Inside Israel – Bits, Pieces, and Thoughts Part 3

Hi and welcome to another look inside Israel, as J of Jerusalem shares what He places on her heart for us!  Thank you so much for your prayers for Israel and J!  God bless you.  And now here’s J . . .

And now, before I share the prayer points from the IFI meeting I would like to share something WONDERFUL that I heard at work this morning!!  Some of you may remember a prayer request from years ago already, for a sabra named Amos BenMenachem, whom I had gotten to share my testimony with and who was really seeking God.  He was in the office today and I felt deeply impressed to invite him to our fellowship.  He whipped out a piece of paper and asked me ‘’where and when’ and said that he had really been wanting to go.  WOW!  I told him that I was thrilled and that I really felt that he would like it.  Then he said ‘Since I started believing Yeshua is Messiah I have needed a place to go.’  WHAT???  I was TOTALLY taken aback…particularly since I knew from his wife that he had pretty recently fallen into shocking sin.  ‘Amos!  When did this happen!  How??!’  he was surprised.  ‘Didn’t I tell you?  It has been about 2 years now…and somehow I feel LONELY inside…as if I need to go to one of these meetings.’  My memory ran back to my beginnings as a believer and how The Lord had SO much ‘cleaning up’ to do and how gently He did it, as I knew literally NOTHING!  I listened to Christian radio back in those days and there were many testimonies shared.  One was sharing who was also, like me, an ex-hippie, Jewish girl.  She shared how she got saved and SOO loved and wanted to please The Lord.  As she read The Word, she kept reading the word ‘fornication’ and it would jump out at her.  One day she said ‘I had better look up that word.  Maybe it is something I need to know.’ And … when she did…she fell on her knees and said ‘Oh Lord!  You mean THAT is a SIN??!?’ Yes…new believers and perhaps particularly new Jewish believers can have a lot to learn.  I see that Amos is a new baby left floundering for the past two years.  Would you please join me in prayer for him as I suspect that all of the temptations available to the enemy might be thrown at him before he can make it to kehila?  (He said that he can’t come tomorrow but will come next week)  I am filled with joy over this news! 
And, finally, before closing I also want to thank those of you who blessed us by sharing our joy over the marriage of our younger daughter as I shared in my last letter, and sharing my deep faith that they WILL INDEED come to Him, and SOON!  Thank you SO much for your prayers!  I will close with the prayer points for those who use them.  Lovingly, your sis
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  1. God bless you, Dearest Bridging Deb

    Reading J’s notes helps put life in perspective. I appreciate the practical life applications 🙂

    I was born and raised in a country that has God as its foundation. As an adult, I now live in an environment where I can openly practice my faith, and where I can fellowship and grow with others like me. Still, there are times I stub my toe and make the wrong decisions.

    “Yes…new believers and perhaps particularly new Jewish believers can have a lot to learn.”
    J’s thoughts prompted me to think how much the Christian journey is just that: a journey. We have so much to learn. I would fall asleep trying to count my mistakes, but it is wonderful how He guides us to the truth. As Angela would say, “what an amazing God!”

    Thankful for the leading of the Holy Spirit and those who He places in my path to lovingly and firmly support my walk. I am very thankful for you and the ministry of your ‘simple’ words.

    Thanks as always for sharingg J’s notes.

    Reading and praying along.


  2. Great letter, Deb. I shall pray for the young man.
    God Bless you & yours!

  3. It’s strange because last two weeks I talked to a young man who has a radio show and he was telling me that most Jews can’t even read the New Testament for they will be killed. And than i said I never knew that at all. and look how much freedom we have here in America and we who profess to be Christians won’t even read it like we should…We call it boring or we don’t see it being a necessity…I wonder if those same people was living over there would they begin to read the bible and wish they had that freedom to read it..

  4. God bless you , Ann full of grace, as you support us all and help us grow in Jesus! We do have so many opportunities in our country to come to Him, to read His Word, listen to His word and teaching. I’m so thankful with you for those He’s placed in my life to help me!
    love and prayers for your upcoming Tuesday!

  5. Thank you for praying , lady D! God bless you too!

  6. You know . ..I’ll ask J about that, but I don’t think at least in Israel, that Jewish people will be killed for reading the New Testament. But you are right . .what will it take for us to realize what we have and how important it is? God bless you, dear Desiray, as you get His Word out!

  7. Praise God for His saving grace. I am praying for Amos!

  8. Thank you for praying, Pastor J, and God bless you too!

  9. Great news, thanks for sharing.

  10. God bless you, sweet vessel of His! 🙂

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