Inside Israel – love from Jerusalem, Part 1

Hi and welcome to another look inside Israel. Today, I’m sharing part of a letter from J of Jerusalem, who has her hands full right now, but is still blessing us with insights and peeks into daily life there.  God bless you as you pray for Israel and J!  Now, here’s J . . .

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua, I greet you lovingly and ask that each of you be blessed, and may The Lord be blessed and Him Alone be glorified!
I am writing tonight, more because I don’t know when I will get another time and have missed you, then because I feel particularly stirred in my heart.  I have actually made notes since the last time that I wrote, but some of them seem irrelevant as so much time has past.  Being summer (where MOST of you are…I do know that for some of you ‘down under’ it is winter) I imagine that many of you are busy with summer activities and may not be around computer anyway…but I for one, LOVE to receive mail, so here I am, writing. 
Things are ‘buzzing’ on the personal side, on the national side and on the ‘observation’ side.  One morning on the English radio news (3 times a day for 15 min, so I try to catch it) I heard the description of a program designed for kids with a wide range of behavioral, developmental, and or emotional problems, whether physical or psychological and it riveted my attention.  Some of you might remember that our oldest Grandson has some ‘difficulties’.  Now that they are planning to leave the country this coming Sept, I have longed to see him touched and given tools to help him cope perhaps a bit better while I can still have some input.  The program described on the news was a horse therapy program with many streams of possibilities. It is relatively near our apartment and I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of it so looked at its web site and – yep! – this was for him!  It offered a 2 week summer ‘day camp’ (‘kaytina’) and I took a step of faith and (with his parent’s approval  !) signed him up.  We were to have him here for the 2 weeks of the camp but that was a bit much for him and he is now sleeping at home once his Dad picks him up after dinner.  None the less, I have him daily after my work right now and I continue to thank The Lord for strength.  I was actually thankful that (as I had been having some manifestations of heart problems) I had a couple of alarming episodes (one causing me to spend a day in the emergency room) and I am now passing through tests that are laying my mind at ease.  ANYWAY…this is my main ‘excuse’ as to why I haven’t written. 
While temperatures have been steadily in the mid to upper 30s (high 90s farenheit) for longer then usual and are set to reach 39-40 tomorrow (102-104 farenheit) local behavior has also reached a boiling point.  The social protests that I have spoken to you of were changed this past week when the nation was shocked by a man in his 50s, Moshe Selman, setting himself on fire.  He is critically burned over 94% of his body.  (I DO ASK FOR PRAYER FOR THIS MAN’S SOUL- AND EVEN HIS LIFE – update: last night he passed away after 6 days in intensive burn care) This singular act has set off a rash of other self destructive threats…four that I have heard of this week.  Each one was pounced upon and subdued, but it succeeded in bringing the critical situation of over priced housing that so many of us find ourselves in, in this country, to focus. As I have said before, although we are considered an economically stable country, the gap between rich and poor is huge and widening, and as in so many other places, the ‘middle class’ is becoming non existent. Having been hospitalized with severe burns myself some 30 years ago, this act has bothered me greatly and I am praying that we don’t see more and more who might think that this is a legitimate expression of ‘desperation’, as ‘terrorism’ has been used as a symbol of desperation.  How we need God!
The above was written a week ago and has since been overshadowed by fast moving events around us.  I know that some of you are aware of the suicide bombing targeting Israeli tourists that took place in Bulgaria this week (a popular vacation spot for Israelis) but I also know that many others aren’t.  Yesterday, before shabat began at sundown, the 5 Israelis killed were flown back to the country in flag draped boxes, each one buried with great grief following a moving ceremony as they were received at the airport, along with some 30 injured.  Four were young men under 30 and the fifth was a pregnant woman.  Although during the 18 years since we immigrated I have been witness to other attacks on foreign soil (and countless here of course!), for some reason this is the first time that I seem to have experienced the emotions that most who are born here have.  They are emotions that I can’t put words to. We seem to have crossed some sort of new line in our aliyah process – in the process of ‘absorption’- becoming more and more Israeli.  This attack comes at the time when Israel is concerned about the chem. and bio weapons that have been stockpiled in Syria.  Syria is known to be the world’s largest possessor of these ‘weapons’ (having received Iraq’s stockpile before the fall of S. Hussein).  Throughout this rebellion in Syria, Hezbollah has firmly backed the Assad government and the current thought is that, should these weapons be used it would likely be in one of three ways: against the ‘rebels’ (as his father used them against the Kurdish uprising), against Israel (to divert attention – probably the least likely thing at this point) or given to Hezbollah, should the regimes downfall appear imminent. You likely recall that Hezbollah operated out of Lebanon, our northern neighbor.  Due to the increased threat, soldier’s leaves for the weekend were cancelled for those on the northern border- our prayer being for anointed watchfulness among those who stand watch. As watchmen ourselves, if you are like me, I can totally see how one might grow weary of ‘standing and watching’ and getting ‘sloppy’ on the job.  May God forgive me for my own failures in standing and watching! 
love from your sis!
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  1. very good blog, Debbie. they always are

  2. “…As watchmen ourselves, if you are like me, I can totally see how one might grow weary of ‘standing and watching’ and getting ‘sloppy’ on the job…”

    We all can relate to these words.

  3. Thank you, angel Terry, and praying for you today! I haven’t been able to read much at your blog, to know how things are going, but one more week and I’ll be more able to again. God bless you!

  4. Yep, I can relate, Mr. Larry! God bless you as you stand for Him and watch.

  5. it is alright, i know you are with me in thoughts and prayers. god bless

  6. I can’t begin to imagine living in this environment.
    So sad and so frightening.
    On a very simple, non-dramatic scale, as a keeper of the gate, I see the trap of growing weary and failing to watch in a tangible way each night. My prayers are with your friends – and of course always with you and Aub.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Deb

    This letter brings me to one of the ‘words fail me’ moments…
    I will continue to pray.


  8. Thank you, gracious FF, who watches and waits with grace . . .and sometimes with a camera. 🙂 God bless you for your ever ready prayers! You are a blessing! love you!

  9. Thank you for your prayers and for caring and reading like you do, dear Ann full of grace and song. Somethings do make it hard to find words. So glad that Jesus knows. God bless you and yours this week!

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