more people praying and knowing what is going on, the better!
    God bless you and yours! I found this in spam, that’s why it didn’t show up sooner!

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