Inside Israel – Cloud Bursts and Sukkas

Hi and welcome to a look inside Israel, as J of Jerusalem shares about one of her favorite times . . Sukkot! Thank you for coming and praying for Israel and J and her family!  Now, here’s J . . .

Thank You Lord that You reveal Yourself through Sukkot!  My FAVORITE holiday!  Sitting, vulnerable, in a hut with date palms and willows for a see-through roof, walls of material and a woven rug to cover the dirt floor, we are commanded to be able see the stars through the ‘roof’…so that we can REMEMBER Who is to lead and care for us…and to give thanks for all of the abundance that He has given, is giving and will give…and to pray for rain, which comes from Him alone.  On Friday at ifi prayer meeting, Eliyahu reminded us that NOW is the beginning of the prayer for rain, and when I came home from kehila last night, suddenly our daughter ran in ‘Is that RAIN I hear??’  We ran outside barefoot to see the first rain and to thank Him!  It was just a cloud burst lasting less then a minute, but a BIG one, and quite dramatic since we have had no rain since perhaps the end of April.  Everything smelled so good!  Having been deeply moved by the Word shared at kehila last night, I rose very early to seek Him without any distraction or pressure, and suddenly, around 4am, there it was again…the sound of RAIN!  I ran out to praise Him in another cloud burst, returning with my wet bare feet to seek Him some more…and may this be the year of ABUNDANT RAIN OF HIS SPIRIT as well as the natural rain! 
Our sukka is MOSTLY ready for the beginning of Sukkot at sundown tonight, but I still have a great deal of preparation ahead of me in this short day, so this note will also be short, hopefully followed by a fuller one.  I will run to the shuk, where the stalls are full of eye dazzling assortments of the good of the land…the fresh fruits are bursting with color and fragrance: there are stalks of fresh dates and bins of dry ones…there are huge red pomegranates, stalks of home grown bananas, green mandarins, mangos, figs, grapes of all colors, each, the size of plums, and plums and apples of all colors as well.  Nuts and dried fruit, sweet pastries peculiar to the Middle East are there dripping with honey, halvah, breads and oils.  He has been good to us.  I will decorate my sukka with flowers and some of these fruits and put many in bowls on the table in the midst.  I have the commandments from scripture pinned to the ‘walls’ in both Hebrew and English, as we are hoping to have many visitors to our sukka and many who are unsaved…my prayer being that the scripture will draw them into questioning.  Sukkot is the one feast also celebrated by the Christians (who call it the Feast of Tabernacles), so there are MANY international convocations, conferences and meetings going on right now as well as the celebration in the land.  WHEW!  TALK ABOUT ACTIVITY!  Can you imagine Christmas and Chanukah taking place together FOR A WEEK, and EVERYBODY coming from around the world to celebrate both together in YOUR city?? Invitations go out to visiting friends from overseas, the local body, neighbors, people from work, just about anyone you meet “COME AND BLESS US BY COMING TO OUR SUKKA!” as the sukka is OPEN and meant to welcome one and all.  And, by the way, the city is COVERED with sukkas of all shapes and sizes.  They line streets and sidewalks are on balconies, roof tops, in back yards and open squares.  Every restaurant has them. It IS a colorful holiday, if not a nightmare time in traffic…and I for one must work during this holidayL.  Being one of the 3 ‘appointed feasts’ (where all are called to Jerusalem to present themselves with an offering) there will be a day of Priestly Blessing at the Western Wall (a day in which traffic is GRIDLOCKED!) and there is also the Jerusalem March…as the people who made their way to Jerusalem march in a colorful display of…well…thanksgiving.  This march is one of the greatest ways in which we have seen the Christians from the nations touch so deeply the general population as their show of love and faith moves the crowds in an uncanny way. 
AT THIS RATE I WILL NOT HAVE FOOD IN MY SUKKA AT SUNDOWN L  So, inspite of the fact that I so want to stay here and write…I MUST move on.  May The Lord lead and guide and may NOTHING be done out of flesh…ALL for His glory and by His leading for the purpose of revealing HIM and WORSHIPING HIM!  I wish you were here…and for those of you who ARE…GIVE ME A CALL SO WE CAN GET TOGETHER?  Lovingly, your sis
ani b’derek
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  1. great job, good one!!!!

  2. Thank you, dear Terry, for always being so encouraging! God bless you and Al today!

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