Heart Directions

“Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ.”  2 Thessalonians 3:5

I really appreciate good directions.

Lord, thank You for always guiding me in the right direction . . .toward You.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Into Love

Please guide us Lord
to where we need to be
further into love
and the patience of Thee
for our hearts  need direction
in order to stay true
and on the right course
set by You.




  1. Oh this is Perfect, Sis Deb–I love it!! His gentle guidance into more love and patience, and staying on Truth’s course–what more could we ask?!! God bless your sweet heart that stays faithful and true, and so full of gentle love for all of us. Sending loyal prayers–love you, sis Caddo

  2. i need to say this every day, thank you

  3. Always in need of God’s direction! Great post, Deb. Enjoyed!
    God Bless you & yours!

  4. Perfect Deb! Can’t improve on that!

  5. Beautiful, Encouraging Debbie! Truly, I am lost without Him! “Please guide us Lord to where we need to be further into love and the patience of Thee.” Thanks so much! Praise God for your heart, that seeks to be directed by the Lord! Love and prayers!


  6. Amen, my dear friend.
    I have absolutely no sense of direction. Whenever I set off on my own, in the car or in my heart, I get lost.
    Thanking God with you for His love and patience to continually ‘direct our steps’.
    Love and grace to you and Aub,

  7. Do you ever experience a bit of fuzziness in the directions? I sure do. My prayer is often…”what do you want me to do, Lord.” He always gets me where I need to go, although it’s not usually the route I would’ve chosen. Makes for some laughs sometimes, and some heavy prayers at other times. Thanks for the nudge to ask for directions.

  8. Hello Debbie how very true this is,and thank God for he is willing to direct us every moment of the day. This goes back to “Are You Listening”. Father help us to hear you and to obey your directions Amen. Love you Debbie and have a delightful day. 😀

  9. What a blessing it is to be led by the Lord through the Spirit’s applicatoin fo the Word to our lives. Thanks for the posting Debbie.

  10. So true! I need good God directions to stay on course…Then again there’s always my man’s penchant for refusing to follow good directions to find the short cut. 😦

  11. Boy, do I need directions! Wonderful, Deb! 🙂

  12. When in doubt . . .just go for the love and patience! 🙂 God bless you as you support and love me through all my travels with Him! love you and thinking of you!

  13. Oh Boy, that’s the way it hit me to, Angel Terry. Just kept praying it over and over, because there are so many times I just need more love and patience. God bless you as you patiently love and care for Al today!

  14. I’m always in need of His directions too!! God bless you, Lady D, as you keep flying straight to Him!

  15. God bless you, mentor Angela, and your heart set on Him! love and prayers!

  16. We can’t go wrong being further into His love and patience, can we? 🙂 So blessed to see you here, Praising Him Paulette! God bless you as you seek Him always! love you!

  17. Hi my gracious FF! Your comment reminded me of the first time I wanted to try driving to my mom and dad’s, after they’d moved to the next state. My dad made me special directions, with turn left or turn right on them, instead of north , south , etc. haha! So precious and I really treasured those directions, that helped me get to them! God bless you as you stay directed by His love today! love and prayers!

  18. I like that term . .fuzzy directions! haha! Kind of like when water drips on the paper and we’re left squinting and trying to make out the blur! God bless you as you keep asking Him and He keeps handing out maps! I can feel like I’m on the back roads and it’s dusty, but He keeps assuring me we are getting where we need to be!

  19. Thank you so much for encouraging me and being here, precious Pat! You are so right, we can’t get directions if we aren’t listening! God bless you and direct you lovingly today! love and prayers!

  20. God bless you, Pastor Rob, as He directs and you follow Him today!

  21. Oh Sis! I need to print that out in Very Huge Font: “when in doubt…just go for the love and patience”. Wow–you’ve got a hotline to God’s Holy Spirit!! Love you more and always, sis Caddo

  22. I thought about that, how we can struggle with taking directions! You are doing good though . . .look at all the places He has taken you! God bless you on those long roads to Him!

  23. Right after I started writing this post . . my how I needed directed further into love and patience. haha! I like how He can apply these verses too! God bless you with great directions today!

  24. Thank you Debbie I love you so much! My heart is heavy right now,my niece had a bad setback earlier this evening and I’m asking for your prayers for her and her daughter Nana,Rock(her son) and her husband Clarence.Just pray for salvation in my family in Georgia.
    Love you

  25. Precious Pat, I am praying now . .. and lifting you up as well. You love so much and so many . . your heart is so big and full of Jesus love. Praying for miracles and healing for your niece, for His encouraging hand to be upon her, setting things right again, and blessing the whole family as well. Praying for you to feel His love and presence there with you, pulling you into Himself, comforting and assuring you that He is working right this minute on their behalf.

  26. You are so cute and good to me! Those are the 2 things that I need the mostest! 🙂 love you Sis!

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