“You will show me the path of life.
In Your
presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures fo
revermore.”  Psalm 16:11

Doesn’t “fullness of joy” sound wonderful?

Lord, thank You for making such a thing as being full of joy possible, when we are with You.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Filling Up

source – newlife.id.au

Joy is one thing
I can still have

while giving everything
else away

for there is fullness
in Your presence

so in Your presence
I will stay.


  1. Joy is so different from happiness. Joy is something that when given away always come back to refill us.

  2. very nice

  3. So awesome!!! This is the second time today I have read this Scripture. It is awesome to know that this joy will be with me and will be more than enough no matter what else in life disappears. You can have all this world just give me Jesus!

  4. This poem is wonderful, Debbie! “while giving everything else away” is a very powerful statement and true. Where would we be if Jesus had not given all to the Father?
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. Thank you for this reminder of what is possible if we will but receive it!

  6. Oh I like this one A LOT, Sis Deb!! Yep, fullness in Jesus, in His Presence, plenty of Joy–and if the glass gets knocked over, He’s so good (and fairly quick!) to clean up the mess and fill me Up again!! Yay, God!! May He bless your Wow-Wednesday full to overflowing–much love, your sis Caddo Delight!

  7. Yes It Does!!! (sound wonderful) Just as you poem points out… it is only through Him that we can recieve this great joy! Thanks Debbie for another encouraging posting. Lord bless.

  8. I love that, Pastor Bill . ..joy “comes back to refill us”. 🙂 Like one of those endless refill cups. God bless you as He fills you up today!

  9. God bless you, Terry, and fill you to the top today, as you give and do so much for others.

  10. I saw this too, at Paulette’s, Pastor J! 🙂 Loved “you can have all this world just give me Jesus!” God bless you as you keep your cup and life held out to Him.

  11. Wow Wendy, you have blessed me today, thinking about all Jesus has given to the Father. Let there be joy! God bless you and yours as you experience His joy today!

  12. Great point, Martha . .praying for us now to receive His love, life, forgiveness and joy. God bless you and thank you for being here and blessing us!

  13. Oh He is so good about the messes and knocked over glasses, just patting and blotting and telling us there’s always more. 🙂
    Love you filled up to overflowing Sis Caddo Azure Indigo Abergine Delight. 🙂 God bless your Wow Wednesday as you stay in His presence and joy!

  14. God bless you, Pastor Rob, as you experience His joy and presence today! Thank you for helping us and blessing us here!

  15. It is amazing that in His presence there are no fears, worries, doubts, or problems, only joy. Somehow, because the kingdom resides in us, we can learn how to live in that joy everyday.

  16. joy …such a precious thing for all of us to have ..thanks fro sharing Debbie!

  17. Only joy in His presence . .loved that, Mr. Larry. So true. Thank you for encouragement of what we can have because of Jesus! God bless you and yours in all the joy possible!

  18. God bless joyous you, flora! Thank you too!

  19. thank u

  20. Amen – I praise God that He fills me up, and He keeps filling me up, over and over and over… at no extra cost – He paid the price for me! Hallelujah! Thanks so much for sharing this Sis Debbie.

  21. 🙂 I love the “at no extra cost” because He paid the price for me. 🙂 Thank you, Cheryl! God bless you too, as He just keeps filling you up and you just keep pouring Him out!

  22. This is one of my many favourite verses Deb.
    “Fullness of joy” – something that cannot be explained – something that has to be experienced to know – something too incredulous for words – and yet something so R-E-A-L!

    What an amazing God!

  23. I love what you said, Mentor Angela, that joy can’t be explained but needs to be experienced to know. 🙂 God bless you as He keeps you in that incredible place, in fullness of joy!

  24. “Fullness of joy.” Beautiful words. Beautiful post


  25. God bless beautiful you, Theresa, as He fills you with joy! love you too!

  26. Encouraging Debbie, I enjoyed your poem, immensely, and I think you have probably deduced, that Psalm 16:11 is one of my favorite scriptures found within the “Psalms.” 🙂 Reading this post for the first time tonight, was surprising to me. I’m sure you know why. 🙂 Our God certainly works in such beautiful ways! 🙂 Love and prayers!

  27. Paulette . .I KNOW! haha! I was kind of speechless about it when I arrived at Worship Wednesday, but it did not escape my notice. Thanking Him for you, our praise and worship leader , and the fullness of Joy He brings to you! love and prayers!

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