Dying To Live

“If a man dies, shall he live again?”  Job 14:14

Job’s question seems prophetic to me.

Lord, I pray to die to myself more and more each day, that in Christ I might truly live.  And here’s a simple poem . . .


The lawns died out
turned brown
for rain.

After a
saving shower
they rose up



  1. Fabulous 5-Star poem, Sis Deb! Praying for His rain to keep falling on me, for His Glory. God bless you abundantly–much love, sis Caddo Delight

  2. Not really connected to your simple poem, Deb, but my thoughts ran to this little ditty which sort of ties in . . .

    It was a sign in a dyer’s window years ago (don’t see dyers any more)

    I live to dye: I dye to live.
    The more I dye, the more I live.
    The more I live, the more I dye.

  3. Supernatural indeed that we think we are dying only to be reborn and renewed to show His love and grace. I too have found that the more I die the more I live. Blessings to you as you live to the full.

  4. very nice

  5. We look at the Old Testament and note the failings of the believers over and over again. But none of them, not even Job after God revealed Himself to Job, had the promises we believers have today. We are regained (I like the term) and have all of heaven with its vast power and fortunes behind us.

    Not many excuse for me today, huh?

  6. Sis, I listened to the song this morning–wow, what beautiful voices and wonderful words. “He’ll never ask more than we can give” is a great message–I’m sure I’m not the only one who, “before”, dragged my heels in my walk because I was so fearful that He’d ask too much, that I wouldn’t be able to “come through for Him”. Very reassuring today, to gain more faith that that is not something for me to worry about. Yay, Jesus!

  7. I like the analogy in your poem. It amazes me how plants that look so dead can perk up so quickly. And your prayer is one that we should all pray daily. 🙂


  8. I’m sure you’re not the only one either, Sis Caddo. I’m sticking my hand up too! 🙂 God bless you as He assures you today, that whatever you lose for His sake, will be regained in glorious ways. love you and so thankful for you!

  9. I thought it was wonderful and perfect, Mentor Angela! Thank you so much for sharing it!!! It couldn’t be more true of our relationship with Jesus, could it? love it! God bless you as you die to live and live to die today . . .all for your amazing God!

  10. Only with God could such a thing be . . .that you would find that the more you die the more you live! God bless you as you live life to the fullest too!

  11. God bless you, Terry, as you live for Him! love and hugs and no more bugs!

  12. No excuses for me either, Mr. Larry. Praying to regain the perspective of His power and grace in my life, to do as He desires each day! God bless you and yours as you live for Him.

  13. I was amazed at that too, wonderful woman of the Word! I keep thinking about what affect the drought must have had on the trees (we know about the crops) and other plants and the environment at large . . .but the grass has been regained. God bless you, sweet friend, as you pray today! love and hugs!

  14. Oh so true my sweet friend. Your poem reminds me of another favorite C.S. Lewis quote:
    Die before you die. There is no chance after.
    (from “Till We Have Faces” published on this day in 1956) 😀

  15. Beautiful, Encouraging Debbie! …….. more of you Lord, less of me! More of you Lord, less of me! “I am crucified with Christ, but yet I live!” Thank you so much, Debbie! May the Lord bless you!


  16. Gracious one!!! You are back!!!! I’m so excited!!! You have been missed!!!! And here you are with a C.S. Lewis quote and a great one too . .. Die before you die. Awesomely put! God bless you, Debbie, and looking forward to what God gives you to share again, when you’re ready! (no pressure! haha!) love and prayers and long distance hugs!

  17. Beautifully put, pearl of His Paulette . .. more of Him and less of me! The first church I went to had a young youth pastor who wrote a song with those words in it! 🙂 God bless you as you live for Him and count Him worthy! love and prayers!

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