People of Understanding

“Then, by the good hand of our God upon us, they brought us a man of understanding, of the sons of Mahli the son of Levi, the son of Israel, namely Sherebiah, with his sons and brothers, eighteen men . . .”  Ezra 8:18

Having understanding is a step towards compassion.

Oh Lord, we pray and seek You to be men and women of understanding.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

The Basics

I may not comprehend algebra
or scientific equations

source –

or have the solutions for
complex complications

but I ask You Lord
to help me understand

to love and care about
the basic needs of fellow man.


* Our very own blogger Bee asked me to thank you
for your prayers and let you know that she is the Queen
Bee of surgery!  And , imagine the Terminator’s voice as
she says, “I’ll Bee Back!
”   🙂


  1. What a blessing to be able to come to God, Debbie, and say, “Lord, I don’t understand … but I acknowledge you in all my ways.” For an old high school dropout, I find that really cool!! Bless you.

  2. Thanks for reminiding us of the importance of understanding. Along iwth knowledge and wisdom, it allows everyone of us to live out what we read in God’s Word. Lord bless you.

  3. Great poem, and I’ll add for myself: “help me see those who need me and my understanding and then help.”


  4. God bless you, Dearest Deb 🙂
    “Oh Lord, we pray and seek You to be men and women of understanding. ”
    Amen. There is MUCH I don’t understand, but I am praying alongside you.

    There is much to be done. The needs are great. Trusting Him for guidance in using the resources He has blessed us with.

    Thanks for the update on Queen Bee, the first 🙂 . I am rejoicing with her. (P.S. Terminator voice cracks me up. lol 🙂 )


  5. “Having understanding is a step towards compassion.” Such a true word. If we seek first to understand what is going on with a person then we can better help and be better understood. Everyone is in a battle!

  6. Your post reminded me of Don Francisco’s “The Steeple Song:”

    “It doesn’t matter if you know the Bible
    If it’s all just in your head
    But the thing I need to ask you
    Is have you done the things I said?

    Do you love your wife?
    For her and for and for your children
    Are you layin’ down your life?
    What about the others?”

    Okay, okay, I’m old, but like you said, the only thing that matters are the basics.

  7. Hi Sis Deb! I’m glad God knows the limits of my understanding, and that He also limits how much understanding He gives me (even though sometimes I’m an hour’s long whine of “Why?”). If I understood everything, there’d be no reason and purpose for faith and trust. But I’m especially glad when He gives me more understanding to kick-start my reluctant grace. (true confession) God bless you and everyone at church today. Prayers for you as you finish your workday, Sis–much love, sis Caddo

  8. I really like that Roger! “but I acknowledge you in all my ways.” That will be enough. God bless you and all that He helps you understand today!

  9. Yes . . . it goes along with the knowledge and wisdom He gives! Great comment, Pastor Rob! God bless you as you live out His word today!

  10. I need that additional prayer too, poet friend! God bless you as you understand the needs of others around you today . . .and help.

  11. “There is much to be done. The needs are great.” You already have a heart that understands what He wants us to have understanding about, dear Ann full of grace and song. 🙂 God bless you and answer your prayers as He guides you and blesses others through you today.
    (I know . can she bee so funny after surgery! 🙂 And that’s why she’s the Queen! haha!)

  12. Thank you for that reminder, Pastor J . . .that everyone is in a battle. I don’t want to minimize anyone’s struggles and needs! God bless you as you listen and understand with Him today!

  13. Mr. Larry . .thank you for this song and what it says! Don Francisco’s was the second Christian music tape I owned . . a gift from a friend at work. God bless you and the special understanding He has given you!

  14. I love this Sis Caddo . . .as you show how He knows our limits and also limits how much we know. Your true confessions bless me and give me more understanding about myself as well!
    God bless you and the understanding that He is giving you, that you use in grace and love! love you and thank you for your prayers! Could you pretty please pray some more for tomorrow? haha!

  15. Debbie, as always this is true. it’s Important to know things of the world, because we are in the world – but we are not OF the world. To know everything the world knows and not know HIM would be the most foolish thing. I always learn from you – I always have. And Debbie, thank you for visiting me during this time, everything I do is struggle now – the “there and nowhere.” tugs hard it on me – every single minute of the day. I’m moving forward anyway – but it is so difficult – and it doesn’t matter I’ll just do it. Thank you my friend for being there – I so need to have you around. God bless you Deb – thank you, thank you.

  16. Sure! No extra charge, Sis.

  17. Thank you, Craig, for sharing about how we should know things of the world . .have an understanding of what’s going on around us. Without being of it all. Like you , in the bar, with those guys and with His understanding!
    Friend . . I have not been faithful in keeping up with my reading of your blog . . .and so came in late to find out about your struggle on top of your struggle. I will be scarce for a few weeks, but will keep you in my prayers and be back to reading again asap. There is something in this Craig, something of Him. He would not let you suffer needlessly.
    God bless you and keep you encouraged each day!

  18. There is so much I don’t understand. I don’t NEED to understand most things, but I am so thankful that when I DO need to understand, my loving Father GIVES me understanding.

    Of course, when it comes to understanding needs of our fellow men, all we need to know is that God reached out to us – when we didn’t deserve it – and therefore we should reach out to others.

  19. Well, I love your comment, Mentor Angela. I don’t need to understand most things either . . I have limited brain space. God knows this! 🙂 And all we need to understand about our fellow man is that we should reach out to them . .. amen. God bless you, dear lady, and the understanding that He has placed in you! love and prayers and thankfulness for you!

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