“If you would earnestly seek God
And make your supplications to the Almighty,
If you were pure and upright,
surely now He would awake for you . . .”   Job 8:5-6

Praying to be careful with any comments to me and from me,  that contain “if you were _____, surely now He would _______.”

Lord, we thank You that our relationship with You isn’t based upon our purity or uprightness, but on Yours.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Depending on Him

source –

As we keep earnestly seeking
and as we pray

may we know You will answer
be it in years or days

and it will not depend
on our own uprightness

but on the faithfulness
of Your pure promises.


  1. Oh Sis Deb, what an excellent word–and wonderful encouragement! Truly, we are made righteous in Jesus–“it’s not about us”. We can make no claim in our own strength–but His promises are indeed true, and His timepiece is not as ours. In faith today, I’m believing that is a GOOD thing!! God bless you abundantly at mid-week–love, sis Caddo

  2. Deb that is such a beautiful poem – love that line, the faithfulness of your pure promises. Good reminder too not to be like Job’s advisors 🙂
    Bless you and may He show Himself strong on your behalf xx

  3. Praise God that we can utterly and completely DEPEND on those promises, because it is impossible for God to break His word. How foolish to depend on anything we are or anything we do – our best is useless. He alone!

    Thanks for the reminder Deb.

  4. “…Praying to be careful with any comments to me and from me, that contain “if you were _____, surely now He would _______…”

    I was going through a long trial and living in a small apartment. By small, I mean the apartment was less than 100 sq. ft. It had a sofa bed, which when it was made into a bed, the door could not be opened. So, small means really small.

    The elder of my church stopped by with his daughter to tell me something. The young girl’s eyes opened wide when she saw the dump I lived in. Her father then said to her, “Dear, this is the type of place you will live in if you disobey God.”

    My mouth fell open, but I said nothing.

    Did the elder know if I had disobeyed God or not? No. He just assumed I had. Did his words hurt? I spent hours struggling through the pain and shame of his assumptions.

    Sadly, the church does not understand the ways of God and how He trains people.

    Great prayer.

  5. Praying to be careful with any comments to me and from me, that contain “if you were _____, surely now He would _______.”

    Ouch. Sometimes, the thought crosses my mind that someone might be suffering consequences of some form of disobedience. But, more often, I say this to myself. ” If only I was more obedient, more knowledgeable of scripture, a better evangelist etc then He would be sure to allow me a place in His Kingdom. Silly idea, as the Lord cannot be indebted to anyone.

    and it will not depend
    on our own uprightness

    but on the faithfulness
    of Your pure promises.

    Thankfully so! I have proven over and over how imperfect I am.
    The only alternative to trusting in self is to trust in the faithfulness of His Word.

  6. “may we know You will answer
    be it in years or days”

    Amen, but the waiting is hard!

  7. what a wonderful way for me to end my Wednesday… yours is the 3rd blog that has reminded me to depend on not on my own righteousness (which I have none of) but on that of The Everlasting King.

    Thank you Debbie for continually being such a treasure to us and a tool in the hands of Almighty God.

    God bless you!!!

  8. Believing with you, Sis Caddo Delight, in faith , that His timing is a GOOD thing! 🙂 God bless you as you trust and see and taste that the Lord is good. love you and am thinking of you!

  9. Thank you, sweet Aimee, for encouraging me and praying for me! What a blessing you are! Job is . .. .challenging! haha! Sometimes I read my chapter and just don’t know what to do out of it. Don’t want to be too hard on those advisors!
    God bless you and yours and give you a sweet time of pause and selah with Him! love and prayers!

  10. He alone . .. love that, Mentor Angela, and love how we can completely depend on Him. God bless you as He reminds you of His promises to you today!

  11. Wow, Mr. Larry … now my mouth is dropped open. You have experienced much in the way of trials and judgment about them. I keep thinking my time in Job is for a purpose, to know about trials that aren’t brought on by disobedience . . .but for training. Thank you for helping us see that all the more.
    God bless you as you see His promises unfolding before you.

  12. It is so in our nature to think that we have to do more to get what He has promised us, sweet Heather! So thankful that He covers us in His righteousness and makes a way where we have no way. God bless you and your dear family!!

  13. It is hard Ted . .. hard to keep the faith that He has heard us and is working on our behalf. So thankful that He is trustworthy and true! God bless you as you wait on His promises today!

  14. Oh beautiful one, I love it when God moves and works and brings us something He really wants us to remember on a given day. So thankful for you and your humble heart that seeks out His and His ways. God bless you and cover you today.

  15. “Lord, we thank You that our relationship with You isn’t based upon our purity or uprightness, but on Yours. ”

    It took years for Him to free me from the shackles I and others had locked me into. It took years, because I didn’t understand all I needed to do was let them go and let Him take care of it. My past is my past… I shan’t let it define me. I have a freedom in Him that NONE can take away! I am human and prone to failure, but He is my Father and He never ever leaves me on my own. I can walk in freedom and righteousness because Jesus paid the price and I am free in Him! He took the mess and gave me a beautiful life. Bless His Holy Name!!

    If my relationship with Him was ever based on what I accomplished, I would be outside peeping in and longing to be loved. Now I know I can call Him Father, and He calls me His own! These days I GLADLY depend on Him!

    HALELLUJAH!!!! I am what I am ONLY BECAUSE OF HIM!! He made the difference! I’m gonna get my dance on! Minister Paulette, please lend me your tambourine!

    Blessings and thanks for sharing!

  16. Oh you have me so excited and dancing too, Ann full of grace and song! What a testimony and a praise you are! Depending on Him with you and joyfully so! God bless you and thank you for the terrific song!!!! 🙂

  17. A wonderful truth from His Word…. It is not what we have done for HIm but what He has done for us that makes all the difference! Lord bless you for this God glorifying posting.

  18. Rejoicing with you, Pastor Rob, that it’s not up to us! 🙂 God bless you as you depend on Him today!

  19. Wonderful comforting words. Thank you, Deb.


  20. Thank you, dear Theresa, who comforts us with His word! Love you and am thinking of you! God bless!

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