Coming Forth As Gold

“But He knows the way that I take’
When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.”  Job 23:10

Once I sent in some gold jewelry for cash, but the recompense was so small, I asked for it back.

Lord, we trust You and believe that we shall come forth from each of our tests, rich in testimonies for Your glory.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Truly Treasured

credit – Bob Thomason
Stone / Getty images

Today’s refiners gather
paying us a small price

for what once had value
as memorable gifts in life

while God takes true treasure
our hearts, minds and souls

refining them by His Spirit
until we come forth as gold.


  1. That’s a lovely poem! Thanks for posting! Going to check out some more of your posts,

  2. I really liked this, Deb. I am so thankful for all the Lord is doing, and for your comforting witness.


  3. Dearest Deb,

    So thankful for the way you bring home the truth in such simple ways …

    “Lord, we trust You and believe that we shall come forth from each of our tests, rich in testimonies for Your glory. ”

    Blessings much,

  4. He uses the trials of this life to not only try us but to purify us as well. Just as Job says May we all come forth from trials purified as gold is refined in the fires. Great verses and poem. Lord bless you.

  5. I believe this is the hardest for a child of God is that fire…because it’s that time where God is purifying us to make us pure and it hurts us…all because we are not use to it..But He did say that we are to be like Him and that He will take us from Glory to Glory and we can’t get there with Him if we don’t go and endure that fire..AMEN..

  6. “…When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.” Job 23:10

    It’s easy to read about Job and forget he did not have the indwelling Holy Spirit like we believers have today. For him to say this, it was strictly based on faith in a God he did not know like we do. Pretty amazing!

    Great poem.

  7. This brings to mind Jesus’ instruction to seek first that which is of eternal value…

    Thank you, Debbie 🙂

  8. Very nice poem for us, Sis Deb! Praying I’m more gold than lead in His final wash. God bless you Big with His extravagant love today–love, sis Caddo

  9. i enjoyed this very much, thank you………

  10. Gold . . . pure gold! Each trial faced triumphantly in the enabling and power of our amazing God brings us a step closer to that ‘pure gold’ we will become in the Refiner’s fire.

    He has a long way to go with me, but He is able to achieve much in a short time, so I am one day closer and looking for ‘that day’

    What an amazing God!

  11. Ooooh – and the fire, as it burns, hurts – but the Hands holding us will only hold us over the flame until what is holding us back is burned off – and then, watch for the ‘bling’!

  12. You are gold, Deb. Precious in every way!
    God Bless You!

  13. Love it Deb! God has us on the same page again 🙂 Just did a message this morning about faithfulness in the fire (daniel 3). Trusting when we don’t understand makes the fire a place of intimacy where God can do His best work and break off the things that bind us and burn off that ‘dross’. Love that even though the heat can get pretty hot, His purpose is only ever to refine, never to destroy.

    Bless you – He sure has made you shine xx

  14. God bless you, truth4grace, as He works beautifully in your life! Thank you for coming by today! 🙂

  15. I’m really thankful too, wonderful woman of the Word! Sometimes I go along and think nothing is happening, I’m not being refined, just tested and being held back, year after year. haha! God bless you and your oh so special ministry to us. We need you! love and prayers!

  16. So thankful for you Ann full of grace and song, and for how you strengthen us during our testing and refining. You help us hold on to Him and His truth, no matter what. God bless you and yours and your Sunday worship time!

  17. Being purified is important, I’m thinking, and He knows how to get us there, what it takes for each of us. What a great God! God bless you too, Pastor Rob, as you pass through the trials and testify of His goodness.

  18. Thank you so much, dear Desiray, for encouraging us to endure the fire and refining, because it’s worth it to be like Him! God bless you as He is glorified in you today!

  19. I am wowed by the things he said, Mr. Larry, how close to God he was even through all of this. God bless you as you come forth as gold too!

  20. Great verse to share with us, Heather . ..and great reminder! Being tested and refined is of eternal value! God bless you and yours as you shine forth His glory!

  21. You are washing out just fine, my shiny Sis Caddo Delight! 🙂 God bless you as His love pours over you and out of you each day! love and prayers!

  22. God bless you, Terry! So glad you had a good day today . . you and Al needed that! 🙂

  23. I am so encouraged by you, Mentor Angela! “He is able to achieve much in a short time. . .” That is true! I am thinking about those persecuted for their faith, as they just begin their walk with Him. How else could they endure that, but for our amazing God!
    God bless you, golden lady of His!

  24. Oh Melody, thank you for your beautiful comments! I love this so much . . .Him holding us only until what is holding us back is burned off, then watch for the bling!!! This sounds like one of your amazing poems! 🙂 God bless you as you sparkle and shine today!

  25. Oh, that was such a sweet thing to say, Lady Dei. So thankful for you and how you encourage me / us. And thankful that He doesn’t give up on us, but desires us to come forth as gold. God bless you and yours and all you capture and show us of His glory!

  26. This is such a great message, sweet Aimee . . .that His purpose is only ever to refine, never to destroy! Thank you!!! I love it when we are on the same page! 🙂 God bless you greatly and hold you gently through all the testing, because He knows just how beautiful His plans are for beautiful you! love and prayers and hugs!

  27. “being held back, year after year”

    I like the way you put that. That sums up how I feel at times. I am so thankful for you and the other bloggers who bring the wonderful messages the Lord gives them to us.


  28. Thanks Debbie – how wonderful to think that we can sparkle!

  29. It feels as if the refiner’s fire has been turned up quite a few notches of late, Encouraging Debbie! Seriously! However, I know that the Lord is showing me all of those things that need to be burned up in me. I have been praying diligently, that the Lord would remove everything in me that is not like Him, because I REALLY want be pleasing in His sight. So, I realize that He is working a work in me, and when He gets through with me, I shall come forth as pure gold! Thanks so much! Love and prayers!


  30. Praying with you, sweet Paulette, as He lovingly refines you . you desire it because you really want to be pleasing in His sight. That makes me cry. Asking Him for His hands of mercy to comfort you and hold you now. Yes, you are coming forth as pure gold. He is so delighted in you and loves your heart of worship. . .Loves you deeply and with a love that never lets go!
    love you too, pearl of His, Paulette!

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