Drinking Not Compulsory

“And they served drinks in golden vessels, each vessel being different from the other, with royal wine in abundance, according to the generosity of the king.”

“In accordance with the law, the drinking was not compulsory; for so the king had ordered all the officers of his household, that they should do according to each man’s pleasure.”  Esther 1:7-8

We are drinks in golden vessels, each different from the other, filled with Royal Wine – Jesus, served to this world in abundance, according to the generosity of the King.

Lord, may every man, woman and child thirst for You and find their greatest pleasure fulfilled.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

The Ultimate Bouquet

source – kiwicollection.com

Each one of us a vessel
filled to the brim

handed out accordingly
served up by Him

though He won’t force
anyone to drink

may His sweet bouquet
cause all to double think.



  1. The Lord has raised up and equiped each one of us to perform specific ministries on His behalf. What a blessing it is to be included in His service! Thank you agian Debbie for all your time and effort sharing with us every day!

  2. Thank you for being the vessel He intended you to be, Pastor Rob, serving us all His word and understanding. God bless you!

  3. i loved how you explained about us being so unique!!!

  4. Oh WOW, great one, Sis Deb! Beautiful poem about how He pours Himself into each one of us–a unique “wine” that, blended together in the Body, makes a fragrant bouquet of Praise and Service to Him. And the picture is such a lovely compliment! God bless your day, faithful Sis of grace and mercy–love, sis Caddo

  5. God bless you, angel Terry, as you offer what only you can . .what He has prepared you to! love and prayers!

  6. So thankful for you, Sis Caddo Delight, and all that you offer to us, the vessel that you are. You carry Him so beautifully and uniquely, unlike any other. He loves you and sees each time you are poured out for Him. . .and need refilled. God bless you! love and prayers!

  7. So beautiful Deb – when I first read that passage I loved that thought too. That we are all beautiful unique creations, designed to be filled with Him.

    May He fill you up with more of Him – lots of love xx

  8. I am thinking of you as I do Esther! Wanted to ask for tips! haha! And as I read and think about your blog and what you are doing, and then what He is directing me towards . . .well, I’m so thankful for you and for how He brought me to you. God bless you Aimee, and how He is training and preparing you for such a time as this! love and prayers!

  9. Congratulations! I just nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! Check it out…http://forhisgloryandpraise.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/now-for-a-few-awards-i-designed/

  10. Love it! Great creative poetry! You’re awesome, Deb.
    God Bless you & yours!

  11. Thank you, Bonita, for the sweet award! God bless you as you find new ways to bless others as He inspires and leads you!

  12. You are so kind to me, Lady D! Thank you for the encouragement! Praying all is well with you and yours . . .God bless you mightily!

  13. I love the way a wine is described with a hint of plum or cherry or earth (although I never understand why you’d want to drink something with a hint of earth?). Each different wine from a different grape, or combination of grapes or different aging processes.
    You’ve drawn such a lovely analogy here with our Father in both meeting our true thirst and in transforming us into something uniquely pleasing to Him and with such a special place at the table.
    love and grace to you, sweet friend (with a hint of something beyond what we yet know)

  14. Gracious FF, what a beautiful comment . .just like you and your posts! Thank you for the deeper description, giving us the visual and sensory smell, pulling us more into His desires for us! God bless you greatly, with all grace and love! love and prayers and thankfulness for YOU!

  15. Beautiful thoughts Deb. Thank you for being His vessel again, to bless us. His love overflows from you to us. May we all be faithful to perfectly reflect Him to all. What a tremendous privilege!
    What an amazing God!

  16. I love how you help us always see that we are privileged, in Jesus. So, so much! I read a post recently that talked about the difference between “have to” and “get to”. That certainly applies here too . ..we get to be servants, drinks of His. Thank you Jesus! What an amazing God indeed, dear mentor Angela! Love to you and God bless you too!

  17. That my life would be a “bouquet” that draws others to Christ and build the kingdom…now that is a great goal!

  18. I think you are doing just that, Pastor J! God bless you as you serve Him and others today!

  19. Encouraging Debbie, continue to allow the Lord to use you, to pour His word into us! Love and prayers!


  20. He is soooo faithful, praising Paulette, to meet with me, to help me. I just can’t stop, as long as He is in it with me! God bless you as you lead us in worship again and again! 🙂

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