Inside Israel – from your sis in Jerusalem (part 2)

Hi and welcome to a  Sunday peek into life inside Israel as seen through our sis J’s eyes and His heart.  God bless you as you pray for Israel and J today! Now, here’s J (Part 2 of a longer letter) . . .

Weddings are often celebrated here with fireworks being set off, both by Jews and Arabs, and it is particularly common to hear them during the summer evenings, but Thursday night they began at sundown and were continuing intense until I finally fell asleep around 11pm.  Once I discerned that it was NOT gunfire and must be fireworks, I realized that it was likely marking the start of Ramadan (when moslems fast all day and eat and celebrate all night).  Ramadan is considered a most religious and serious holiday, so I really wondered at the cause of this extreme and unusual display.  Fireworks are very expensive and I thought of the sheer cost of so very many for so long made me wonder what was happening that was different…could it be the ‘successful’ terror attack?  How often I wish that I could read Arabic!  I gained an interesting insight the following morning (yesterday) at Fri morning prayer meeting.  One of the ladies in my small prayer group is not Israeli, but has been a volunteer at the Garden Tomb for the past 20 years, so her vantage point is different then mine.  She told me that she has been amazed at the changes during Ramadan over the past 20 years and has wondered about it as well.  When she first came, the holiday was celebrated with quiet and piety in the nights and the eating was modest.  She said that the ‘party atmosphere’ has been increasing yearly until now it has become an all night party without the feeling of ‘hush’ that it used to have. I do wonder what the significance of this change is.   
My ‘vantage point’ as a window into our way of life most often comes from the many hours that I spend each week battling the crowds on the train and buses. One 6:30am, about two weeks ago, as I was riding the train to the bus to work, I was in an almost empty car and sort of dozing.  Suddenly a man sat down beside me and I could feel him staring at me.  With no grace in my heart at all I thought ‘Oh great!  A ‘crazy’ at this hour and with the car nearly empty he sits next to me!  Just stare ahead.’ Which I did (really ‘loving’, eh?)  “Boker tov!” (good morning) the man said.  I nodded, still staring and replied “Boker or” (morning light- the correct response) He kept staring and I could see a grin from the corner of my eye: “Boker tov” he said again. I turned to smile not too warmly mind you; “PHILIPPE!!!”  He burst out laughing.  “My dear dear brother…I thought you were a ‘crazy’ too early for me this morning!  I am so very sorry!”  He continued to laugh.  “So where are you heading?”  I asked him.  He is a very talented nurse working in a hospital near us but in the other direction.  He has also recently birthed a wonderful ministry gathering health care workers from all over the country to meet for prayer and encouragement. “I’m heading down to Aroma (coffee shop) to pray.” He answered.  “Do you pray there each morning?”  I asked.  “No, usually it is a different place each day, where ever The Spirit leads me.  He has brought me to pray for some very interesting groups of people.”  I was so blessed and thought back to days when this was a way that He had lead me as well.  I mentioned that to him and, as he pinpointed my heart with his reply “There is a season for everything.” I am so prone to condemnation and this loving remark settled me before the enemy could squeeze a ‘condemnation-dart’ in.  “Here we are already. It was such a blessed way to begin the day!” We hugged one another and I jumped out into the morning, already refreshed.  In a city (and country) where we are such a small minority, meeting a brother like this seemed like a kiss from The Lord Himself.  The body, of which you and I are part, is so incredibly precious!
blessings and love from J!


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  1. “…I am so prone to condemnation…”

    Aren’t we all? God bless you.

  2. very good

  3. God bless, Dearest Bridging Deb

    Those darts can poke some serious holes in our potential if we let them. Thankful for the encouragement today. Quite timely.

    ”  The body, of which you and I are part, is so incredibly precious!”

    Praying grace and wisdom for the unfamiliar places. Changes seem inevitable, but thankfully, He remains the same.


  4. That really spoke to me too, Mr. Larry! Thank you and God bless you. I sent your comment off to J!

  5. God bless you, Angel Terry, as He leads and guides you through your day!

  6. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, Ann full of grace and song! Sending you off to J, as a blessing and sweet aroma! God bless you as His righteousness fends off any darts pointed your way. (I am picturing their little pointy tips crinkled up like on the cartoons. 🙂 )
    love and prayers for your week, and especially for tomorrow!

  7. Hi. I just gave you a blog award: Very Inspiring Blogger” so pop over to my blog and snag a copy of the award and the few simple rules to follow to accept it. Don’t forget to post it on your blog!

  8. Thank you so much, Martha! God bless you as you bless others each day!

  9. You are so welcome!

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