The Heritage of Oppressors

“This is the portion of a wicked man with God
And the heritage of oppressors,
received from the Almighty . . .

Terrors overtake him like a flood
A tempest steals him away in the night . . .”  Job 27:13,20

The weight of oppression makes it tough to think of the ones abusing their power.

Lord, help me pray today for the oppressors to be set free.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Even These

source –

Blinded by the oppression
makes it hard to see
that the one hurting others
could suffer eternally.

Inflicted pain is terrible
but there’s a death that never ends
so I pray, please draw them, Jesus
to their only Hope and true Friend.


  1. Good morning and thank you.
    Sometimes that is so hard for me to see and as you said, it is especially when I am under the foot of the oppressor. So thank you Debbie for reminding me that even the oppressor needs prayer, because the saving grace of God goes out to him or her also.

    I love your poem, and your words of devotion. They have blessed me this morning.


  2. Wow, amazingly good message for us, Sis Deb–you’re on a roll!! Thank you for reminding me to pray for those folks who are in worse shape (eternally) than I am! (I confess that I’m usually just praying for God to “get ’em good! for hurting me”–) God bless you abundantly as you serve Him–love, your forever sis Caddo

  3. In the meantime, Proverbs 28:1 is a glorious truth and reality for us all.

    What a great poem and prayer, Debbie. Thanks and blessings.

  4. beautiful my friend

  5. Draw neigh to God and He will draw neigh to thee…

  6. One great aspect of a Godly testimony is our willingness to pray for those who abuse and mistreat us. May we all be aware of the need to pray for those who rule over us (whther that rule is Godly or abusive), Lord bless you.

  7. “…Inflicted pain is terrible
    but there’s a death that never ends…”

    The Pharisees believed God danced on the coffins of sinners who died and went to Hell. They believed He was that happy to be rid of them. Sadly, they did not understand the heart of the Creator.

    Great reminder for all of us.

  8. Debbie, this is wonderful and I have such a hard time remembering to pray for those who oppress. God bless you today!

  9. If we could only see the future pain of those who oppress and persecute God’s people we could not hate them….We would have only pity left in our hearts. Any sorrow we face will be swallowed in the victory of our resurrection…but they willface the second death!

  10. Wow Deb. This speaks volumes and each thought leads to another. Firstly it is a matter of “pray for those who persecute you” but it goes further. It isn’t just praying for them, but a heartfelt, earnest desire for them to be saved eternally.

    You take me back to thoughts of my third ‘father’ who was the most evil person I’ve ever known. I often wondered what had happened in his younger life to make him so evil. When I became a Christian I witnessed to him often and when he was dying in absolute torment I felt great pity for him, but I wonder if I really had a wholehearted desire to see him saved? I don’t know. I do know I’ll never forget the complete and utter look of terror in his eyes as he died.

  11. Deb, what a great reminder to pray for the oppressors. Only in God’s strength and Spirit can we do this in the flesh. Thank you!

  12. It’s hard to watch people who are power hungry – their path of destruction can be wide and far! Praying!
    God Bless You!

  13. As a friend said to me, broken people make bad choices. A good reminder Deb that we need to pray into the heart issues for there to be real change. Not always an easy task when we’re on the receiving end of those bad choices! Bless you and again I think you’re doing a great job with Job x

  14. How beautifully you’ve described the full circle of grace, my sweet friend. (prayed many Thursday prayers for you and Aub)

  15. God bless you, dear Patricia, as you respond to Him and pray . ..even for those that oppress. Thank you for being here and lifting His name!

  16. I know what you mean Sis . .this is not how I usually would think to pray. 🙂 So thankful that He guides us and protects us from those that would hurt us. God bless you and answer your prayers today! love you lots!

  17. Thank you for that great proverb to go with this, Roger! God bless you as you stay bold for Him!

  18. God bless you, Terry! love and prayers! I am house sitting this weekend and don’t have much computer time . . .but will be back to reading and commenting on your blog as soon as I can!

  19. Amen to that, dear Desiray! God bless you as He strengthens you with His Holy Spirit today!

  20. This is a hard truth, Pastor Rob, and I thank you so much for stating it like you did . . that a Godly testimony includes our willingness to pray for those who abuse and mistreat us. We couldn’t do that without Jesus in us.
    God bless you!

  21. I need reminded of this, Mr. Larry , and what you shared drove it home even more. He doesn’t dance on coffins . . and I shouldn’t either. God bless you and yours this weekend!

  22. I do too, Ted . .. He must have known I was struggling with it again and needed a reminder. God bless you and yours, Ted!

  23. Thank you, Pastor J, for helping us see it all in the right light. I really can’t imagine wanting any one to suffer an eternity without Him. God bless you and your family as you pray!

  24. Oh Mentor Angela . . .you were in the place that most of us have never been. I believe your witness was as pure as it could be and God was blessed by what it took for you to do that. I was in a place for too long, of mostly wanting my oppressor to see how wrong they were . . of finding that out the hard way. It took much time and work of God to humble me more and come to the place of wanting them saved. God bless you and the witness you are! love and prayers and thanks!

  25. I agree, Tom . .it’s just not something that we can do without Him! 🙂 He’s so good and faithful and knows what’s best. God bless you as you pray for the oppressors you know today!

  26. They do leave much destruction all around, Lady Dei! Thank you for praying anyway, for having the love of God in you, no matter what, for no matter who! God bless you!

  27. Thank you, sweet Aimee, for your comment that helps us know better how to pray for them! 🙂 You are so good at this! And thank you for encouraging me as I keep going in Job. I find myself flipping ahead to see just how many chapters are left. haha! But, I talked to a counselor friend the other day and she said she loved the book of Job. ! God bless her .. and God bless YOU! love and prayers!

  28. Thank you for your precious prayers, gracious one, for those who abuse and oppress . . .and for Aub and I! We are doing a house sitting time, so now I know how we have been able to do so well so far! 🙂 God bless you as you keep the grace flowing! love and prayers!

  29. have a good weekend

  30. Hi Debbie 🙂 so true what you say. We can be so consumed by the wrong that we don’t lift power-abusers up to the only One who can save each of us from an eternity separated from Him. May we have a heart and ability to intercede for each person in our life that needs the love of God.

  31. Praying with you, sweet Ali, for those that oppress us. There is much need of God, every where we look. God bless you and yours as you pray and love others like He loves you!

  32. The message you brought us in this post is not a popular one. It is often overlooked.Thank you so much for sharing this.


  33. It’s not popular, for sure, and is hard for me to remember to do. Praying He helps me to keep at it in the moment when oppression hits. God bless you as you pray and trust Him in every way today!
    love you and am thinking of you!

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