No Wrong

“In all this Job did not sin or charge God with wrong.”  Job 1:22

Holy Spirit conviction and correction is different then a spiritual attack, which comes out of no where and leaves us with an over-all “bad” feeling.

Lord, we love You and know You can do no wrong.  When problems arise, may we seek You first, knowing You love us and will warn us of specific sin in our lives and tell us what to do about it. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Blame Less

William Blake’s illustrations of The Book of Job
source – Wikimedia Commons

Job lost everything
in one day

his whole world
fell away

he tore his clothes
he wept, he prayed

but blame on God
he did not lay.


  1. In my Job-like trials, I tend to be like David in that I whine and complain about God in the first part of my so-called psalm and then I praise Him in the second half. I sort of dump on God because I’ve learned He has broad shoulders.

  2. I suppose it’s no “coincidence” that my recent daily readings have included Job. And I agree with Larry. God is the One person with Whom I don’t have to feel bad about “feeling bad”. God bless your Tuesday, Sis Deb–love, sis Caddo

  3. Another perfect verse. In all things I give thanks. It’s not always, but it is always best. Thanks.

  4. Great post, Deb. I wonder if any of us could be so noble. Job is a great example –when things go bad, hang in there, it will get better!
    God Bless you & yours.

  5. Mr. Larry! You are back!!! 🙂 I’m tickled! And blessed to know that I’m not alone when I whine. So thankful for His broad shoulders that can handle all we bring. God bless you and welcome back . .. can’t wait to hear what comes out of your August time of seeking Him.

  6. Really, Sis Caddo . .. you’re in Job too?? It’s not the cheeriest place to be, so we’ll pray for each other as we listen for Him! So glad that He understands all we are feeling and going through. love you and praying for you this Tuesday and always! God bless you BIG! ( to borrow your saying!)

  7. Thank you so much for reminding me of that, to always give thanks and that it is always best! God bless you poet friend!

  8. Boy, I know what you mean, Lady D! I just couldn’t imagine! God bless you as you trust Him in the hard times!

  9. This is another great post. Job truly is a great example. I felt so sorry for him when his “friends” tried to tell him he was being punished when he had done nothing wrong. That in itself would have hurt me beyond measure. The poem is really good, too. 🙂


  10. loved it!!!

  11. Wonderful woman of the Word . .I didn’t understand it all, the very first time that I read Job. I kept having trouble figuring out what the friends said that was wrong. 🙂 Now I understand better and it has helped me to be very careful before speaking into someone else’s pain!!! Also, having been on the other end of things, like Job but no way that severe!, that helps me understand better too! The widow that helped me and came to my house to take care of the girls when they were little and I was still working at the Post Office . . .her husband worked for the railroad and was hit by a train and died after suffering several days in the hospital. The things that Christian people told her stayed with her forever and she changed churches, but did not turn away from God. It broke my heart for her, to have her husband dying and then be hearing from others that he must have sinned and her too, and was being punished.
    God bless you as you stay close to your Jesus! love and prayers!

  12. God bless you, Angel Terry! So glad you got out today!

  13. may we all be B.L.A.M.E.L.E.S.S.

  14. I have heard this happen too, Deb… painful for those hurt…
    may we all rise up a holy and compassionate people that folks will take courage and believe in the One true God.

  15. Amen-ing that, dear faith filled fisherlady! 🙂 There is a way, with Jesus! God bless you and yours! So excited for you!

  16. Praying so with you, faithfilled fisherlady!

  17. That just hurts to hear things like that. I used to consider myself to be sensitive to the feelings of others, but the Lord continually shows me that I am far from that.

    Deb, its just a fact that you are miles ahead of me in that department. I think that is the thing about you that has ministered to me more than anything else. Your tender compassion combined with a special measure of spiritual discernment with which the Lord has gifted you shines brightly in all that you write both in your posts and in your comments at other people’s blogs. There have been times that I have struggled to comment on a few posts out there in blog land, so I would wait and let you comment first. You always help me see important things when my own vision grows dim.


  18. You don’t know how often I’ve waited on you to comment somewhere first too! haha! Love you, Theresa, and feel we are all in this together , side by side. It’s not that I am any farther along than you in the area of compassion, but maybe that is just the area He is having me focused on, where you bring us His Word , combining His scripture in such a beautiful ministering way, that comforts us and brings us peace and hope. 🙂 God bless you as you do what only you can do!! We need you!!!

  19. Deb,

    I wish all the chapters in my life could so be read… but I know because of His grace, I stand BLAMELESS before Him. May we find Grace as we go through the trials of life. A blessed reminder!

    Love and blessings!

  20. So good Deb! When things go awry how easy it is to lay it all at God’s doorstep in blame. How merciful an patient God has been with me! I love Him so for His grace to bring me around to the truth!

  21. I am with you, Gladwell, thankful that because of Jesus, we can be blameless. God bless you and keep you covered in His love and grace today!

  22. I love God too, Pastor J . ..and how you are so real about your life and walk with Him. You are a blessing and an example of His!

  23. I am reminded of a hairdresser I had years ago who became bitter against God. Whenever I tried to talk of God (every visit) she very definitely stated she could never believe in a God who took her father at such a young age. Her father never harmed anyone and helped everyone. Why should HE get cancer and die young? It was useless to say that Gordon had never recognised God or given Him a place in his life.

    The question of why God allows the natural disasters which seem to be increasing at an alarming rate also comes to mind. It seems mankind only wants to acknowledge God when they are looking for someone to blame.

    We who know and experience the life of God within us SHOULD be different. We KNOW God cannot cause harm. We KNOW God only wants the very, very best for His children, and yet – sadly – we tend to blame God when something goes wrong. Praise God for Holy Spirit who quickly jumps in and convicts us and leads us to right thinking and trust again.

    What an amazing triune God!

    (There – I’ve done it again. I’ve turned your beautiful ‘simple poem’ that says it all in a few words, into a discourse. Sorry)

  24. Love you, mentor Angela, and you can come and write as much as you want to here! We learn from you! God bless you as you know Your God is amazing and always good!

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