The Wounded

“The dying groan in the city,
And the souls of the wounded cry out . . .”  Job 24:12

Mr. Larry Who fasts and prays each Friday for the prisoners in North Korea and throughout Asia and those imprisoned by poverty or drugs or any of the countless ways one can be imprisoned.  Would you like to join him?

Lord, as those imprisoned groan and cry out, we join them and ask for Your mercy to make a way.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Precious Prisoners

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As the wounded cry out
and the dying groan
we pray to God
with Holy Spirit moans
for He’s always moving
on behalf of these ones
for each is considered
a precious daughter, a much loved son.


  1. Oh Sis, what a beautiful simple poem and message. It makes me think of my neighbor Tim, who was crying out downstairs tonight–he does that when he hears voices which torment him, a terrible prison I can’t even imagine. Praying for him, and all who have prisons inside themselves. God bless you abundantly–much love, sis Caddo

  2. wow, Deb,
    Absolutely amazing.God bless you.

  3. Beautiful words of supplication…

  4. “The dying groan in the city,
    And the souls of the wounded cry out . . .”

    When Jimmy and Tammy Bakker were going through their PTL scandal, Tammy Bakker felt like she was all alone. Yet, God, who never gives up on anyone, sent her a garbage collector who would stop by on his routes and encourage and pray for her. I made up my mind to be like that garbage collector and pray for people in their tough times, especially those in prison.

    Thanks for the mention.

  5. AMEN what a wonderful privilege to be able to pray for those who are so faithful to our Lord and His cause. May the Lord bless each prisoner with patience, peace, and even joy as they continue to serve Him while yet in prison. Lord bless, thanks for a great reminder.

  6. you are so amazing!

  7. Yes M’am. I will join you in praying for the persecuted and those imprisoned by the chains of others or chains of their own making. Our God has come to set the prisoners free!

  8. Oh Sis Caddo, God bless you as you minister in prayer, love and food to those around you. God has you in a special place even if I do want you closer to me! love and prayers for your marvelous Monday!

  9. God bless you too, John, as you pray and walk out your faith!

  10. God bless you, beautiful one, as you think of others today! 🙂

  11. That makes so much God sense, Mr. Larry, to pray for people in their hard times. Praying with you and believing He is removing chains and making ways. God bless you and thank you for your ministry!

  12. I love what you said, that it’s a wonderful privilege to be able to pray for the prisoners. Yes it is! Praying with you and trusting that God knows and holds each one! God bless you as you serve Him today, Pastor Rob!

  13. God bless you, Terry, and your heart for Him! love and prayers!

  14. That is exactly what I’m thinking, Pastor J . ..He’s come to set the prisoners free . .all kinds of prisoners! God bless you as you pray and believe in a big, big God!

  15. The souls under the altar cry out, “How long? How long, oh Lord, until our blood is avenged?” I wonder how long until the rest of us stand up for them? We are to stand together with our own – love your call to justice!

  16. Lots of sadness in this world, Deb. Much prayer is needed. Inspiring post!
    God Bless You!

  17. Thank you for helping us, Melody, to stand up for those crying out. God bless you as you pray and remember!

  18. Praying to pray more, Lady Dei! God bless you too, as you respond to God’s call on your life and heart.

  19. Caddo your comment touched me.


  20. Thank you so much , Deb for reminding me of their plight. Your poem is beautiful.


  21. God is good to remind us and help us as we pray! love you and God bless you, wonderful woman of the Word!

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