All Or Nothing

“To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled.”  Titus 1:15

I live with someone pure and it’s a tremendous blessing.

Lord, thank You for purifying us more and more so that we can see only You.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

The Pure

source –

To the pure
all things are pure

deeply etched and
completely sure

mind, heart and soul

seeking and seeing Jesus
mile after mile.


  1. Deb – I just have to say BEAUTIFUL and thank you for your precious Aubrey who reminds you of His purity. Bless you both as you look to Him xx

  2. Simple and to the point. I, too, live with someone pure. For 39+ years. Love the short poem most.

  3. Wow, this may be your most wonderful simple poem ever, Sis Deb–what a gift Aubie is!! God bless your birthday to overflowing! love, sis Caddo

  4. Wow, beautiful! “Seeking and seeing Jesus mile and mile” – love it – the secret to purity: keeping our focused on the Perfect One 🙂

  5. His work in our hearts giving us victory over sin and continuing spiriutal growth is a wonderful blessing to us all. Lord bless you and thank you for the encouraging reminder!

  6. Right after I spend time with the Lord, I feel quite pure and holy. Then my wife comes downstairs and I have to interact with her and others during the day. that’s when I learn about my purity. It’s not quite at the 24 carat state yet, but who knows? Maybe tomorrow.

    Great insight.

  7. I love the ending. Wisely we must continue to seek Him as we move forward.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  8. One should ask themselves daily how much are we really giving to God, do we give God 50% of us or does He has 100% total rein in our lives. To call Him Lord He want totally access to our lives….even the area where we hold back and don’t want to talk about…those hidden dark places we seem to of forgotten..but thanks be to God He has not forgotten and He want ALL OF US

  9. It is my prayer that the Lord will continually renew my mind and wash it with the word, refresh me with that hope that purifies.

    “2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

    3 And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.” 1John 3:2-3

    Thank you for sharing this.


  10. very nice

  11. She is such a blessing, sweet Aimee, in so many ways. A gift . ..a pure one! God bless you as you see Jesus today! love and prayers!

  12. Oh that is really wonderful! I’m so glad that you do . ..please hug her for me! 🙂 God bless you as you stay pure for Him.

  13. Yes she is and her pure heart and mind affect my life is so many ways . . good ways! God bless you Sis and thank you for all the birthday love and wishes! love you!

  14. Oh I love you sharing the secret to purity . . .keeping focused on the Perfect One! 🙂 Thank you, Ali! God bless your pure heart too!

  15. Debbie, this is one ‘simple poem’ I am about to copy, paste and print on a bookmark. God bless you and your pure one. May the Lord use your lives to speak volumes to the other in your life.
    We serve an amazing God!

  16. I love what only He can do in us! Thank you for keeping us thinking about His enduring work, Pastor Rob, and God bless!

  17. Definitely tomorrow! 🙂 The same thing can happen to me too, Mr. Larry. You remember that lesson plan we were on about patience and dying to self? I’ve flunked a few tests!!! Do you have a cheat sheet for me?? haha!
    God bless you as you hunger and thirst for Him!

  18. I’m so glad that made sense to you, Wendy! God bless you as you keep going after Him!

  19. What a great way to show us how God sees us and works purity in us, by having control over all of us . ..even the hidden forgotten parts! God bless you, dear Desiray as you let Him reign in your life!

  20. Oh I am so blessed by your comment, Theresa! Of course, you would know this, that His Word washes and purifies us . . that His hope purifies us too! Thank you so much for the 1 John verses and for being you. God bless you too! love and prayers!

  21. Thank you for encouraging me, Terry, and God bless you and Al today!

  22. We so so do serve an amazing God, who loves us and leads us and makes a way! God bless you and thank you for your prayers! He is answering in beautiful ways! love you!

  23. Thank you, Dearest Deb …

    “Lord, thank You for purifying us more and more so that we can see only You. ”

    “To the pure, all things are pure…”
    Simply so! If I seek to see Him “mile after mile”, I guess I will have no time / place to dwell on impurities. Cool!

    Hope you had a terrific day. I joined the party late. Yay school. Ouch 🙂


  24. I’ve long appreciated the referenced verse.
    My mother-in-law comes to mind when I think of this kind of purity. Like a child whose mind has not become contaminated by worldly thinking, she might be considered “naive”.
    But I see the beauty of a heart that is fixed on Jesus.

    I’m glad you have someone in your life who reflects this same precious innocence.

  25. Wow! That scripture is so true! I love the pure of heart — children can be so trusting and loving and untainted. Loved the poem, Deb!
    God Bless You!

  26. Oh Ann of grace and song, you were just on time! 🙂 I loved the song and love thinking about how if I’m focused on Him I’ll have no time for the impurities. Amen!
    God bless you and guide you through these days of study and work!

  27. It is precious and ministers to others, when you are around someone who is pure like this. I’m glad you know what I mean! 🙂 God bless you and yours, and the purity that is found in you!

  28. You know about those little ones, so untainted and trusting! I love what you share with us from them. Thank you and God bless you, Lady Dei!

  29. I am realizing more and more how very incredible a gift purity really is. To be purely loved by a pure God is a gift beyond our capability to grasp it, isn’t it? Lovely, Debbie!

  30. Melody, you really blessed me by helping me look at God’s pure love for us. Wow! I loved that! Thank you and God bless!
    p.s. I’m putting you on stand by for when I run out of simple poems! 🙂

  31. I’m good at stand-by! 🙂

  32. Our SGPG Sis told me the 17th was your birthday – but I’m much older than you and my brain is now a sieve. Hope it was happy!
    When I think of “Blessed are the pure in heart”, I always think of you and Aub!

  33. Gracious Debbie . .your brain just has too much TS stuff in it to remember, that’s all! 🙂 It was happy and blessed, and you just blessed me more with your comment. Thank you for being so so kind with us and to us. . Let’s say Aub is pure . . and God uses her in my life. Where we go for horse therapy, the counselor always tells Aub she is her favorite person. I think it’s because of this purity factor . .. no drama. 🙂
    God bless you , sweet friend, for how you see Jesus and share Him so purely with us. love you!

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