Unimpaired Integrity

“Then the LORD said to Satan, “Have you considered My servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and shuns evil?  And still he holds fast to his integrity, although you incited Me against him, to destroy him without cause.”  Job 2:3

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines integrity as:

*medically, an unimpaired condition
*firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values
*the quality or state of being complete or undivided – completeness

Lord, we praise You, for any integrity we have is because of the unimpaired greatness of You.  And here’s a simple poem . . .


source – usdailyreview.com

You look at us and see
what we never can
and Your eye upon us holds tighter
than any circumstance can
birthing an integrity
we didn’t know we had
from the unimpaired condition
of being completely in Your sound hand.


  1. I surrender myself into The Potter’s Hand….!

  2. There is so much here in the scripture and in your post. For some reason a phrase comes to my mind:

    “every whit whole”…


  3. “the quality or state of being complete or undivided – completeness”
    Indeed He is the only one in this conflicted world who can put within us an undivided heart. May we see what He sees!

  4. I love that story of how satan wen to God and asked for permission it reminds me of how satan still goes to God and ask for permission concerning us and God tells him what he can and can not do. AMEN

  5. AMEN! our integrity truly is rooted in Christ and His intervention and enabling in our lives. Thank you for a message of encouragement this morning!

  6. WOW, what a power-filled poem/message, Sis Deb! God bless you today as you continue to present yourself before Him with the Integrity He’s placed in you. Praying for you always–love you, sis Caddo

  7. I like how Job was minding his own business, being the most righteous man in the land. Then God brags about him to Satan and the next thing you know, Job has boils and trials.

    So, if you’re going through trials right now, it might just be that God has been bragging about you.

  8. Larry cracks me up–I can only HOPE God’s been bragging about me!!

  9. Debbie, a solid reminder of all the ways we fail at the “integrity game,” and a blessed reminder of the cure. I needed this one today! Bless you. Amy

  10. Every word says so much. Nothing can be added – except, of course –
    What an amazing God!

  11. Thank you, Jesus. May we stand integrity for you! Inspiring post, Deb.
    God Bless you & yours!

  12. What a wonderful thing to do, Gladwell! Joining you! God bless you and yours as you rest and abide in Him!

  13. Oh I like that, wonderful woman of the Word! 🙂 Thank you for adding that and for being here, blessing us! God bless you and yours and all you are for Him! love you!

  14. Yes, that definition really resonates . . .completeness is something that God specializes in! God bless you as He sees you and makes you complete in Him!

  15. I love that our God is in control and we are His and His alone! God bless you as you do your best for your Jesus! love and prayers for your park day!

  16. I was thinking I wouldn’t really know what integrity was without Jesus! God bless you as you continue to minister His Word and truth to us, giving us something great to think about!

  17. Love you, Sis Caddo Delight, who is held tight by her Jesus, who knows who He is and what He does . .. making you incorruptible, complete, unimpaired, and sound. God bless you and be with you in big ways!

  18. 😀 Oh Mr. Larry . . .I have truly missed your insight and special humor! Going to remember this! God bless you as you stay in His incorruptible Hand today!

  19. I know! LOL! We need to get Larry to do some audio posts . .. I have a feeling they would really bless and minister . . .delivering a message and a laugh too!

  20. God bless you, dear Amy, and the integrity in Christ you have and hold onto! Your writing has been phenomenal! God bless you and all that He puts you to!

  21. Oh I love it when you add that, mentor Angela! 🙂 We really can’t say it or hear it enough. God bless you and all you are in His eyes!

  22. So thankful for you and tor the way you always bring us to Jesus! God bless you, Lady D!

  23. Lord, we praise You, for any integrity we have is because of the unimpaired greatness of You.

    I often consider how hopelessly lost I’d be if He were not holding my life in the palm of His hand.

  24. Amen! Any integrity I have is because of the “unimpaired greatness” of God. I love that.

  25. Thanks for sharing, Dearest Deb!

    “You look at us and see
    what we never can”

    And for this I sing, How great is our God!!!


  26. I think about that too, Heather . .. and remember how lost I was before I came to Jesus! God bless you as He holds you today!

  27. I just really liked the words they used to define integrity, Jeff . . they all made me think about God! God bless you and yours and all that He is doing in your lives!

  28. Oh Amen, Ann full of grace and song . . .that song says it all for us! 🙂 Love it, and you! God bless you as He sees all you are and sings over you today!

  29. You are most welcome and thank you!

    How great is our God!

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