Unflattering Flattery

“Let me not, I  pray, show partiality to anyone;
Nor let me flatter any  man.”  Job 32:21

Flattery is defined as complimenting excessively and often insincerely, especially in order to win favor. (Websters Dictionary)

Lord, let me not be affected by flattery, nor be a user of it.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

What Flattery Gets

Lord, You do not flatter
nor falsely praise

source – simplenomics.comnor falsely praise

to get on our good side
or acquire a raise

so may we follow You
with sincere encouragement

not moved by or moved to
see what flattery will get.



  1. Great message, Sis Deb–and hilarious photo!! In the old days, I was guilty of flattery–I hoped that if I “buttered people up”, they’d show favor to me. I had no “substance”–none to give, nor received. But NOW things are different! I am “highly favored, greatly blessed” of God–and no longer need to imitate the horses pictured above. Man can like me, or leave me–God always loves me! God bless you, bountifully, as you serve and work your Thursday gig–love, your forever sis Caddo

  2. Great message, Debbie … it’s everywhere isn’t it? Insecurity, manipulation … all over you one minute and spreading you the next! At least the horses don’t know any better!!

  3. “…not moved by or moved to
    see what flattery will get…”

    Whether we want to admit it or not, flattery works, especially in the Body of Christ. It’s the surest way to move from a pew to a pulpit and into ministry. That’s one of the reasons we have ministers without miracles.

    Great reminder for us all.

  4. i agree, he knows our every thought and reason

  5. Goodness, Debbie. This one cut deep.

    As much as it irritates to watch others engage in flattery, I was pretty blind to my own offenses until maybe two years ago. It’s shameful, really, to have been a professing believer for nearly 30 years and only recently be able to agree with the Lord that I’m guilty of having engaged so freely in such Christ-dishonoring behavior.

    I’m grateful for His patience and mercy.

  6. Thank you for this thought provoking post, Deb.


  7. Oh yes He does always love you and delights in you too! 🙂 I was a people pleaser, so you know there was some flattery going on in my life!! So glad you were okay with the photo . .haha! I hesitated, but many of the other things I found were actually promoting flattery. Couldn’t use those! God bless you on this Thankful Thursday and send you my love!

  8. Laughing at the horses not knowing any better! 🙂 Ya, what’s our excuse! God bless you, Roger, as you stay clear of the whole flattery mess!

  9. Mr. Larry, as I looked for an image to go with this, that is exactly what was being said . .. that flattery does work. That makes it even harder then, to step away from and into how God would want us to conduct ourselves. God bless you as you praise Him sincerely and encourage others!

  10. I love that , Terry, and pray knowing He knows keeps me from slipping into it! God bless you and thank you for adding to the post!!

  11. I’m grateful for His patience and mercy too, Heather. He is so faithful to teach us and change our habits into testimonies of praise! God bless your desire to honor Him always! love and prayers!

  12. Love you, Theresa, and am thinking of you! God bless you and your gift of comforting us from His Word!

  13. I would tell you how great your post is, but – well, now I’m paranoid about the whole flattery issue. (Just kidding – short and sweet, and very true…) 🙂

  14. lol! Got me! God bless you as you write and serve and love in Jesus name!

  15. What a lovely, beautiful, well-written . . . is that too much flattery! You’re so worth the praise though!
    God Bless You, Deb!

  16. hahaha! Love you, Lady Dei! You always make me smile and laugh! God bless you and yours and all the adventures up ahead!

  17. Flattery – another sticky wicket. I don’t think I use it (although I used to be quite masterful – primarily due to my desire to be pleasing).
    I’m less effusive than I used to be, but I’m certain I don’t always know my own heart – “The heart is desperately wicked, who can know it?”
    I appreciate this encouragement, my friend.
    I want to be free with praise and free from flattery.
    I’ll be watching my words as they slip off my tongue. 😉

  18. It is a sticky wicket . ..I like that phrase, gracious one! I want to say nice things to others . ..what if no one else has said anything nice to them today? I am thinking that He is guiding us in this like He does everything else, and helps us praise and be kind and generous, without the ulterior motives going on, as we ask Him to search our hearts. Some people need extra praise and kind words!
    God bless you in your new TSL! Praying all is going well!!! love you!

  19. >> “not moved by or moved to see what flattery will get”

    One of the biggest needs of the human being is acceptance and appreciation. We NEED to be appreciated, but flattery – either given or received – is not normally genuine and never fills that need. Flattery can be crawling, or it can be social small talk, or it can be many other things, but nothing good.

    Our gracious Lord has no reason to show us appreciation, since HE is the One at work, and we praise Him for the privilege of being used by Him . . . but He DOES show genuine appreciation and He blesses us abundantly. Amazing!

    May all His blood-bought, adopted children show genuine appreciation to one another and give encouragement as we serve Him together . . . and of course, offer genuine praise to the One who makes it possible.

    What an amazing God!

  20. I want to be free with praise and free from flattery.

    A beautifully simple prayer! This is also what I hope for 🙂

  21. Deb,

    One of the easiest thing for some of us to get caught up in is insincere flattery. My prayer is that the Lord grant each of us the discernment to know the difference between Godly encouragement and flattery. Lord continue to bless you Deb.

  22. Thank you, mentor Angela, for sharing about our need for acceptance and appreciation . .. and how that lends us to lean toward flattery. So thankful that He makes a way for us and is genuine in His love and delight of us. 🙂 God bless you as you praise Him and encourage us today!

  23. Thank you for that prayer, Pastor Rob. I don’t want to doubt what He can do through each of us and our kindness and words for one another. God bless you as He gives you discernment today!

  24. My prayer is with Rob… that we may know the difference and that with a pure heart we would do honour to the Lord by our words to each other… and to Him
    a very good simple poem my friend 🙂 and photo(not flattery)

  25. Love you faith filled fisher lady and praying with you too, for that kind of heart that is purified by Him, so we can speak to each other with out the flattery thing. Happy you liked the photo! 🙂 God bless you and yours and the words that you share and give as gifts of grace and love!

  26. Love the photo! 🙂

  27. hahaha! I was hoping it didn’t offend anyone! I could’ve taken the photo myself, as this happened while my youngest was riding a couple weeks ago. Only, the “flattering” horse was really going to bite the horse she was on, and her horse was being so good, not kicking or getting upset. 🙂
    God bless you as you speak from your heart that yearns for Him!

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