Inside Israel – 10 September 2012 / Part 2

Hi and welcome to a look inside Israel as J of Jerusalem shares more in her September 10 letter. (sorry, I’m behind posting all her wonderful communications! )  Thank you for reading and praying for Israel, J and her family! Now, here’s J . . .

And while our little family went through our personal deep waters, turbulent waters swirl all around us and people silently begin to store up stocks of water and food and prepare their ‘safe rooms’ or shelters.  I felt ‘steel enter my soul’ during this season of trial, and as I look around me that is what I see; people ‘steeling’ themselves toward what lies ahead before us.  Will there be w­_r (I leave out the ‘a’ there because it is a word that computer ‘spies’ pick up) or not?  Everyone has their opinion…but it is the main topic of conversation here. It is less then a week until the high holydays begin with Rosh h’shana, the new year or the feast of trumpets.  It begins at sundown this coming Sunday night and lasts for two days.  For the entire month according the Jewish calendar, people have already been seeking God, searching their hearts, preparing. Rosh h’shana is followed quickly by Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, of chastening one’s soul…the day that the books in heaven are open and judgment scales are seen…the day of awe… of fasting and prayer.  Shortly after that, our week of Thanksgiving begins…Succot…Feast of Tabernacles…when we sit in the ‘succa’, the small structure outdoors and eat and share and rejoice and sing and give thanks. (I will share scriptures references in my next letter, Lord willing) What a time to be alive.  Thank You Lord for the gift of life… something that I thought that I would never thank You for…having hated life before knowing You…I am more thankful for it the more that I grow to love You…life…and expression of Himself! So the scurrying begins (actually is in full progress already!) – preparing food for so much feasting…as much as possible ahead of time.  The whole nation visits and eats together…first at your place and then at mine.  We are thankful…and the year is new…and we are forgiven…or…are we?  May THIS be the question foremost in the hearts of the people this year, this week, this day:  “WHERE IS THE LAMB??? WHERE IS THE SACRIFICE FOR MY SIN?? Is it this chicken when The Lord our God called for A LAMB??”  Pray with us…pray for our Prime minister to KNOW HIM WHO IS WISDOM as he is making decisions that WILL affect the entire world.
I have told you about the spiraling prices.  Well, the Palestinian Authority jumped into a surprise uprising this past week which is gathering intensity quickly.  A young man in Gaza set himself on fire (as we had a rash of here) over the economic conditions. He died and surprisingly it did not set people off in Gaza but in the Fatah run area in Judea and Samaria…in Ramalla.  Even though Abbas rolled back the vat (value added tax) to 15% (we now pay 17% and that is on EVERYTHING…foods, meds, etc) and lowered fuel prices to what they were in Aug, the people have continued rioting, burning tires etc.  It appears very serious and the level of violence is increasing daily.  It is likely hamas people trying to overturn the fatah govt, and it may very well happen! Hamas just signed an agreement with Egypt to open offices there.  Our area is heating up quickly.  Rocket fire has dramatically increased again in our south.  In all this, too…God is faithful! 
And He is faithful on our train J.  Yes…the train has NOT disappeared while I was intensely involved with our family.  As a matter of fact, the train became a (rather expensive) babysitting tool…Grandkids love it!  And ofcourse ALL Israelis consider ALL children their own, so there is plenty of interaction available to them while we ride.  One day however, it was not children that the passengers were interested in. Loud, fiery discussions were taking place and papers were being handed out.  I looked over someone’s shoulder: ‘What does it say?” I asked.  ‘It says that the train is too expensive, takes away our choices, leaves us at ‘their’ mercy, is impersonal, is too expensive, complicates our lives…’ etc.  ‘True!’ In good Israeli style I added my opinion.  I asked for a paper from the young man who was addressing everyone.  ‘I agree.’ I told him. ‘This train has complicated my life further.’ He brightened; ‘Then come and join us Thursday at 6 in front of city hall and lets tell them that we want our buses back!’ he said.  I looked around at all of the tired, ragged, older people, working people, parents, Grandparents, and thought ‘Ha! They will be too TIRED and BUSY COOKING to come to city hall at 6 on Thurs! These aren’t students!’ The listeners faces reflected my thoughts.  ‘They won’t tear this down!’ one man called out.  It cost us all too much and we are still paying!  They owe too much! ‘We aren’t asking them to tear it down’ the young man said, ‘we just want our buses back so that we can make a choice again!’ I liked this idea! ‘They’ll never do it!’ another man answered.  ‘They need to force us to pay for it by riding it without any other choice.’ I thought; ‘and he’s right too!’ There was nothing on the news about the new ‘lite rail rebellion’ but in the midst of heating rhetoric from all of our neighbors, it was a rather refreshing moment… kind of ‘light hearted’. 
It is time for me to close and yet I have SO much to share!  There are so many of you that I want to answer and so many of you have been so kind.  Some totally unexpected gifts arrived at just the right moment, encouraging not only me but our daughter as well…to see His Hand so evident…His faithfulness so perfect and specific in detail.  A number of you are passing through great fires yourselves and I have not forgotten you and not forgotten to pray.  I plan to write…this plan of His…His body…working as His expression of Himself and His love here on earth…it is such an extraordinary and beautiful thing.  God BLESS you and KEEP you and make HIS Face to shine upon you and be faithful unto you and give you PEACE…HIS PEACE!  Lovingly, your sister, proclaiming His GREATNESS to those of you who also love Him Who is True and Faithful!
ani b’derek
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  1. It has been a while since I’ve read one of these posts. I have a feeling I wont be missing them anymore.

  2. So good to see you here , Mike! I’ve been away this weekend, but am trying to catch up. I’m glad something in this spoke to you. God bless you and yours!

  3. The part about preparing for what lies ahead caught my attention. I keep thinking about it. I will be interested in following her comments on what is going on over there.

  4. She is placed in a unique position and what she shares always interests and touches me too. God bless you, Mike! I’m going to be sharing your book with someone soon and ordering more. 🙂

  5. Not to keep dragging this out, but one more attempt at conveying what caught my attention. i noticed last night as I was watching some news footage of riots and things along that line in different parts of the world, how desensitized I, and I’m sure many others, have become to them. There was something about those few written words that painted a clearer picture – i guess one that I could relate to – that gripped me.

  6. I need things that grip me like this, because it can be too far from me for me to respond to at times. God bless you and you can comment about this as much as you want! 🙂

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